You broke free of the holo-hoax matrix. Now break free of a much more pernicious matrix.

The MONEY MATRIX is far more powerful set of lies than the holo-hoax matrix, but it is just as easily shattered…


Let me show you something…

On the sports scoreboard below, the score is 0-to-0 until one team scores a touchdown, thereby making the score 0-to-7. But there was a penalty, so the touchdown doesn’t count, and the score reverts to 0-to-0.

Where did the seven points come from? Nowhere. Where did the seven points go to? Nowhere. In both cases the numbers were simply changed. Points are not physical. Points are mental constructs that we agree to, so that we can have a game.


Below is another scoreboard. It is an actual screen-shot of my Bank of America account, with the identification numbers changed. I start with zero money in my account, but then the  Social Security administration (which is part of the US government) sends instructions to the BofA to credit my account for $1.000. Later the US government decides that I am not eligible for Social Security benefits, so the government orders BofA to debit my account for the $1,000. I am back to zero.

Where did the $1,000 come from? Nowhere. Where did the $1,000 go to? Nowhere. The bank simply changed the numbers, exactly like they were points on a sports scoreboard. Nothing physical moved. Money isn’t physical. Money is a mental construct that we agree to live by so we can have a society.


This is how money has always worked in all societies. Money is simply a way to keep score. It is a purely mental construct that people agree to live by. Scammers (such as bankers and politicians) are those who manipulate the scoreboard for their own gain.

The hundred-dollar bill below is not money. It is a currency note. It represents 100 non-physical dollars — i.e. one hundred non-physical points in the US money system.


Huh? How could the hundred dollar bill not be money?

Suppose we were playing football, and I gave you a stone that represented seven points. The stone would merely stand for seven points. It would not actually “be” seven points until you redeemed the stone, and the number on the scoreboard was changed (or “credited”) by seven points.  The seven points on the board are not physical. The points are mental constructs. But only mental constructs count.


Money is exactly the same. It is not physical. It only exists on the scoreboards of banks.

Gold is not money either. Gold merely represents money, in whatever amount we agree on.  If governments collapse, and there are no money systems, then gold will be next to worthless. You can’t eat gold, or wear it, or hunt game with it, or grow crops with it, or sleep under gold. Just as the scoreboard is what gives value to the stone in your hand, so do monetary systems give value to gold. Yet. you have been brainwashed to think the reverse: that the stone (i.e. the gold) gives value to the scoreboard. It is WE who give value to the scoreboard, simply by mental agreement.

People who want to sell you “gold” as a protection against the “collapse of the dollar” are hucksters. They don’t want to sell you gold. They want to sell you “shares” in their “gold exchange,” which is the same as a place to trade cabbage patch dolls or pet rocks. They have no physical gold at all, and even if they did, it would not matter.

If this sounds too simplistic to be true, it is because you have been brainwashed all your life to think of money as physical and limited. You are born, live, and die in “The Money Matrix,” along with 99.99 percent of the rest of humanity. The money masters are those who control the Matrix.

We saw above that when the US government “sends me” $1,000, nothing physical moves, since money itself is not physical. Instead, the US government sends electronic instructions to my bank to credit my account by $1,000. That is, the government instructs my bank to change the numbers. Voila: one thousand dollars are created out of thin air, simply by changing the numbers. Likewise, we create points in a sports scoreboard out of thin air, simply by changing the numbers.

Later the US government says I owe $1,000 in taxes. So I send a check to the IRS, which sends back instructions to my bank (BofA) to debit my account by $1,000. My account returns to zero. Where did the 1,000 dollars (i.e. 1,000 points) go to? They went nowhere. The “score” was simply changed. Voila: $1,000 has just been destroyed. It was removed from the US economy.

From this we see that the US government has no need or use for tax revenue, and in fact destroys such revenue upon receipt. In FY 2015 the US government will create $3.6 trillion dollars / points by crediting accounts. $3.6 trillion in hundred-dollar bills laid flat, one on top of the other, would make a stack 2,443 miles high weighing 39,600 tons. (A hundred-dollar bill is .0043 inches thick. A million dollars in hundred-dollar bills weighs 22.026 pounds. You do the math.) Obviously the US government does not send out $3.6 trillion in currency bills. It’s digital.


Less than three percent of the money supply is coins and bills. The other 97 percent is purely digital. And since even the coins and bills are not money (they represent money), all money is digital.

Therefore anyone who says the US government is “broke” is a liar or a brainwashed fool. Politicians (like Obama) are notorious liars. They claim that there is “no money” for social programs that help average people, although there is infinite money for war, for corporate subsidies, and for Wall Street bailouts (since money is not physical).

For the endless wars, the US government creates endless money, calling it “funding for Overseas Contingency Operations.” No one knows how much money this is, but it flows to weapons makers and everyone else that profits from the infinite “war on terror.”

For the US government, the money is infinite because money is not physical. It is as impossible for the US government to be “broke” as it is for a sports scoreboard to be “broke” in points. Just change the numbers!

Don’t get confused by the term “debt-free money.” There has never been “debt free money.” All money is debt. However not all money occurs as loans.

How can this be?

A debt is a claim. If you owe me $100, then I have a claim to $100 worth of your time, or your energy, or your assets, or whatever. If your bank account says you have $100, then you have a claim to $100 worth of the “full faith and credit of the USA.”

That’s why a dollar bill has the words, “Legal tender for all debts, public and private.” A debt does not necessarily denote a loan. If you sell me a car for one dollar, then you are selling to me your ownership claim to that car. In money-speak, a claim is a “debt.”

