16 APRIL 2015 (c)



Do you actually think this is a good thing?

Obama makes peace with Iran! Joy to the world!

That’s what the corporate media outlets want you to think. They want you to think this whole thing was about nookyooler nonsense. But that was just a smokescreen. As I have been saying for months, it was about bringing neo-liberalism and “market reforms” to Iran.

This means replacing socialism (people helping people) with hyper-capitalism (people serving the rich). It means replacing a government that works for everyone, with a government that works only for the rich. It means replacing an industrial economy with a financial economy (i.e. Wall Street over Main Street). It means widening more than ever the gap between the rich and the rest.

In short, it was about welcoming Iran into the “international community” where the 1% are gods, and everyone else is their slave.

The age of sanctions and blockades is in its twilight. Welcome to the age of neoliberalism, where the gap between the rich and the rest grows wider each day. An age in which the global money masters say, “Instead of sanctioning these guys, why not profit from them? Anything to widen the gulf between us and the peasants.”

With Libya down, and now Iran, that leaves only the eleven ALBA nations of Latin America, plus Russia, plus Zimbabwe and Eritrea in Africa, plus North Korea. Fifteen countries still have governments that seek to serve all the nation’s citizens, or else have as much power as their rich oligarchs (e.g. North Korea). The other 181 nations are plutocracies, in which government exists to serve only the rich. Soon Cuba will leave ALBA and join those other 181.

I include Russia among the holdouts for two reasons. First, the Russian government (unlike the US government) has as much power as do Russian bankers and oligarchs. Second, the West hates Russia, which means that Russia must be doing something right.

I do not include Syria among the holdouts, because Bashar al-Assad started imposing neo-liberal “market reforms” on the Syrian masses from the minute he took office in July 2000. For a number of years he was a darling of the West, because he imposed gratuitous austerity on his people. That s, he changed Syria from socialism to financial capitalism. This was partly to liberate Syria’s economy fom bureaucracy, and partly so that Assad and his cronies could get rich. Syria’s socialism was similar to Nazism. At least, it started out that way. Syria even had a “National Socialist” party. While Assad was dismantling all this, he joined the “global war on terror” by allowing the CIA to set up torture dungeons in Syria. To his credit, he opposed the US invasion of Iraq, because he did not want the USA to occupy a neighboring country. But his “market reforms, plus a record drought, caused the social unrest in 2011 that the Axis of Evil hijacked and turned into a proxy war. Today Assad is an ally of Russia, but only because he has no other friends except Iran, and now his relations will change with Iran.


Let me pause and note that many people misunderstand Jewish power. They think, “At least Iran defied Netanyahu and the Jews. So it can’t be all bad.”

Folks, there are two levels of Jewish power. The inferior level rules Israel and much of Washington DC. This is the level of Netanyahu, a pipsqueak who serves the money masters like any other politician.

The higher level is global. People on this level seek to impose greed, selfishness, and violence onto the entire planet. Theirs is the Satanic spirit of neo-liberalism and “market reforms.” We all serve this level, in one way or another, and the people on this level  have made the whole world Jewish in spirit. At this level there are many Jews and non-Jews (e.g. Chinese billionaires) but they are ALL Jews in their obsession with spreading misery and despair. This is the level of Wall Street, of Goldman Sachs and the too-big-to-jail bankers.  Of central banks like the Federal Reserve, and the ECB in Frankfurt.

This is the level that Iran’s oligarchs will join. You may think that Iran defeated the little Jew (Netanyahu) but Iran actually agreed to wed the Big Jew, i.e. Satan, i.e. the mega-bankers and global money powers.


Western investors have known for months that the Iran deal would go through. For months they have been lining up to invest there, beginning with the Tehran Stock Exchange. Hundreds of hedge fund managers and Western investors have visited Iran in recent months.  They all knew (as I did) that the Iran accord was a “done deal,” regardless of squawking by little Jews like Netanyahu on the inferior (secondary) level.

Financial-services companies in Tehran are now hustling to keep up with the demand from Western investors wanting to visit and learn more. Tehran’s few Western-scale business hotels are always packed, and the scant number of Western-oriented financial professionals can barely schedule everyone in for tours and briefings. Flights from Dubai to Tehran have been crammed in recent months with Western executives. All these money people knew what was happening behind the scenes. So did I, because it was obvious.

There are billions of dollars at stake; indeed trillions when all the derivatives scams come to Iran. (Did you really think that Netanyahu and Senator Menendez could stand in the way of this? Did you think the little Jew could defy the Big Jew?)




Until now, only a handful of westerners had investments in the Tehran stock market. Most of these were made before Ahmadinejad became president in 2005, at which time the US started imposing sanctions on Iran.  Those who decided not to withdraw their money found it stranded there. Now they can finally draw it out of they want, or move it around.

Until now, Tehran’s stock market has not dealt in derivatives, or short trading, or margin trading, or massive leverage. It was not fraught with frauds and swindles. It did not have scams like high-frequency trading. It did not even list complicated Islamic finance instruments.

Now all this will change, and fast. The Tehran stock market will be like the Dubai market, and like Wall Street.

But wait…won’t this make Iran a rival of Dubai and Wall Street? No folks. The Big Jew is global, and is loyal only to profit.

