COMMENT ON THE IRAN DEAL Do you actually think this is a good thing? Obama makes peace with Iran! Joy to the world! That’s what the corporate media outlets want you to think. They want you to think this whole thing was about nookyooler nonsense. But that was just a smokescreen. As I have been […]

COMMENT ON THE NATURE OF PROPAGANDA   A false premise leads to false conclusions. This fact lets rich people enslave you if you are not careful. If you can get people to believe a false premise (for example, the holo-hoax) then you can make people believe all of your lies, and therefore be your slaves. In […]

HAPPY HOLOHOAX DAY Since you are an anti-Semite, you probably didn’t know that today is holo-hoax remembrance day. In fact, you may be saying, “I thought the Jews just had a hoax day.” Actually they did. They have them all year. In order to make the entire planet worship the hoax continually (and with it, […]