HAPPY HOAX REMEMBRANCE DAY Since you are an anti-Semite, you probably didn’t know that today is holo-hoax remembrance day. In fact, you may be saying, “I thought the Jews just had a hoax day.” Actually they did. They have them all year. In order to make the entire planet worship the hoax continually (and with […]

Venezuela update Venezuela’s chief strength is its oil reserves. Venezuela’s chief weakness is also its oil reserves. The problem is that those reserves allowed Venezuela to easily buy imported consumer goods. As a result, people converged on Venezuela’s cities, looking for jobs in the petroleum sector. This caused Venezuela to stop being self-sufficient. Today Venezuela must […]

Rita Katz is at it again Zany prankster Rita Katz, 52, has co-produced a new video, this one purporting to show ISIS members burning a Jordanian pilot in a cage. The “ISIS” members are actually members of the Jordanian army, as you will see below. Rita’s claims (which is all over the corporate media) is that […]

THE UNHOLY TRINITY Some people say the problem is Jews… Some people say the problem is neo-liberalism. Some people say the problem is that most nations have become fascist police states. All three groups are correct, but each group has only a third of the truth. Let’s clear this up… (PREVIEW: the takeaway point of […]

You broke free of the holo-hoax matrix. Now break free of a much more pernicious matrix. The MONEY MATRIX is far more powerful set of lies than the holo-hoax matrix, but it is just as easily shattered… Let me show you something… On the sports scoreboard below, the score is 0-to-0 until one team scores […]

A WORD ABOUT PROPAGANDA ( Jews own and control the media outlets, but they would not have so much power if they did not use this control effectively. Let’s look at an example… “Tonyfromindiana” wrote a post titled Jewish Control of the Mass Media of ‘News’ and ‘Entertainment’ Gets Results! It includes a link to […]

For LASILENCIA and everyone else a T.U.T. Hugo Chávez died two years ago today, and only now are many of us beginning to recover from our shock and grief. What made him great? Like all great leaders, Hugo Chávez freed people by changing their beliefs.  He changed what people thought was possible. Our notions of what is “logical” […]