Try to understand what a plum Iran is. Iran has a well-educated population and a large middle class just waiting to be sheared like sheep. Iran has a substantial industrial base, and its politicians (other than Ahmadinejad) have already gone far to impose neo-liberalism on the masses (e.g. eliminating food, fuel, and housing subsidies to the poor). Iranian politicians launched a privatization program a decade ago that has moved share ownership from companies directly controlled by the government into the hands of Iranian oligarchs and money masters that control pension funds. Large Western institutional investors will be ideal buyers for these blocks of shares. When they fly in like vultures, the sophistication of financial frauds and swindles will increase dramatically in Iran.

Iran is like a beautiful yet capable young maiden that has been isolated for 36 years, and is now available to be raped by foreigners, and by Iran’s own oligarchs. Iran has the second largest population in the Middle East (80 million). It has massive oil and gas reserves, and an abundance of strategic minerals. And it’s all been kept out of the global casino until now. It is pristine and unspoiled. And its riches will be available on a first come, first served basis.


Iran makes its own cars and appliances. The Islamic Republic has huge distilleries that export mass quantities of alcoholic beverages. (Yes you read that correctly.) Iran has very advanced medical and pharmaceutical labs, as does Cuba. All these will be privatized. They will be bought by Iranian oligarchs and foreign investors for a tiny fraction of their fair market value.

Iran is a heavyweight when it comes to autos, cement and steel. Iran produced 1.6 million autos in 2010, and was ranked third in cement production in 2014.

Even with the Western sanctions, Iran’s economy is the eighteenth largest in the world by GDP. Bigger than Australia’s or Saudi Arabia’s, and far bigger than Israel’s. Back in 2007, despite the sanctions, Goldman Sachs included Iran in its list of “Next 11″ most promising emerging markets. Sachs cited Iran’s technology, energy potential, and its human capital (i.e. Iran has millions of workers who are already paid wages as low as Vietnam’s, but they have much better education). Their enslavement will be highly profitable.


Iran wants to regain the number two position within OPEC, after Saudi Arabia, by increasing production by a million barrels a day within three months. Oil minister Bijan Zangeneh told CNN in November 2014 that Iran is ready to work with the American oil giants, and is eager to welcome them in.
The boost in oil production will cause oil prices to fall even lower, perhaps to $20 per barrel, according to some analysts. This will likely finish the leftist government of Venezuela.

It’s all part of the globalist plan.



Corrupt global banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered were previously hit with penalties for violating the Iran sanctions. Now they will rush back in, as will investment banks like Renaissance Capital, which wants to expand across the Middle East and Africa.

Iranian billionaires who were born in Iran will come home to expand their billions. An example is Pierre Omidyar, who started eBay and wants to bring it to Iran. (He was actually born in France.) Or David and Paul Merage, two Iranian Jews in Colorado who started the Hot Pockets microwavable snack in the early 1980s. Or Omid R. Kordestani, Google’s Chief Business Officer, who was born in Tehran. Or Neil Kadisha, another Iranian Jew, who was born in Tehran, and made his billion in high precision aerospace tooling and component manufacturing. Or the Ghermezian family (more Iranian Jews) who developed several of the world’s largest shopping malls. Or Manny Mashouf, who founded Bebe Stores, a women’s retail clothier that now has 297 stores in North America. Or Isaac Larian, yet another Iranian Jew born in Iran, who is the CEO of MGA Entertainment, the biggest privately owned toy company in the world.

The list goes on and on. All these billionaires see Iran as an absolute gold mine. Many of them are Jews. (Perhaps most of them.) Do you see now why Netanyahu and Senator Mendendez never had a chance to stop this deal? Do you also see why the whole nuclear issue was a silly smokescreen?

This is what I meant when I said there was too much money riding on this. Jewish money. “Jewish” because we are talking about mega-financiers who all think like Jews, whether or not they call themselves Jews.


From the UK Guardian:

Iran is seeing a stampede of western business interests into a vast untapped market. It’s impossible to get a hotel room these days in Tehran. At the head of the line are oil and gas companies, but there are other markets with enormous potential, because Iran has been behind a wall of sanctions for so long. There will, for example, be intense competition between Airbus and Boeing to supply parts and planes for Iran’s ageing fleet.

“There have been ongoing discussions between Iranian aviation officials and the two global aerospace giants,” said Amir Ali Handjani, an Iranian-American energy executive. “They recognize how important an issue this is for Iranians, who have some of the oldest passenger planes in the world.”

The Iranian market for cars and trucks used to be the tenth largest in the world, and is now attracting keen attention from Renault, General Motors, and Peugeot, which used to be a dominant player in Iran.

Steel and aluminum manufacturers are also likely to flood into the market, attracted by Iran’s combination of cheap gas and warm-water ports.

The speed at which trade and investment opportunities open up will depend on how fast banking arrangements can be restored. Swiss banks are already offering themselves as fast-track alternatives to banks within the EU, which will have to wait for the formal lifting of sanctions.



Comment on the new hoax memorial in Ottawa Canada


Canada will finish its new hoax memorial in the capital city of Ottawa by the end of this year.

When completed, it will remind future generations to “NEVER AGAIN” question Jewish supremacy.

Below are a few renderings of this vile insult to all things holy. I made a couple of minor changes to the design, which will be obvious when you see them. (“Death to the Goyim,” etc.) This will infuriate the Jewish architectural team, but there’s nothing the little maggots can do except wiggle around while they hiss and spit.

