For LASILENCIA and everyone else a T.U.T.

Hugo Chávez died two years ago today, and only now are many of us beginning to recover from our shock and grief.

What made him great? Like all great leaders, Hugo Chávez freed people by changing their beliefs.  He changed what people thought was possible. Our notions of what is “logical” and “common sensical” are products of our core beliefs.

Chávez was the archetypical Great Leader. Before the Great Leader comes, average people are slaves. Not because they have no money. Not because they face a brutal police force. Not because they are afraid, or stupid, or selfish, or cowardly. Average people are slaves because of how they think.

( I use the word “slave” in a neutral sense, not a pejorative sense. I want no one to be a slave.)

The slave thinks, “We have always been poor, and we always will be poor. Life has always been horrible, and life always will be. Therefore it is useless to struggle. Maybe I will win the lottery. Maybe I will be divinely “raptured” to some luxury resort in the sky. Maybe I will be rich in the afterlife. Maybe…”

The slave accepts that rich people are “better” because they are rich, and poor people suffer because they deserve it. Not everyone thinks this way, but enough people think this way for poverty to always continue. For example, in Part 3 of my “Truth About Money” series, I discussed the “Mincome” experiment in Canada. Most peasants reject the idea of Mincome.

“Huh? Everyone can have enough money to live on, whether or not they work? Ridiculous! Blasphemous! Traitorous! People have to work! They deserve to suffer! There is no free lunch!” (Except for the rich, who are provided their free lunch by the poor.)

This is the mind-set of slaves. Most people today have this mind-set. They are imprisoned by their beliefs, yet they claim to be free.

Slavery, then, is strictly a mental condition. You can be bound, beaten, and forced to work at gunpoint, but you do not become a slave until you believe your master’s lies. If you do not believe the lies, then you may be tortured and abused, but you are not a slave. A slave is a person whose mind is owned and controlled by another. If the mind is controlled, then the body follows. And the mind is controlled when the subject’s beliefs are contrary to his own best interests.

The Great Leader (e.g. Hugo Chávez) frees the slaves by changing their minds. In so doing, he (or she) unleashes the people’s hopes, their imaginations, their creativity, and their energy. He (or she) awakens the masses from their trance and their nightmare.

Once the masses are freed mentally, they no longer feel tired physically. They are no longer crippled by depression and defeatism. They no longer escape into religious fanaticism, or substance abuse, or perversions like kiddie porn and excess promiscuity. They regard reality as more exciting that fantasy. They compete with each other in their showing of courage, compassion, and generosity to other people. In this way they make their society into a meritocracy that collectively reaches for the Divine.

Before the Great Leader comes, the only thing the masses know for sure is that today is awful, and tomorrow will be worse.

When the Great Leader arrives (like Hugo Chávez) the masses are sure that today is good, and tomorrow will be even better, regardless of what form tomorrow takes. The Great Leader frees the masses from the mental slavery that keeps them locked in cycle of crime, despair, weariness, and bickering.

Racism and bigotry mainly occur in the lower classes, since they are mainly products of slavery. (Rich people don’t care about your race, as long as you can help rich people get richer.) Indeed, most social ills are products of mental slavery. Crime, corruption, hate, resentment, fanaticism, self-righteousness, Jew-worship, and so on – these are the products of mental slavery. And mental slavery is a product of what people voluntarily choose to believe. (Abuse is not voluntary, but slavery is .)

Ironically the most enslaved people of all are the rich,  since they are hopelessly imprisoned by their obsession with getting richer at your expense. That’s all they think about, all day long. How can I screw the poor? They are truly wretched.

The poor are miserable, but occasionally they have moments of spiritual understanding, and even glimpses of joy. The rich, like Jews, do not have this, for they are soulless vampires. They are black holes. The rich — especially today – produce nothing and contribute nothing. They use and discard. They take and take and take. Yet they call themselves “makers,” and they call their slaves “takers.” And the slaves believe it!  That’s why they are slaves. (They say they don’t believe it, but if that were true, then the slaves would not reject ideas such as “Mincome.”)

The Great Leader frees the slaves by causing them to stop being Jews. (Jews themselves can never be freed, since they are sub-human. They are disease.)

Once the slaves become free, they are envied and hated by the slaves in other countries.

“Those people threaten us! They want to conquer the world! Their leader is an evil dictator! They hate us for our freedoms! They want to enslave us!”

So says the slave.