This is a minor semantic point, but people confuse themselves when they speak of “debt-free money.” What they actually mean is loan-free money, such as the $3.6 trillion the US government will create in FY 2015.


Money is limited for you and me, and for state, county, and municipal governments, and corporations, and euro-zone nations. For all of us, the amount of money coming in must equal or exceed the money going out, or we will go broke and die.

Not so with the US government, which can create infinite money by simply crediting accounts. In one sense the US government has no money at all. (It creates money). In another sense the US government has infinite money. Therefore the US government has absolutely no money problems. How could it? It creates the money that the rest of us use.

And yet, everywhere you go, throughout your entire life, you hear people saying this is not so. Every single day, pundits, professors, and politicians lie to you, claiming that the US government is “broke.” They claim that if you want more social programs, then you must pay higher taxes, even though taxes do not pay for any federal social programs. [As noted above, the US government has no need or use for tax revenue, and in fact destroys such revenue upon receipt. Likewise, a sports scoreboard has no need to tax people to get points. We just change the numbers.]

Let me show you how easily I can use the lies to enslave the planet. I shall use my Bank of America account. I start with zero money. Then, being the US government, I create 900 trillion dollars by simply changing the numbers in my account, thus….


Voila! I have literally created $900 trillion dollars. Next, I distribute that money sparingly, telling everyone that money is limited and “doesn’t grow on trees,” and “there’s no free lunch,” and other such bullshit.

Everyone believes my bullshit, since I can buy all the propaganda services I need. I can buy any weapon, any army, and any politician. Everyone grovels at my feet, begging me for pennies. I scold them, saying they must “learn to live within their means, just like I have to.” I am a god. They are worms. Why? Because they agree to it. They refuse to question my lies. They refuse to ask where my money comes from.

This is the Money Matrix. It is a BIG LIE that is deeper and more pernicious than the holo-hoax. It is the lie that a money creator (the US government) is the same as a money user (you and me).


I created $900 trillion dollars by simply changing the numbers in my bank account. (I credited my account.) In real life, I cannot do this, but the US government can. However the money masters don’t want you to know the US government does that.

Who are these money masters? Who are the purveyors of the BIG LIE? Who are the conspirators?

Answer: anyone who knowingly repeats the BIG LIE for his own gain.

It starts with the richest people in society. They want you to think the US government is “broke,” so that you grovel in poverty, while rich people rule over you as gods.

MEDIA PUNDITS repeat the BIG LIE because rich people own the media outlets, and they will fire any pundit who reveals the truth.

ECONOMICS PROFESSORS repeat the BIG LIE because universities rely on donations from the rich, who will fire any professor who speaks the truth.

POLITICIANS repeat the BIG LIE because they work for the rich, and because they want you to grovel. They want to punish you with austerity, which widens the gap between them and you. Moreover, if any politician tells the truth, then rich people will remove him from office. Treasury officers and assorted federal bureaucrats repeat the BIG LIE for the same reason. Lie and get rich, or tell the truth and get fired. And since no one will care about you if you are fired, why not lie and take the money?

BIG BANK CEOs repeat the BIG LIE because they want you to rely on loans, rather than on money created by the US government. By convincing you that the US government is “broke,” the bankers get away with scams like the student loan nightmare.

AVERAGE PEOPLE repeat the BIG LIE that the government is “broke,” because they want the government to spend money only programs that they approve of. If I hate poor people, then I say the US government is “too broke” to afford Food Stamps. If I hate old people, then I say the US government is “too broke” to afford Social Security. If I hate black people, then I say the US government is “to broke” to afford programs like Head Start. If I hate rich people, then I say the US government is “too broke” to not tax them.

Whatever I personally hate, the US government is “too broke” to subsidize it. Whatever I personally approve of, the government is “right” to subsidize it.

The masses have become so utterly brainwashed that they will attack you if you suggest that the government should create more money, so that all of us can have more money in our pockets.

Thus, the BIG LIE is like the holo-hoax: it continues because it offers something for almost everyone. And just as the holo-hoax excuses Jewish atrocities, so does the BIG LIE justify your poverty, and legitimize the gap between rich and poor.



When defenders of the BIG LIE can no longer get away with falsely claiming that the US government is “broke,” they resort to “Plan B”: they falsely claim that if the US government created more money for social programs (instead of creating infinite money for war and for Wall street bailouts) it would cause “hyper-inflation.” The liars use words like “Zimbabwe” and “Weimar Republic.”

This is nonsense for two reasons. First, hyperinflation happens when people lose all confidence in their government and its monetary system. This loss of confidence can be caused by a war, a natural catastrophe or (in the case of Zimbabwe) a financial attack from abroad. The government can try to compensate for this loss of confidence by creating massive amounts of new money, but it usually doesn’t work. The point is that the emergency money creation is a result (not a cause) of hyperinflation. That is, hyperinflation can happen when there is very little money in circulation, or a lot of money. It doesn’t matter. In any case, the US government and monetary systems show no sign of collapse. Hence there is no risk of hyperinflation. It’s all nonsense designed to protect the BIG LIE.

Second, when a government creates and circulates more money, (as opposed to banks creating more money as loans with a debt load), it stimulates economic activity. (Bank loans with their debt load slow down the economy, but they make bankers rich.) When economic activity rises with the money supply, there is no inflation.

The inflation bogeyman is designed to protect the BIG LIE.



This is another bogeyman designed to maintain the BIG LIE.

The “national debt” is trivial.

When you buy a US Treasury security, a savings account is automatically opened for you at the Federal Reserve.  If you buy a Treasury worth $1,000, then the Fed debits your checking account at your own bank by $1,000, and credits your savings account at the Fed by $1,000.