I want to say some things about this hoax memorial, but the central point of this post will be to compare it to a different memorial that is also being built in the same city of Ottawa (capital of Canada).


The Jewish hoax memorial will cost $9 million, half of which will supposedly be provided by “donations.” This means that the Canadian government will pay for all of it, and the final cost will double to $18 million.

It features a large gathering space for ceremonies that involve the ever-increasing number of young Jewish hoax “survivors.” This space is enclosed by six triangular concrete segments that create the points of a star — reminiscent of the yellow stars that Jews proudly chose to wear in 1930s Europe.

(NOTE: It was in Poland that the Germans required Jews over the age of 11 to start wearing yellow stars or — in some areas — white armbands with a blue Star of David on it. This was partly for the protection of Jews. It helped Jews recognize their fellow Jews, so they could help each other. Meanwhile back in Germany, Jews voluntarily chose to wear yellow stars to show solidarity with Jew terrorists in Poland, and to thumb their noses at the German people.

At the “False News” Trial of Ernst Zündel in 1988, one witness, a Jew named Joseph G. Burg, testified that German Zionist leaders requested as early as 1933 that Jews be required to wear the yellow star. The Zionists saw it not as an insult, but as a heroic gesture, just like the SS wore the swastika. In 1938 the director of the Zionist movement in the Third Reich convinced German Jews to wear the yellow star against the wishes of both Göring and Goebbels.  [[See http://ihr.org/books/kulaszka/24burg.html ]] By 1942, with spies and saboteurs becoming a constant problem, all Jews were required to wear the yellow stars in public, whether they wanted to or not. Today the situation is reversed.  Soon the Goyim will be forced to wear black stars that say “anti-Semite.”)



The new hoax memorial’s designer, Daniel Libeskind, is a Polish Jew who claims to be a hoax “survivor” because his parents were also hoax “survivors.”

Evidently “survivor-ship” is part of the Jewish genome. (This would account for the exploding number of Jewish children who miraculously “survived” a non-event that allegedly happened 70 years ago.)


Let’s see this Homage to Lies. Afterward I want to compare it to a different monument that is also being built in Ottawa.





In addition to the hoax memorial, the Canadian government is also planning to build a “National Memorial to Victims of Communism” near Canada’s Supreme Court building in Ottawa. (Pictures below.)

Naturally this infuriates Jews, since they want Goy attention focused on the singular glory of their hoax memorial. Two large memorials in the same city (Ottawa) imply that other historical events have “moral equivalency” with the holo-hoax.

Jews are desperate to stop this other memorial from being built, and they have enlisted the aid of numerous architects and politicians, such as Beverley McLachlin (chief justice of the Supreme Court of Canada) plus the mayor of Ottawa, who say that this second memorial is an affront to Jews. Last week, seventeen former presidents of the Canadian Bar Association jointly stated their opposition to the project. They said the anti-Communism memorial will cost too much, at $5.5 million (about half the cost of the Jewish hoax memorial).

There are two things about the anti-Communism memorial that infuriate Jews and their  worshippers.

[1] Its surface will be covered with 100 million “memory squares,” each of which will represent a life that was (allegedly) lost to Communist regimes worldwide. The one hundred million figure easily trumps the magic six million figure — and it is just as fictitious. Jews are terrified that the anti-Communism memorial could become as holy as the Auschwitz industrial park.

[2] What most enrages Jews is the memorial’s location. As Jews and their worshippers embarked on their hoax memorial, a separate group quietly began an anti-Communism memorial directly across from the Supreme Court building, where it will get more attention than will the hoax memorial in the same city of Ottawa.

Jews feel out-maneuvered. (“Damn! Why didn’t WE think to locate our hoax memorial there?”) The anti-Communism memorial will be located on urban real estate that is worth millions of dollars. (“Why didn’t WE steal that land first?”)

However the Jews will probably lose this battle, since rich Goyim want the monument built. So does Canadian PM Stephen Harper. After all, a “Memorial to Victims of Communism” is a memorial to the triumph of Capitalism, with its endless wars of aggression, its reduction of humanity to disposable slaves, and its creation of the worst poverty and inequality that man has ever known.

Harper in particular wants the memorial as an illustration of his commitment to Ukrainian oligarchs against the Russian “threat.”

Let’s see what it looks like, and then I want to say a bit more….



The “battle of the memorials” is a rivalry between Jews and rich Goyim.

Jews usually lose such battles, since rich Goyim allow Jews to co-rule only as long as Jews help to keep the peasants trapped in poverty. That is, rich Goyim only let the Jews be parasites on the lower classes, since this keeps the lower classes weak and crippled. Rich Goy rulers even let the Jews pass laws that protect Jewish power over the peasants (such as laws against questioning the holo-hoax).

Throughout history, as long as Jews did not threaten the rich, Jews have been allowed to enslave the lower classes as much as the Jews liked.  This serves the rich Goyim as much as it serves the Jews.

On rare occasions, however, Jews have posed a threat to the rich Goy rulers. At that point, the rich rulers suddenly rescinded all laws against “anti-Semitism,” and they permitted the lower classes to finally throw off their Jewish chains and drive out the Jewish parasite. This development always happens suddenly, and very fast (as in overnight). The mob is unleashed, and Jews must run for their lives.