Worship of the holo-hoax is a product of slavery. The hoax and everything connected with it is hideous, perverse, and Satanic. The hoax is a religion of slaves. The hoax is also a weapon that the slaves use to attack each other, and the rich use to attack their slaves. (“You’re anti-semitic!”) The more enslaved the masses become, the more they worship the hoax, and the more they use it against each other. Today, worship of the hoax is particularly strong, since slavery is global.

A happy and prosperous people, a genuinely free people, have no need or use for the hoax. They get a rush out of building and creating, not destroying and hating. They have no need to think about Jews. Hence they are impervious to the disease that is Jews. They are united in joy and adventure.

Jews condemn this condition of unity and solidarity as “fascism.” For Jews, freedom is “anti-semitism.”  And since the hoax is a product and a sustainer of slavery, the hoax is a crucial part of maintaining the chasm between the rich and the rest. Just as the slaves use the hoax to attack each other, so do Jews and rich people use the hoax to keep the slaves down.  When politicians worship Jews and the hoax, it is partly out of their fear of Jews, and their dependence on Jews, but also because Jews and the hoax keep the peasants in the dirt. Jews and the hoax form a barrier that keeps the slaves in their dungeon.

When the Great Leader departs (via death or whatever) the people he freed become set upon by all sides. They degenerate back into slavery. Once again they become ruled by Jews and the rich. In some cases they resent their Great Leader for leaving. They call him a “loser” for having “failed.” They imagine that the Great Leader was actually evil, and their return to slavery is actually freedom. They envy and admire the Jews and rich people who despise them. They fall back into a life of greed, crime, corruption, racism, bickering, substance abuse, depravity, hate-filled religious fanaticism, and so on.

Ours is the era of the Jew. The era of poverty, slavery, and despair. Readers of T.U.T. are not slaves, but neither do they live in a prosperous society, since they are surrounded by slaves who are terrified of freedom, and are terrified of annoying their masters (i.e. Jews and the rich).

Incidentally the whole purpose of my “Truth About Money” series is not to “educate” people, but to hopefully change their beliefs about what money is, and how it operates, and how the gap between rich and poor is only sustained by beliefs.

A genuinely free people value fair trade, mutual respect, and reciprocity. An enslaved people value greed, swindles, and power over others. Their god is monetary profit, and their attitude is “Screw you; I’ve got mine.”

Hugo Chávez freed millions by freeing their minds. And for his “crime,” Jews and rich people inside and outside Venezuela tried to crucify him. Finally Chávez died (perhaps from radioactive poisoning).

What can the current president, Nicolás Maduro, do to keep the Chávez revolution alive? Perhaps Maduro needs to kill it. That is, instead of keeping Chávez alive, Maduro should develop his own socialist vision that will keep the masses free of slavery. Rather than follow the form of Chávez, Maduro should follow the spirit of Chávez, and develop Maduro’s own form. Above all he needs to remember that revolutions can only succeed and continue if they can change people’s beliefs.


This is one of the best articles about Chavez and the Revolution I’ve ever read. It hits the mark. Your opening sentence said it all: “Like all great leaders, Hugo Chávez freed people by changing their beliefs. He changed what people thought was possible. Our notions of what is “logical” and “common sensical” are products of our core beliefs.”

BINGO. You nailed it right there. Thank you. Excellent comment, replete with great insight about what Chavez achieved. His was a spiritual, not just a material revolution, and the ultimate outcome is yet to be revealed. But I believe it was a victory for all of us, because I believe Chavez led God’s revolution, not just Bolivar’s. In the end, we will ALL win because of him.

Venezuela is the heart of this hemisphere. It beats with the ideals that made it a melting pot of many nations, cultures and creeds. It will be the birthplace of God’s NWO, not the Rothchilld/Rockefeller/Netanyahu Mafia who think they’re in charge. What chutzpah.

They’re in for a big surprise.

KONRAD’S KOMMENT: thanks for your kind words. I was not only praising Chavez, I was commenting about how our social conditions are a product of our individual and collective beliefs. Our beliefs determine what we think is “real” and “possible” and “factual” and “logical” and “common-sensical.” Our beliefs determine what we think is “right” and “just” and “good” and “valuable.”

The Great Leader changes our beliefs, and thereby changes the world. We call such changes “miracles,” but miracles are simply a change in beliefs. Primitive cave men would naturally believe that it is impossible for man to fly though the air. The “miracle” of flight involves a change in beliefs. Around 1900 the Wright Brothers and others believed that man could fly, and they worked out the principles of aerodynamics.

Belief can be powerful. Perhaps it is the most powerful force in the universe. We might say that the universe exists because God “believed” it into existence.