When the T-security matures, the Fed debits your savings account at the Fed by $1,000, and credits your checking account at your own bank by $1,000 — plus interest. The Fed creates that interest money out of thin air, simply by crediting your checking account. Nothing physical moves. (Money is not physical.) It’s just a changing of numbers, like points on a scoreboard.

The so-called “national debt” is simply the sum total of the amount of US Treasuries that have been purchased. In other words it is the amount of money that people have deposited in their Fed savings accounts, which is currently about $16 trillion. It has no bearing whatsoever on the US federal government’s ability to create the government’s spending money out of thin air. The so-called “national debt” could be $900 trillion and it would make no difference to the US government’s ability to keep creating money, simply by crediting accounts. It’s just a changing of numbers, like points on a scoreboard.

If the Fed wanted to, it could instantly pay off the entire “national debt” by debiting all its savings accounts, and crediting all the checking accounts of everyone who currently has a savings account with the Fed. as I said, all those savings deposits add up to about $16 trillion. And it wouldn’t be inflationary, since that $16 trillion already exists.

Remember how I created $900 trillion above, simply by changing the numbers in my account? If I could do that in real life (like the US government can), would I need to borrow? Would I worry about debt? Would I need to collect taxes? Would I have to “live within my means”? Would I have a “deficit crisis”? No, no, no, no, and no.

The “national debt” bogeyman” is designed to make you submit to less federal government spending on social programs that help YOU as an average American. Thus, Social Security is supposedly “insolvent” (yet another lie), but the Pentagon is never “insolvent.” Nothing in Washington is ever “insolvent.” Even amid the 1930s depression, no government office was “insolvent.” The only things said to be “insolvent” are things that help YOU, like Social security or Medicare or Food Stamps.

It’s all lies, designed to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. The FICA tax does not pay for social security or Medicare. It is designed to keep you impoverished. No taxes pay for any federal programs. People who make more than $116,700 a year don’t even pay any FICA tax.

More bogeymen include the “deficit crisis,” and the call for a “balanced budget.” I will explain why these are bogeymen if asked.

Shall we tax corporations? That would simply destroy money. It would take money out of the economy. Instead of that, why not increase government spending into the real economy — i.e. into Main Street?  Instead of trying to bring the rich down (which will never happen) why not bring everyone else up?

There is more I want to say. I want to give you more proof.  However this post is lengthy, and  I don’t know if anyone is interested. Therefore  I will cut it off here. I also wanted to show some example of how the media lies, but I can do so down below in the comments section.

Ask questions if you wish, so that I may explain more.

If you can understand what I am saying here, then you will understand more about economics than 99.99999% of the people out there, including the so-called “experts.



THE BIG LIE about money is even more pervasive than the holo-hoax. It has brainwashed men and women, liberals and conservatives, capitalists and communists, warmongers and pacifists — even average Jews. It has brainwashed economics professors and “financial gurus.”

The truth is known to the money masters, plus top bankers, and some politicians. The IMF and World Bank use this lie to enslave much of the planet. The 1% use it to enslave the 99%. It is a case of the “emperor’s new clothes.” Children understand it easier than adults.

Because of this lie, tens of thousands of Americans needlessly die each year. Therefore I beg you to pass on the truth to others.



This is an addendum to my previous post about money.

If you can follow what I say here, then you will know more about economics than 99.99% of people, including the “financial experts.”


Every one of the following statements is a lie. The purpose of this post (and the previous one) is to explain why.

These lies form the “money matrix.” The purpose of the matrix is to maintain and widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

Social Security is “insolvent”

The U.S. government is “broke” and “bankrupt” and “in debt.”

The U.S. government needs tax revenue

The U.S. government needs to “make a profit” and “save money”

The U.S. government has a “national debt crisis.”

The U.S. government can’t spend money it doesn’t have

The U.S. government needs a “balanced budget,” and must “live within its means.”

The U.S. government cannot afford entitlement programs.

The US government has “no money” for single payer health care

The U.S. government’s spending is “out of control”

“Fiscal responsibility requires deficit reduction.” (This is the exact opposite of the truth.)

“Fiscal responsibility requires a low deficit-to-GDP ratio.” (For the euro-zone this is true. For the USA it is meaningless.)

We must raise federal taxes in order to pay for federal social programs.

“Taxpayer dollars pay for the federal government”


I explained why in the previous post, but let’s go over it again. Unfortunately this review material is a bit dry, which can’t be avoided.

In the earlier post we saw that there are three ways that money enters into any economy…

[1] A NET TRADE SURPLUS. (i.e. money coming in from abroad via the sale of exports to foreigners).

This does not apply to the U.S.A, since the U.S.A has a trade deficit. Each day, 365 days a year, about $1 billion more dollars flow out of the U.S.A than flow in from abroad.  The top ten destinations of U.S. dollars (in this order) are China (19.7% of outflowing dollars), Canada (14.5%) Mexico (12.1%), Japan (6.1%) Germany (5%) South Korea (2.8%) Saudi Arabia (2.3%) UK (2.3%) Russia (1.2%) and Brazil (1.2%).  These are the top ten countries the U.S.A buys most imports from.

For most nations, a huge trade deficit is a problem, but not for the USA, which has the world’s biggest trade deficit.  That’s because the U.S. government creates dollars out of thin air, and those dollars are accepted all over the world. Each day, every day, about $197 million dollars flow from the USA to China, because Americans buy Chinese goods. This is no problem for the USA, since the U.S. government creates more dollars as easily as changing the digital points on an electronic scoreboard.