Afterward the Jews wander in search of a new host, while they tell tales of being eternally innocent “victims.” Sometimes they even claim they had been slaves in the previous land, and were “delivered to freedom” by some agent of God. An example is the “Exodus” myth. In reality the Jews had lived in splendor and luxury, and had brutally oppressed the Goy peasants — until the day came when the Jews threatened the upper class.

Jews themselves have often wondered why this happens. They ask why they have repeatedly reached the pinnacles of power over the Goyim, only to be suddenly cast out, again and again.

The reason, of course, is that Jews are allowed to remain only as long as Jews are parasites on the lower class Goyim. When Jews try to use rich Goyim as hosts, the Goyim unite (rich and poor), and expunge the parasite.

Every Jewish argument against the anti-Communist memorial is a projection of logical arguments against the hoax memorial.


It will cost too much
It sends a “dark message”
Lobbying for it has been behind closed doors
The public was never consulted
The land could be put to better use
The “100 million” figure is a myth
“Victims of communism” is a vague concept
It doesn’t commemorate actual events from Canadian history (and the hoax does?)

Jewish squawking against the anti-Communist memorial continues, but the project continues to move forward.

KONRAD’S KOMMENT: Oh it’s bizarre all right. And ridiculous. “Victims of communism?” What was this “communism, a physical dragon?

Still, the memorial serves a purpose. You don’t like being impoverished and unemployed? You don’t like the extreme and ever-growing gap between the rich and the rest? You don’t like living as a debt slave in a brutal police state with total surveillance? Well, consider how much better off you are than if you lived in a communist nation!!!

The memorial is not to the “victims of Communism.”

It is to celebrate the triumph of neo-liberalism and financial capitalism. It praises our nightmare. –K


Comment on the friction between Sunnis and Shi’ites


A T.U.T. reader recently claimed that Sunnis and Shi’ites re not killing each other in the Middle East. Such silliness does not merit a response, but it does bring up the question of why religious differences arise in the first place.

They arise because of hardship.


When people are comfortable, they care little about religious differences. They get along with each other. They intermarry. Sunnis, Shi’ites, Catholics, Methodists, Buddhists – none of these labels cause any friction.

(Jews are an exception, for reasons I will discuss below.)

However, when people face extreme hunger and hardship, they typically form gangs, like wolf packs, in order to survive. They divide into groups along racial lines, or ethnic lines, or religious lines, or geographic lines. They adopt the principle of safety-in-numbers.

Gangs occur in various sizes, from a handful of people to huge armies. Each gang stakes out its “turf,” and claims to be a “victim” of the other gangs. Each gang creates its its own religious propaganda to justify its own violence, and its own predatory behavior.

The gangs are led by oligarchs or warlords or demigods who are obeyed because the gang members’ survival depends on it. If they defy the gang or the leader they will be cast out, and they will die. It does not matter who the leader is. What matters is that the gang has cohesion. What matters is the pecking order.

Some gangs are paid mercenaries. They cause their victims to form their own gangs for self-defense. But in general, gang behavior is about survival. People under extreme hardship (especially younger people) collect into gangs.  Religious differences that were previously trivial become extreme. The function of fanatical beliefs to maintain gang solidarity, and to justify the gang’s brutality.

As the gangs kill each other in their struggle to survive, people in foreign lands (who do not face hardship) have distorted views of what’s happening. Some condemn the gangs as “religious fanatics,” when in fact religion is just the gang jersey, so to speak. It is the banner carried before the gangs.

Other people in foreign lands imagine that there are no gangs, and that Sunnis and Shi’ites, for example, are one and the same. In other words they imagine that people under extreme hardship are the same as people in comfort.  They imagine that since there was no religious friction when the people were comfortable, there is no friction now that the people have formed into gangs.

This viewpoint is childish. As I said, people under extreme pressure form wolf packs in order to survive. Each wolf pack has its own banner, its own god, its own religious dogma, and its own propaganda. Members of the wolf pack cling to these symbols in order to maintain their cohesion.

In some cities of the USA, young people under economic pressure form gangs that have their own jargon, symbols, and gang signs.

In places where neoliberal policies have caused society to collapse (like Honduras) people form gangs. In Libya, people split into tribes. Same thing.

Where there is hardship, there are gangs. And people who are comfortable in foreign lands say they cannot understand the gang violence.


Imperialism. It’s all about divide-and-conquer. Imperialists deliberately cause extreme hardship in a target nation, in order to force people to split into rival gangs that compete for limited resources. The imperialists arm the gangs and supply them so that they keep fighting.

After imperialists foment the gang wars, they justify their evil by telling their own citizens that one or more of the gangs is a “global threat” (e.g. the mythical “ISIS”).  This is nonsense, but the home peasants buy it, since they too are members of a gang. For example, when evangelical Christians rail against Muslims in the USA, this is gang behavior. It is mindless group-think. It increases in proportion to economic hardship. And hardship increases in proportion to the breakdown of society, which itself is caused by neo-liberalism.

In March 2003, average people were more comfortable than they are today. Therefore they marched to protest the US invasion of Iraq. Today the masses face economic hardship, because they choose to let bankers, rich people, and their puppet politicians grind them into poverty. Therefore the masses cheer for movies like “American Sniper.” This is gang behavior. The popularity of such movies is quasi-religious, and it will become fully religious as the One Percent continue to grind the Ninety-nine percent into poverty.


Jews completely depend on the principle of divide-and-conquer. They depend on splitting people into gangs, and then manipulating the gangs so that they become hosts for the Jew parasite.