Unfortunately belief can also be a prison. Indeed, most people are imprisoned by their beliefs — or rather, by their refusal to re-examine their beliefs.

The old “Star Trek: Voyager” TV series had an episode titled “Distant Origin,” which first aired on 30 April 1997. The Star Trek crew encounters an reptilian species that is far more powerful and technologically advanced than the earth people, and yet the “superior” aliens remain prisoners of their beliefs and their prejudices.

We are the same. We have gone to the moon and achieved technological breakthroughs, yet most people cling to idiotic beliefs like the “holocaust.”™

Jocanda responds:

That is awesome, Konrad. YES. What a way of putting it. God BELIEVED us into existence too. We live in a holographic universe after all. Just the same, God sends us the people we need when we need them. God sent us Chavez. From his effort to change our minds and our beliefs, we will and God who is the Master planner, will enable it via His spiritual energy aka the Holy Spirit.

Most of Chavez’ people I post with on Twitter are determined to keep the Revolution going, I hope so. It was what was needed at the right time and for every good reason we can imagine for it, but most of all, to RESTORE OUR STOLEN BIRTHRIGHT to humanity! It’s time to right all wrongs.

We own the planet as a collective, and we will demand we get our fair share of what is owed. WE owe the parasitical oligarchs & financial elites NOTHING, they owe us. Chavez turned the oligarch’s lie upside down on its head, the same way Satan turns the truth upside down. The land and all the resources belong to us all.

They can start by calling for a Jubilee and that is in GOD’S economic plan.

KONRAD’S KOMMENT: The way I see it, two forces operate in any society. One force is the impetus to share, cooperate, and work together for mutual support. Let’s call it the spirit of socialism.

The other force is the impetus to be greedy and selfish, to be “special” and “superior,” to enslave others, and to crush anyone in our way. Let’s call it the spirit of neo-liberalism. The extreme expression of this spirit is in countries like Honduras, which is a paradise for the rich, and for Ayn Randians — but a nightmare for the 99%.

The nature of a society (any society) depends on which these two extremes (socialism vs neo-liberalism) the society leans toward.

Venezuela was extremely corrupt and plutocratic. Chávez tipped the scales the other way, toward populism and socialism. Almost seventy percent of government expenditures are now on social programs that help the masses in Venezuela, and not just the rich. In the USA it’s about 20 percent (I’m thinking of Social Security and Medicare). Right-wingers say that even that is far too high. They want all the money and effort to go to them, and to rich people, not to average people.

And so, what do we mean when we speak of the “Chávez revolution”? For one thing, we mean the spirit of sharing and mutual support.

Since you seem to have a religious nature, I will share a famous parable in connection with this. Skip it if you have heard it before.

Once upon a time an angel visited a man and said, “I will show you a vision of hell.” It turned out to be a room in which everyone sat around a giant cauldron full of divine nectar. One sip of the nectar would put you in ecstasy, with joy beyond words. Each person had a spoon with a six-foot-long long handle. To drink the nectar, they merely needed to dip their spoons into the cauldron…but the nature of each spoon was that it could only be held by the very end of the six-foot-long handle. Thus, everyone dipped his spoon into the nectar, but the handle was so long that no one could maneuver the nectar into his mouth. As a result, everyone was sickly and angry and miserable, despite having the nectar in front of them. They were in hell.

Then the angel told the man, “Now I show you a vision of heaven.” It was the same room, same cauldron, same nectar, same long spoons, same everything — but everyone was blissfully ecstatic, and drank all the nectar he wanted. Why? Because when each person dipped his long spoon into the cauldron, he offered it to the person next to him. The person next to him offered his own spoon to the person next to him, and so on all the way around the ring of people who circled the cauldron. Each person served the person next to him. And so, everyone was served.

The point: heaven is a place where people serve each other. Hell is a place where people serve only themselves, and try to get everyone to serve them. This hell more or less describes the world today. It is the world that conservatives and neoliberals and bankers and rich people dream of. Their heaven is our hell. Worse, their heaven is not even a heaven for them. It is a make-believe heaven.

For them, heaven is a place where they are king, and everyone is their slave. For you and me, heaven is a place where we are with someone that we love so totally, so madly, that all we want to do is adore them and care for them and serve them – and they feel the same way about us. I’m talking about absolutely blissfully in love. Mutual caring.

The “Chávez revolution” is about moving the ALBA nations toward this divine ideal. The USA is about moving in the opposite direction, toward hell.

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