The second way that money enters an economy is when banks make loans. As we saw in the previous post, banks create loan money out of thin air, simply by crediting your account ( changing the numbers in your account – just like changing the points on a sports scoreboard).

Loan money is destroyed when you pay back the loan, and you zero-out your account.

For example, a bank can create $100,000 out of thin air, and lend it to you as a mortgage. At the end of 30 years, you will have paid back $300,000. Of that, $100,000 will be destroyed by the act of paying back the loan, and the remaining $200,000 will be profit for the bank.

Many people falsely think that all money in the U.S. economy exists as bank loans. They forget about foreign trade balances and government money-creation.

Granted, far too much money does enter the U.S. economy as loans. That is why everyone is in debt to private banksters. Moreover, nations that use the euro can no longer create their own money out of thin air. They surrendered that power to the Troika. They must borrow all their money, or else they must (like Germany) rely on a huge trade surplus. If they do not have a trade surplus, then they are doomed.

Many people think I am taking Jews out of the equation. That is not true. Most  — BUT NOT ALL — of the dollars in the U.S. money supply consist of loans from banks that are owned or controlled by Jews. That’s why we are in debt to Jews.

However the U.S. government also creates and distributes money, and NOT AS LOANS. For example, a Social Security benefit payment is not a loan. A billion dollar government contract for a weapons system is not a loan. This money is not borrowed from the Fed, from China, or from anyone else. It is created out of thin air, simply by crediting accounts. We simply change the numbers.


The U.S. government is monetarily sovereign. It has the infinite ability to create its sovereign currency out of thin air, plus the ability to set the value of that currency. For fiscal year 2015 the U.S. government will create $3.6 trillion out of thin air. That money will be added, interest-free, to the U.S. economy. It includes $229 billion in interest that the Federal Reserve will create out of thin air and pay to the holders of Fed savings accounts (including China).

However, during FY 2015, the U.S. government will also tax $3.021 trillion back out of the U.S. economy via federal taxes.

That leaves a net $579 billion added to the U.S. economy, of which $350 will be sucked out via the U.S. trade deficit. Therefore, for FY 2015, only about $229 billion will be added to the U.S. economy. That is a net $715 dollars for each man, woman and child in the USA. Anything extra added to the economy will occur as bank loans, or various forms of credit. It will be DEBT.

Therefore the reason why the USA remains stuck in a permanent depression is that the U.S. government is creating far too little money. Politicians want less government spending on social programs, because less spending means a wider gap between the rich and the rest. Less spending will also make you rely on bank loans, so that you remain a debt slave.

For example, education and health care should be free, since the U.S. government can create limitless money. However you are falsely told that the U.S. government is “broke,” and there is “no money” for you, even though there is infinite money for the wars, and for Wall Street bailouts. Money is infinite because it is not physical.

Each year tens of thousands of Americans die because they are falsely told there is “no money” to pay for drugs and medical procedures that would save their lives. We value the BIG LIE even more than we value our own survival. The thought of breaking out of the money matrix scares most people more than death.


Each year the U.S. Congress decides how much money the U.S. government will create (out of thin air) for the following fiscal year. The U.S. government’s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

It starts in the spring with the President proposing a “budget” to the U.S. congress. I put “budget” in scare quotes, because “budget” usually refers to an entity that has limited finances, unlike the US government.

The President’s proposed budget covers about 2,000 pages. The Government Printing Office in Washington prints about 25,000 copies, and sends one to every member of Congress, plus all federal agencies and libraries across the country. (The government is trying to print less, and make the budget available online.)


If you want to buy a hard copy, it will cost you $39.00. As part of the Budget, there is also a “Budget Appendix” for sale ($76.00), “Analytical Perspectives” ($53.00), “Historical Tables” ($50.00) and a CD-ROM ($27.00).

For Fiscal Year 2011, the Government Printing Office collected $821 million in revenues from the sale of the Budget and other printed items. All of that money was destroyed, since the US government does not need or use any kind of revenues.

Each year when the President submits a new budget proposal, the corporate media shows pictures of the hard copies being delivered, because it is Christmas in Washington. Everybody is excited, and is eager to see what Santa Claus proposes to create out of thin air for each person’s own office or agency. Weapons makers and everyone else who lives on federal dollars want to see what’s in Santa’s package for them.

On 2 Feb 2015 Obama delivered his proposed Budget for FY 2016, which will begin this year on 1 Oct 2015. Congress will spend the next seven months haggling over who will get Santa’s loot that will be created out of thin air.

Meanwhile the corporate media outlets will continue lying to you, saying that the U.S. government’s infinite money is finite, and therefore we must be cautious how we divide up this limitless money.

Here is roughly how a Federal budget breaks down…



The Budget shows how much money Obama proposes that the US government should create out of thin air, and how much Obama proposes that the US government should tax from the economy and destroy.

Let’s see what Obama proposes…

[1] Obama wants to raise an additional $208 billion over 10 years by increasing the tax rate on capital gains and closing the “trust fund loophole.” Obama also wants a new fee on corporate financial institutions would raise $112 billion over 10 years. Obama says that increased tax revenues would be used to fund increased spending on defense and non-defense, as well as additional deficit reduction over the next ten years.

Why this is bad…

Huh? Taxing the rich is bad? How can that be? First of all, the rich do not pay taxes, and even if they did, federal taxes destroy money. That is, federal taxes remove money from the U.S. economy. Remember in the last post we explained why the U.S. government does not need or use tax revenue, and actually destroys it upon receipt. It is exactly like changing the points on a scoreboard to zero. Where did the points (dollars) go? Nowhere. The points (like dollars) were never physical. They are mental constructs. Hence they are infinite. And when they are changed to zero, they are destroyed. So it is with federal taxes.