Therefore, resistance to Jewish evil is not merely a form of gang warfare. It is resistance to all gang warfare, since it is resistance to imperialism. It is resistance to evil itself.


There is no such thing as a religious war. There are only gang wars that often have a “religious” veneer on the surface. The Saudi hatred of Iran, for instance, is a struggle for power. Religion is merely the wrapper.



Allied soldiers raped 285,000 German women & children during WW II


So much for the “good war”

A new book by a German professor of history says that Allied soldiers raped 285,000 German women and children after invading Germany.

When the soldiers came: The Rape of German women at the End of World War II, by Miriam Gebhardt

Ms. Gebhardt’s figures are debatable, but the book shows once again that almost everything you have been taught about WW II is lies.

One lie is that during the invasion of the Third Reich, British and American troops behaved well, and it was the soldiers of the Soviet Union’s Red Army who raped hundreds of thousands of German females, aged eight to 80.


In reality, even before the invasion of Europe, a official U.S. Army report said that American troops committed 121 rapes when they were stationed in Britain. And that was only the officially acknowledge incidents. According to the criminologist Sir Leon Radzinowicz, only five per cent of rapes are ever reported, which suggests the Americans could have raped some 2,400 British women.

When the USA invaded France, American soldiers raped 3,600 French women. Again, this was only the officially acknowledge incidents.

But it was during the invasion of Germany that Allied soldiers went especially wild. As the Americans stormed into the crumbling Reich, troops would shout out at terrified German women: “Sleep with me!”

Americans justified their rapes by claiming it was a “legitimate punishment” for the “evil that was Germany.”

Many examples are too distressing to report in detail, especially the American rapes of children, with one victim being just three years old.

Frequently the crimes were committed by marauding gangs of drunken GIs. In Sprendlingen, about 40 miles southwest of Frankfurt, a group of GIs burst into the home of a woman called Katherine and her 18-year-old daughter, Charlotte. The two women were forced upstairs, where they were repeatedly raped in the same room for two hours by six Americans, during which time Charlotte kept desperately crying out: “Mama, mama!”


Many such incidents were reported to parish priests. In his journal for July 20, 1945, Michael Merxmüller, a priest near Berchtesgaden, recorded: “Eight girls and women raped, some of them in front of their parents.” A few days later, Father Andreas Weingand, from a village near Munich, noted how “Drunk American’ had raped a married woman, a single woman, and a girl of 16-and-a-half.”

British troops also raped German women. In a village called Oyle, two British soldiers dragged a girl into some woods to rape her. When she started to scream, they shot her dead.


In many cases the Allied soldiers claimed that the sex was consensual. They could have a woman for the price of a pack of cigarettes. However, if we apply Jewish logic to these cases, then all were rape.

By “Jewish logic,” I refer, for example, to the Jewish theft of art. According to Jews, any asset sold by any Jew to any party under any circumstances in any German-controlled area from any year ranging from 1933 to 1945 was “looted” by the Nazis, and therefore belongs to Jews.

It doesn’t matter who bought the work, or what price was paid. If a Jew bought or sold the artwork, it was automatically “looted by the Nazis,” since all Jews in Europe were “under duress,” as proven by the holo-hoax.

Even if a Jew sold an art treasure to another Jew, this too was “Nazi looting,” since the holo-hoax put all Jews “under duress.”

For example, if the fair market value of an artwork was $10,000 (in reichsmarks or whatever currency) and a Jew swindled a Goy into paying ten times the far price, this again was “Nazi looting,” because without the Nazis, the Jewish seller could presumably have swindled the Goy into paying 100 times the fair price for it.

In short, every single transaction between 1933 and 1945 that involved a Jew as buyer or seller was “Nazi looting,” because of the hoax.

Therefore, if we apply Jewish logic to American invaders who had sex with German children and women, it was all rape, since all Germans were under duress.

Hell, we don’t even need Jewish logic. It was rape.

So much for the “good war.”

But then, what is mass rape compared to the divine holo-hoax?

Because of the hoax, the Allies were saints, and the Germans were demons. Period.

More at the UK Daily Mail




Senator Bernie Sanders works for the rich, but pretends to work for you. I’ll prove it…

Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent – VT)  is on the Senate Budget Committee, which is currently chaired by Republican Mike Enzi of Wyoming — the single most right-wing psychopath in the US Senate in terms of screwing the 99% in favor of the 1%.

The Senate Budget Committee sets out a general blueprint concerning the total amount of money that the US government will create (out of thin air) for a given year. It determines the overall tenor of US government spending.

Shall it be for the rich, or shall it be for the masses?

Sanders is notorious for his “Aw shit moments,” — that is, the experience of reading a blog post that you strongly agree with, and then feeling let down as the writer totally screws up, making you think, “Yeah, YEAH, YEAH! – Aw shit–NO!!!”

In a moment I will show you a classic example. A typical Bernie-blooper.

Republicans have a majority in the US Senate, and they are now working on the US budget for fiscal year 2016, which will begin on 1 Oct 2015. Bernie Sanders correctly notes that this Republican budget, like all Republican budgets, is designed to make the rich richer, and everyone else poorer.

Yesterday (19 March 2015) Sanders gave a speech to the US Senate Budget Committee.

I will quote some of the wonderful things he said. However, be prepared for the final “Gotcha!” That is, the “Aw shit moment” which will prove that Sanders works for the rich after all, and is just doing a song and dance.

Here goes…

“The federal budget is about our national priorities and our values.  It is about who we are as a nation and what we stand for. 

“At a time of massive wealth and income inequality, Republicans believe that the rich need to be made even richer.  For Republicans it is not good enough that almost all new income today is going to the top 1 percent.  It is not good enough that the top one-tenth of one percent today own almost as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent.   No, republicans say the wealthy need much more help.  The rich need fewer taxes and more handouts.

“For Republicans it is not good enough that corporate America is enjoying record breaking profits, and that the CEOs of large corporations earn 290 times more than what their average employees make.

“For Republicans it is not good enough that since 1985 the top one-tenth of 1 percent has seen a more then $8 trillion increase in its wealth than what they would have had if wealth inequality had stayed at the same level that it was in 1985.   An $8 trillion increase in the wealth of the top one-tenth of 1 percent!  That is not enough.

I like it. Keep going Bernie.

“For Republicans, as manifested in their House and Senate budgets, millions of middle class and working families, people who are working longer hours for lower wages, people who have seen significant declines in their standard of living over the last 40 years, these people need a major reduction in federal programs that keep them alive.

“We have over 45 million Americans living in poverty. Republicans want to increase that number by cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit, affordable housing, and Medicaid.  At a time when almost 20 percent of our children live in poverty, Republicans want to cut childcare, Head Start, the Child Tax Credit, and nutrition assistance for hungry kids.

(Good stuff, yes?)

“The richer that rich people become, the more Republicans think they need still more help.  The middle class and working families of this country become poorer, and Republicans think we need to cut the programs they desperately need. 

“The United States remains the only industrialized nation on earth that does not guarantee health care to everyone.  We have about 40 million Americans who have no health insurance, and millions more with only partial insurance. But that is not enough suffering for Republicans.  Republicans want to abolish the Affordable Care Act, and take away the health insurance that 16 million Americans have gained through that program.  Republicans think that instead of having 40 million people uninsured, we would have 56 million people uninsured.  

“Republicans want to cut Medicaid, so that even more millions of Americans lose their health coverage.  Republicans want to cut nursing home care for seniors, perhaps the most vulnerable and helpless people in our country.

Rah, rah Bernie! Keep going!

“Americans want decent paying jobs, but Republicans don’t care. The fastest way to create decent paying jobs is to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. That is, our roads, bridges, water systems, wastewater plants, airports, dams, levees, and broadband.  According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, we need to invest over $3 trillion by the year 2020 just to get our nation’s infrastructure in good repair.  When we make a significant investment in infrastructure, we create millions of decent-paying jobs – which is exactly what we should be doing. But Republicans don’t want this.

“At a time when millions of Americans are working for starvation wages, and when the federal minimum wage is an abysmal $7.25 an hour, we need a budget that substantially increases wages for low-income and middle-income workers.  We also need to address the overtime scandal in in which many of our people are working 50 or 60 hours a week, but are robbed out of time-and-a-half for their efforts.  But Republicans don’t want this. Their budget ignores this.”

Great stuff, aye? Who but the rich and their lackeys could disagree with any of this? (Tea Party psychos and evangelical Christians would disagree with it, but they are fringe-dwelling maggots.)

But then comes the patented Bernie Sanders “Aw shit” moment.

SANDERS ECHOES THE BIG LIE ABOUT US GOVERNMENT FINANCES, which I have discussed in the “Truth About Money” series.


“Republicans are concerned about the deficit, which by the way, has been reduced by more than two-thirds in the last six years.  We too are concerned about the deficit.  Republicans are concerned about an $18 trillion national debt which has skyrocketed in recent years because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that were not paid for.  And huge tax breaks for the rich and large corporations, not offset.

Republicans are concerned about the national debt, and we are too. But where we disagree is how you address the deficit and the debt.  And, we feel you should not balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, the children, the sick and the poor – the most vulnerable people in our society – and ask nothing from the wealthy and large, profitable corporations.”

Dammit, Bernie. And you were doing so well.

Let me repeat what I have explained in past posts…

[1] The US government is a money creator, not a money user. As such, it does not need a “balanced budget.” Indeed, since hundreds of billions of dollars flow out of the USA every year because of the trade deficit alone, the US government must run a budget deficit, or else the economy will crash. A balanced budget would be catastrophic. The government MUST create more money than it claws back in taxes. The smaller the deficit, the less dollars flow into the US economy. This means poverty and unemployment for all but the rich (who do not depend on wages or regular social programs).

Bill Clinton came close to balancing the US budget in 1999, but most people did not immediately feel the damage, since everyone was caught up in the dot-com bubble. When the bubble burst, the USA nose-dived into a recession, but W. Bush reversed the recession via his massive spending on the wars, and by letting the housing bubble take off. Today a balanced federal budget would destroy the USA as we know it.

[2] The so-called “national debt” is simply the amount of money that various parties have deposited in their savings accounts at the US Federal Reserve. These deposits have no effect on the US government’s ability to keep creating money out of thin air. The Fed can eliminate this “debt” any time by debiting all the Fed savings accounts, and crediting all the private checking accounts of people who have deposited their money with the Fed. This would not be inflationary, since the money already exists. It is deposited in Fed savings accounts. No private party will ever have to pay a single penny on the so-called “national debt.” Therefore these savings accounts present no drag on the US economy. All talk about the US government “debt crisis” is a LIE.