Will taxing the rich put one penny in YOUR pocket? No. There is no “Robin Hood,” in the US federal budget, any more than  a Robin Hood is needed to take non-physical points from one sports scoreboard and give those points to another scoreboard.

If the U.S. government wanted to give more money to you, then the U.S. government would spend more, and make sure the money reaches you. Taxing the rich does nothing to help you. NOTHING.

Even worse, rhetoric about taxing the rich maintains the BIG LIE that the U.S. government’s infinite money is finite, and therefore the U.S. government needs tax revenue. Obama falsely claims that we must tax people in order to create more money out of thin air. This lie is absurd, but we hear it every day.

Obama also falsely claims that we must reduce the U.S. government’s deficit. That is, we must reduce the amount of money that the U.S. government creates out of thin air.

Since, statistically, government spending helps average people more than it helps the rich, this is a recipe for increasing the gap between the rich and the rest.  It is typical Obama. He pretends to care for the poor, but he works strictly for the rich (who will not pay any new taxes anyway).

[2] Obama wants to increase education funding by five percent over 2015 levels, to $70.7 billion.

Why this is good…

Any creation of money is good for all of us, provided the money is spread around fairly.

[3] Obama wants to increase funding for Social Security by as much as $10 billion per year by closing loopholes that allow wealthy individuals to avoid paying Medicare and Social Security payroll taxes.

Why this is bad…

Again, rhetoric about “taxing the rich” helps to maintain the BIG LIE that the U.S. government’s money is finite, and therefore the U.S. government needs tax revenue. Hence politicians falsely claim that there is “no money” for social programs that average people need.

The government creates money for Medicare or Social Security out of thin air. The FICA tax does not pay for these. It pays for nothing. The Social Security “trust fund” does not exist. It is an accounting convenience. It is not a real repository of dollars. (Social Security dollars are created the minute your bank follows the government’s order to credit your account by the amount of benefit.)

The FICA tax should be eliminated. (Actually all federal taxes should be eliminated, since they mostly hurt the lower classes. The only corporations that pay taxes are small businesses that cannot write off enough income. ) The FICA tax robs working Americans of over a trillion dollars each year. That money is removed from the U.S. economy and destroyed. Obama wants to remove and destroy another $10 billion.

In any case, the rich do not get their money from wages. Hence they pay no FICA taxes anyway. Hence Obama’s proposal is no help for us.

[4] Obama wants to create $7.4 billion in clean energy technologies, and create $4 billion over ten years for a Clean Power State Incentive Fund to help states exceed planned reductions in carbon emissions. Obama also wants to create 478 billion in infrastructure improvements to roads and bridges.

Why this is good…

Any creation of money is good for all of us, provided the money is distributed fairly.

[5] Obama wants to reduce the U.S. government’s budget deficit from its current $538 billion to
$474 billion for FY 2016. He also wants to reduce the deficit by another $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction over 10 years.

Why this is catastrophic…

Since the U.S. government creates its money out of thin air, the U.S. government does not need an “income.” Nor does it need to borrow. Nor does it need tax revenue. It does not need to “save money” or “make a profit” or “live within its means” or “balance its budget.”

A budget deficit means the U.S. government creates more money than it destroys via taxes. The smaller the deficit, the less money the government creates, and / or the more money the U.S. government destroys via federal taxes. A smaller deficit means no social programs for you. It also means debt slavery for you, since it forces you to rely on loans. 

Rich people want a smaller federal deficit, and they bribe politicians to push for less money creation for social programs. Why? Because a smaller deficit means a wider gap between the rich and the rest.

On the other hand, politicians push the U.S. government to create more money (out of thin air) for wars and for the Pentagon. Why? Is it to maintain imperialism? Yes, but there is an additional factor. When the U.S. government creates $800 billion for Social Security, none of that money goes into politicians’ pockets. The money stays with individual beneficiaries of Social Security. But when the U.S. government creates $100 billion for a weapons system, and gives it to a military contractor, the contractor kicks some of that cash back to the politicians who authorized the $100 billion.

Therefore, when politicians call for “deficit reduction,” they mean less money created for social programs, and more money created for war, for weapons makers, and for Wall Street bailouts.


If you understand what is said here (and in the previous post) then you will see why all those initial statements (above) are lies.

The money masters know that they are lies. So do most politicians. Now you know it too. If you have doubts or questions, please comment below.

Most people are so brainwashed that they resist these truths even more than they resist the truth about the holo-hoax, about 9-11, about National Socialist Germany, and so on. Hence they remain slaves.




In my previous two posts (“Truth About Money”) we saw how the U.S. government creates money out of thin air, simply by crediting accounts. It’s exactly like changing the numbers on a sports scoreboard. (Not similar or analogous, but exactly.) Because this is how money works, the US government has no need or use for tax revenue, and in fact destroys such revenue upon receipt, just as points are destroyed when we “lower” the numbers on a scoreboard.

We also learned that rich people don’t want us to know this. They and their puppets (i.e. pundits, professors, and politicians), want us to think the U.S. government is “broke” and “in debt,” so that they can keep us in poverty and debt-slavery. This is necessary in order to continually widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

I explained that anyone who says the U.S. government is “broke” or  has a “debt crisis” is a purveyor of a BIG LIE that is far more destructive and deeply engrained than even the holo-hoax.™

There is plenty of money for us to do whatever we want to do, since money is not physical. Money is a mental construct. A dollar is like a point in a scoreboard. It is an  unit of account.  Thus, we can do anything. Cure diseases, feed the hungry, house the homeless, clean the environment, develop energy, explore the stars – whatever you can think of, there is enough money to do it.  Anyone who denies this is a liar or a fool.