When you deposit your money in a bank, you lend your money to the bank, since the bank must give your money back to you whenever you wish. And yet – because of double-entry accounting — the bank considers your deposit to also be an asset. Likewise the so-called “national debt” is just as much a national asset as a “debt.” It is simply money deposited with the Fed.

[3] The wars have had nothing whatsoever to do with the “national debt,” since the wars have had no effect on the amount of money that people have deposited into their Fed savings accounts. Money for the wars was not “borrowed” from anyone. It was created ad hoc, out of thin air.

Bernie Sanders is an idiot or a liar. By supporting the Big Lie that we must have deficit reduction and a balanced budget, and that the US government has a “debt crisis,” Sanders gives ammunition to Republicans who want to cut all spending that helps average people.

Sanders essentially says, “US government money is limited, so we should spread it fairly, rather than give it to the rich.” That sounds good, but why not admit the truth? “US government money is unlimited, but the rich screw you by having politicians claim that the money is finite.”

I have written to Sanders several times, carefully explaining all this, but he ignores me.

Let’s continue with his nonsense…

“In 1952, corporations contributed about 32 percent of all federal revenue.  Today, they contribute about 11 percent.”

So what? As I explained in the “Truth About Money” series, the US government does not need or use tax revenue, and in fact destroys it upon receipt.

What the US government should tell corporations is, “Since we don’t need your tax revenue, the more jobs you create, the fewer taxes you will pay. Likewise, the more people you lay off, the more taxes you will pay. Call it an incentive.”

For workers (i.e. people who rely on wages) there should be no income tax at all, and no FICA tax whatsoever. Money for Medicare and Social security is created out of thin air. It does not come from taxes. Therefore Social Security can never become “insolvent.”

Continuing with Sanders…

“Hedge fund managers on Wall Street make hundreds of millions of dollars a year, yet they pay an effective tax rate lower than a truck driver or a nurse.  How can my Republican colleagues bring forth a budget and not ask for the end of this absurd tax unfairness that does not ask for at least some sacrifice on behalf of the rich and multi-national corporations?”

Rather than trying to bring the rich down (which is futile), why not bring workers up by enhancing social programs? Remember Canada’s “Mincome” experiment? (The Truth About Money, Part 3). Why not have that in the USA? Why not expand Social Security so that everyone in the middle class and bow gets cash benefits?

Oh that’s right. Sanders is too busy echoing the Big Lie that the US government has “no money.”


“When people are working at decent-wage jobs they are paying taxes.  And, when people are paying taxes we reduce the deficit and the national debt.”

There it is again…the Big Lie that the US government has a “debt crisis” and needs a “balanced budget.”

The Big Lie is like the holo-hoax, and all other lies about World War II. Once you believe the core lie, you are powerless to question all corollary lies.

For example, if you believe in the holo-hoax, then you give Jews a get-out-of-jail-free card, no matter how many atrocities the Jews commit.

Likewise, if you believe the Big Lie that the US government is “broke” and has a ‘debt crisis,” then you give rich people a get-out-of-jail-free card, no matter how badly they screw you.

By supporting the Big Lie, while spouting populist rhetoric, Bernie Sanders pleases the rich, while he seduces the masses into imagining that he cares about them.

If you think he cares about you, then that is your fantasy. It is not reality.

KONRAD: Norman Finkelstein does say many good things. All gatekeepers do. Another example is Noam Chomsky. But ultimately they are all the same. They are loyal to the tribe. Chomsky, for example, has always called himself a “Zionist.” And while Finkelstein published The Holocaust Industry in 2000, Finkelstein actually believes in the hoax. It’s just that Finkelstein thinks that some Jews exploit the hoax at the expense of other Jews. Finkelstein has no problem with Jews overall exploiting the hoax at the expense of Goyim overall.

 Some Jews talk about “Palestinian rights,” but no Jew ever calls Israel an abomination. Neturei Karta Jews say that Israel is a violation of God’s will (since there can be no Zion until the Jewish messiah comes) but they too are “Chosen.” They too remain Jews.

 The function of the left-wing gate-keeper is to seduce Goyim who don’t like right-wing Jews.  The Jews don’t care if you are a liberal or conservative, as long as the you worship the hoax.

 People like Norman Finkelstein get loud cheers and many rounds of applause at their speeches, because the Goyim are so terrified of being called “anti-Semites” that they are jubilant at meeting a Jew that they fantasize is “reasonable.” –K


Well, I’m just relieved that our Fiat money system will apparently go on forever! I was worried that my SS check wouldn’t show up one day, or that the dollar would crash, or no longer be the world’s reserve currency. But since there is no debt and we can print as much money as we want, the only problem is getting the Repubs to loosen up some on the supply! Cross money worries off the list! It’s there; we just need to get some.

Now all we have to worry about is WW3 with Russia on behalf of the Jew bankers.

The US fiat money system in its current form will continue as long as there is a United States in its current form. The dollar will not “crash” unless the US government ends.

If, like some people, you think the dollar is “worthless,” then please send to me all your worthless dollars.

Incidentally, all monetary systems are fiat systems. Always have been. Always will be. No exceptions anywhere, any time.

“But since there is no debt and we can print as much money as we want, the only problem is getting the Repubs to loosen up some on the supply! Cross money worries off the list! It’s there; we just need to get some.”