Here in this post we will see what happened when the government experimented with giving free money to people. The results were exactly the opposite of what rich people, politicians, economists and hate-filled evangelicals claim. They were the opposite what of our own lifelong brainwashing would lead us to expect.

Politicians did this experiment a few years ago, and they were terrified by the results. The slaves became free! They became happy! They were no longer slaves! What if this “evil” were to spread?

Therefore politicians buried the evidence and concocted the BIG LIE that the federal government is “broke.”

This is not a rumor or “conspiracy theory.” It is all documented, and the proof fills 2,000 boxes in a warehouse in Winnipeg Canada. I will give a web link at bottom.


From 1974 to 1978, one thousand of the poorest families in the town of Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada (population 10,000) were given Social Security checks for free (using money created out of thin air). The program was called “Mincome” (“guaranteed minimum income”).

Unlike welfare, which only certain individuals qualify for, the cash was given to everyone below the official poverty line, which was $3,386 Canadian dollars per year, or $4,907 for a family of two. (Equivalent to $16,600 and $21,000 Canadian dollars today). Every individual got the same amount.

During those four years the Canadian government created 17 million Canadian dollars out of thin air and dispensed them. The government also sent an army of researchers to Dauphin to analyze the experiment in exhaustive detail, and they filled 2,000 boxes with pages of statistical data. The government researchers did all kinds of studies. They also compared Dauphin, Canada, with other towns that did not receive the free money.

The results, after four years…?

Only two segments of Dauphin’s labor force worked less as a result of Mincome: teenagers, and mothers with newborns. Teenagers worked less because they weren’t under as much pressure to support their families. Therefore, more teenagers graduated from school. Those who continued to work were given more opportunities to choose what type of work they did. The other group, mothers with newborns, temporarily stopped working so they could care for their infant babies.

“Mincome” was basically a Social Security check, and it caused workers to be empowered. People did not have to take the first horrible job they found. They could walk off their jobs if employers tried to exploit them.  And they found it easy to secure a new job, since they were not desperate. (It is easier to find a job when you have an income than when you are unemployed.)

Since the workers continued to collect their monthly Mincome checks, even when working, they took pleasure from their jobs. (One source says they had their Mincome supplement reduced by 50 cents for every dollar they earned by working.)

They became ambitious. They took entrepreneurial chances, knowing they would still be okay if their gambles did not pay off.  They did not have to scramble to make their rent payments at home. Indeed, if their landlords became abusive, the tenants simply moved.

Poverty was eliminated.

Single mothers could afford to put their kids through school, and buy them schoolbooks.

The rates of crime, substance abuse, domestic violence, and hospital visits all dropped.

Everyone felt like a human being. The community of Dauphin became sane.

It was all real, all fact, and all documented. “Minsome” was a roaring success.


In 1978 Canada suffered a nationwide period of “stagflation,” in which unemployment and prices rose dramatically.  Stagflation caused recession prices to increase 10 per cent each year, and payouts to families under Mincome increased accordingly.

This gave ammunition to the liars, who falsely claimed that “we can’t spend money we don’t have.” The liars mounted a propaganda campaign that portrayed the people of Dauphin as “freeloaders” and “parasites” who are “stealing your tax money.”

The Canadian masses bought these lies, and Pierre Trudeau’s Liberals, already on the defensive for an overhaul of Canada’s employment insurance system, killed the Mincome program and withheld any additional money to analyze the data that had been amassed. All studies and documents were warehoused and forgotten, with no final report ever being released. That was 37 years ago.

Now, independent researchers have analyzed it. (Link at bottom.) Below is the location of Dauphin Manitoba.


I often say that the worst lies continue because they offer something for almost everyone. For example, the holo-hoax™ benefits many people, not only Jews. It’s the same with the BIG LIE that the federal government is “broke.” Just as almost everyone has a stake in the holo-hoax,™ so almost everyone has a stake in the Big Lie that the federal government is “broke” – even though the lie keeps almost everyone impoverished and enslaved.

For example, if the US or Canadian government started a nationwide “Mincome” program (essentially widening Social Security to cover everyone, using money created out of thin air), then some government social workers might lose their jobs. Hence, social workers are amiong those who falsely claim that “the government is broke.”

Leilani Farha is executive director of Canada Without Poverty, and is acting United Nations special rapporteur on adequate housing. Since Ms. Farha fears that a minimum guaranteed income might cause her job to be eliminated, she selfishly condemns the idea, using absolute bullshit.

“I’m not convinced it’s a silver bullet,” she says. “It’s not just about money. Poverty is also about stigmatization and discrimination. Basic income is not going to address that. No single policy will address that. The problem is that nothing is going on. There’s no leadership on these issues.”

Did you catch that? Poor people suffer discrimination because they don’t have any money. Therefore we must not give them any money! Ms. Farha wants to keep them poor and discriminated against, because she “cares.” No doubt she would end Medicare and Social Security if she could, because she “cares.” (The only thing she cares about is her own status and privileges.)

Incidentally, no one ever claimed that “Mincom” was a “silver bullet.” It was simply a basic guaranteed income, like Social Security.

Here’s another line of bullshit. Some people condemn “Mincome” on the grounds that the “best social policy is a job.” For these lying bastards, even a dangerous minimum-wage shit job in an awful sweatshop is supposedly better than simply giving people money, so that people can find decent jobs, or create their own jobs.


When you brainwash the masses into falsely believing that their taxes pay for the federal government, the masses believe that their tax dollars are “stolen” by other people. Thus, the masses don’t want any program like “Mincom.” (The masses accept Social Security, because they falsely believe that they paid into a mythical “trust fund.”)

The average American is imprisoned by his cruelty, his selfishness, and his stupidity.  He hates the idea of anyone (besides himself) getting money for free, even though Wall Street fraudsters collect free trillions in government bailouts. For the average American, the only people who deserve a “free lunch” are himself and rich people, since only himself and rich people “earn it.” Only himself and rich people are “makers.” Everyone else is a “taker.”

The average American in his hatred and selfishness looks for any bullshit means to claim that a basic guaranteed income “won’t work.” He spitefully claims that if people were given a minimum guaranteed income, they would sit around doing nothing.
(In reality, most people hate to sit around doing nothing. In prison, work is a privilege that must be earned. Likewise, elderly recipients of Social Security volunteer their time. They enjoy contributing, as long as they don’t have to worry about having enough money to eat.)
True, some people would indeed sit around, but so what? The money they spend (which is created out of thin air) would be passed on to others. Besides, with our current state of technology, there is no need for every citizen to work anyway.

“Mincome” helps everyone. Suppose you ran a small business. Wouldn’t you want everyone to have enough money to buy your goods or services? Suppose you owned a restaurant. Wouldn’t you want low income people to buy your food, rather than go to soup kitchens?


But no, the average American can’t see this, because he is resentful and childish. He imagines that poverty is caused by laziness. Since he chooses to remain trapped in a horrible job, it is “only fair” that others are also trapped. Of course, no one would be trapped if everyone had a guaranteed minimum income, but that would be horrible, since everyone would be happy. No, it is better for everyone to be slaves.

The average American chooses to be miserable, and he wants everyone else to be miserable. He hates himself, his life, and his neighbors. He hates any suggestion that we are all in this together. He hates the idea of relieving stress, and putting people back into our communities. He clings to petty differences in class, labor, and income. He thinks it is right that people work senseless jobs for peanut wages. He says a guaranteed minimum income would  be a “handout,” not an investment. He says that relieving suffering would be “fiscally irresponsible.” He believes that Jews are saints, and that poverty is God’s punishment for “laziness.” He believes that Jesus praised the money lenders, and cursed the poor. Above all, he dismisses the truth about money.

Because of these hateful attitudes, average Americans are SLAVES.

So you see, the people are fault are not only rich people and their puppet politicians like those we saw above. Too many average people play the game too.

A Basic Income Guarantee would transform mankind. We would become genuinely free.
We already have such a program in Social Security. We only need to expand it to cover everyone.

Naturally the rich and their servants fight this. They like their privileges, and they like to watch you suffer. And the masses themselves like to suffer. Instead of a Basic Income Guarantee, the average American would rather have nothing, just so he can know that others have nothing.


Your moral character dictates your mentality. If you are a hateful selfish creep, then you will use your mind to rationalize your hateful selfish attitude. You will twist everything to “justify” your spite. You will edit reality, only paying attention to what “proves” that your views are correct.
Thus, people who reject the truth about money, and who scorn the idea of “Mincome,” do not have a failure of intellect. They have a failure of character. Ultimately that is why they are slaves.

Let’s get the word “utopian” out of our heads and realize that things won’t be perfect, but things could definitely be a lot better.


The “Mincom” experiment was forgotten for over 30 years, but in 2011 Dr. Evelyn Forget of the University of Manitoba found those 2,000 boxes of data, and has been analyzing them ever since. I first heard about her in 2011, when I came across the blog post below.

If you Google the word “Mincome” you will get many hits, but they all say basically the same thing as the item above. Even Wikipedia has an entry on it.

There is also a 22-minute video on Vimeo in which Dr. Forget discusses her work, and gives more reasons why a Basic Income Guarantee is a good thing. For instance, she notes that a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) is an idea founded on respect for individuals. That is, founded on the trust that the best person to judge what is best for each individual is the individual, and not some bureaucracy.  Thus, the idea is to simply give people a BIG, and get out of the way.

Dr. Forget  notes that the usual welfare programs (and the tax system) punish you financially if you try to get off welfare and improve your life. A Basic Income Guarantee (BIG) does not punish you.

The usual welfare programs are unfair: they treat people differently depending on which welfare scheme they fall into.

The usual welfare programs ignore the working poor and the self-employed (who get no benefits.)

The BIG also recognizes that some people will not, for a variety of reasons, earn a livable wage in the labor market.




You don’t believe the holo-hoax lies, or 9-11 lies. So why do you believe these lies?



Just now I Googled the words “national debt,” and I got millions of responses, almost all of which claim that the US government has a “debt crisis.”

All the financial magazines say the same thing. Forbes, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, The Economist, every one of them. So do all the corporate media outlets.

They are all LYING, just as they are all lying about the holo-hoax,™ except that this lie is even more ubiquitous, and much more damaging to you.

If you read the financial pages a often as I do, you’d know that these lies are repeated ten times more often than the holo-hoax is repeated in the regular outlets.

Pundits, professors, and politicians falsely claim that the U.S. government has a “debt crisis” in order to make you believe there is “no money” for social programs like Social Security, or for national infrastructure repair, or for anything else that helps average people. By falsely claiming there is “no money,” the liars impoverish you, so they can widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

Yes folks, every one of them are lying. And they get away with it the same way they get away with the holo-hoax lie: by repetition, and by making you want to believe their lies.