There is indeed debt. Massive debt. That’s why most of us are debt slaves. However there is a difference between private debt and public debt.

Private debt  is credit (loans) issued by private lenders such as banks. Examples include mortgages, car loans, student loans, payday loans, and so on. Private banks create this loan money out of thin air, just as the US government creates money out of thin air.

Public “debt”  is money on deposit at Fed savings accounts. Eventually the Fed must give back each depositor’s money with interest. The Fed creates interest money out of thin air. This “debt” is actually an asset, just as your dollars deposited in your own bank account are an asset for the bank, but they are also a “debt” (since your dollars are lent to the bank). Banks love to be in debt. The more the better. Banks call it “deposits under management.”

But regarding the “public debt,” no individual will ever have to “pay back” these Fed deposits from his own money. The Fed deposits (the so-called “national debt”) are not a crisis. They present no limit whatsoever to the US government’s ability to create money.

This is what bankers, rich people, and their puppet politicians don’t want you to understand. They want you to think the US government has a “debt crisis,” and is “broke,” so they can get away with cutting social programs, while they create infinite  debt-free money for war, weapons makers, and Wall Street bailouts.

“But since there is no debt and we can print as much money as we want, the only problem is getting the Repubs to loosen up some on the supply! Cross money worries off the list! It’s there; we just need to get some.”

The only conceivable limit to the US government’s creation of money is potential inflation that cannot be controlled via interest rates. We are a long, long way from that. And yes, the only problem is getting politicians to loosen up on the supply.

 Bankers, rich people, and their puppet politicians don’t want you to have government-created money. They don’t want you to have government programs like Social Security. They want you to rely on loans from private lenders. A Social Security benefit is not lent to you. Rich people don’t like that. They want you to be their debt slave.

The one and only reason why there are any money worries in US society is  the greed of the rich.

“Now all we have to worry about is WW3 with Russia on behalf of the Jew bankers.

That’s an entirely separate issue. Until it happens, I want average people to have more money in their pockets.

 For that to happen, average people must stop believing the lies told by Bernie Sanders and his kind. –K

KONRAD: Money created by the US government is not borrowed from anyone. However, in any given year, only 24% of the money in the US economy comes from government spending. The rest comes from bank loans (i.e. JEWS) and from money that is still circulating from previous years. The money powers want to reduce that 24% to perhaps 5%, so that they can increase your debt slavery. That’s why pundits, professors, and politicians are always demanding deficit reduction and a balanced federal budget. It’s all about creating more debt slaves, and widening the gap between the rich and the rest.

Always keep in mind that I am only taking about the federal government, which creates $3.6 trillion a year out of thin air, debt-free. State, county, and municipal governments cannot create money out of thin air. They must balance their budgets. They must not spend more than they take in. This limit does not apply to the US federal government, since it can create infinite money. Therefore it does not need or use tax revenue. But the money powers don’t want you to know that.

In the euro-zone, ALL the money is lent by private banks, except for money that comes from trading with countries outside the euro-zone. For euro-zone nations that have trade deficits, like Greece, this means they can NEVER get out of debt. They can NEVER stop imposing more and more austerity on their people. Their economies can NEVER “recover.” (Until they finally dump the euro, and go back to creating their own currencies like the US government does.)

On the other hand, for nations with trade surpluses, like Denmark, Holland and Germany, this means that all euros eventually flow to them, while the debt stays with the victim nations like Greece.

It is an incredibly evil scam. And it is defended by pundits, professors, and politicians in all the euro-nations, since they profit from the scam. Bankers and rich people also profit from it. The victims are average people in the victim nations.

But here again the victims are complicit in their own slavery, since they chose to believe the lie that they must have the euro. You can only enslave someone who wants to be enslaved. You can beat a person, and make him work at gunpoint, but that is not slavery. It is torture. Slavery happens when the tortured person voluntarily chooses to believe his torturer’s lies. At that point his torturer becomes his master and owner. Torture is not voluntary, but All SLAVERY IS 100% VOLUNTARY.

You said that “We are the currency.” This is are correct. Money is simply a measure of assets and energy. Of the two, energy is the more important, since assets (such as minerals) are worthless without it. The money masters are slave masters. What slave masters control is human energy, both mental and physical. By voluntarily agreeing to be their slaves, we agree to give them our bodies and our souls (literally). This is the way of the world.

Of course, a small percentage of people choose not to play this game, but they are trampled by the herd as it stampedes to the slaughterhouse.

MICHAEL BAILEY: They’re just the tiny little man, with the tiny circumcised penis, behind the curtain! So my point is, nobody is willing to live dangerously, because they’ll hire their goons and take over your operation, and over time cheapen and mishandle your project/Govt. Subsidies, Monopolies, etc., very much like Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” so no advancement and stuck in jalopies and pile ups until doomsday — although they sure showed us a lot of space travel flicks and propaganda throughout our lives.

KONRAD: The USA and Europe had a middle class from 1945 to 1980, during which time we dreamed of UFO fantasies, and one day going to the stars. Today the masses dream only of surviving another day, and hopefully avoiding prison or some serious illness. Technology has run aground. Man has reached an impasse. Everything is geared toward increasing our debt slavery, and widening the gap between the rich and the rest.

This is what the masses want. Every time they reject my explanations of how money works, they embrace their poverty and slavery.

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