Just as average Americans like to believe the holo-hoax lie, they like to believe the “US-government-is-broke” lie. It lets them condemn whatever they personally don’t like.

Right wingers say the US government is “broke” so that they can attack Social Security, or Medicare, or Food Stamps, or whatever else they don’t like

Left wingers say the US government is “broke” so they can attack military spending, or whatever else they don’t like.

Either way, the “government-is-broke” lie means less money for you, and more for the rich. That’s the purpose of the lie. That’s what it’s all about.


The lies compound on each other. A Bloomberg article claims that the USA is at the mercy of the Chinese, who (according to Bloomberg) create the dollars necessary to keep the US government afloat. The article claims that if the Chinese suddenly stopped lending us dollars, then the USA would be forced to default. Therefore we must cut social programs that help average people.

Again, it’s all lies.

As I proved in earlier installments in this series (“The Truth About Money”) the US government creates dollars out of thin air, simply by crediting accounts. It’s like adding points to a scoreboard. The government simply changes the numbers. The sovereign issuer of the US dollar—the US government—can never run out of dollars, any more than a scoreboard can run out of points.

Where do you think China gets its dollars in the first place?  Every single dollar comes from the USA. Dollars may come back to us from China, but dollars must always go out from the USA first. Therefore how can the US government be “in debt” to China? If you could create dollars out of thin air, would you need to borrow dollars from anyone? No, but the liars don’t want you to realize that.

Each month, China sends good to the USA. And each month, 26.7 billion dollars flow from the USA to China (although those dollars are not physical; they are digital notations). Those 26.7 billion dollars a month end up at the Bank of China. The Bank of China wants to earn interest on those dollars. And it wants the interest payable in dollars, since dollars are good worldwide. Therefore the Bank of China converts its dollars into US Treasury securities (i.e. the Bank of China buys Treasury securities).

To do this, the Bank of China opens a checking account at the Federal Reserve. The account can only be denominated in US dollars. When the Bank of China buys a Treasury security worth $10,000, the Fed debits the Bank of China’s checking account at the Fed by USD $10,000, and credits the Bank of China’s savings account at the Fed by USD $10,000.

When a T-security matures, the Fed does the reverse. It debits the Bank of China’s savings account at the Fed by $10,000, and credits the Bank of China’s checking account by $10,000, plus interest.

Where do the extra dollars come from to pay interest? The Fed creates those dollars out of thin air, just like the US government does. If the Fed sends your $10,000 back to your checking account, plus $1,000 in interest, then the $10,000 already existed. The extra $1,000 is new money the Fed created out of thin air, simply by changing the numbers.

For fiscal year 2015 the Fed will create 133.7 billion new US dollars out of thin air as interest on Treasuries (i.e. interest on Fed savings accounts). That’s USD $101,746 created every second, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, paid as interest on Fed savings accounts. It sounds like a lot, but it’s all digital (non-physical). Besides, the US government creates 27 times that every second, 365 days a year, for everything from Social Security to the endless wars. It’s all non-physical numbers, like points on a scoreboard. And the dollars created and spent by the US government have nothing to do with Fed savings accounts (i.e. the so-called “national debt.”) The savings accounts could be zero, or they could be 900 trillion, and it would make no difference to the US government’s ability to create dollars.

The so-called “national debt” is simply the total amount of dollars that are on deposit at Fed savings accounts. All those dollars came from the USA, although some of them went from here to China first. Since the Fed must give back the money when a Treasury security matures, the dollars in each savings account at the Fed are said to be “on loan.”

Therefore the liars are able to call those dollars a “national debt,” and use this lie as an excuse to cut your social programs, and give more dollars to the rich.

For spending purposes the US government does not borrow dollars from China. NOT ONE PENNY.  On the contrary, China gets all its dollars from the USA, which creates dollars out of thin air. Therefore if the US government wanted to, it could order the Fed to pay off the entire “national debt” at any time, simply by debiting all the savings accounts at the Fed, and crediting all the checking accounts. Voila: the “national debt” would be zero. And there would be no net increase in the money supply, since the money had already existed in Fed savings accounts.

Greece lives on a credit card, but the USA does not. If you could create money out of thin air, would you have any use for a credit card? No. Greece can no longer create money out of thin air. Greece stupidly gave that power to the Troika, which is the master of the Greek credit card. The liars want you to think the USA is the same as Greece, so that you accept more poverty and inequality.

The liars say we would be doomed if China suddenly “dumped its Treasuries.” This is more nonsense. Why would China close its savings accounts (currently about $1.32 trillion dollars) and cease earning interest? Would China then buy Greek bonds? US Treasuries are the safest investments in the world, since the US government creates dollars out of thin air, and dollars are good worldwide.

Or maybe China could convert its US dollar holdings into euros. This would gain them nothing. The euro-zone is unstable, and besides, such a conversion would devalue the dollar, which would hurt China’s exports to the USA. Furthermore China already collects 102 billion euros per year by exporting to Europe.

In addition to the $1.32 trillion US dollars that China got from the USA, and has deposited in Fed savings accounts, China also has $1.9 trillion US dollars deposited in various banks around the world, plus another USD $1.9 trillion worth of other currencies (euros, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and so on).

Could China use its dollars to buy massive assets in the USA? No, because the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) regulates what US assets can be bought by foreigners. The CFIUS  is chaired by the US Treasury, and includes representatives from 16 U.S. departments and agencies, including the Defense, State, and Commerce departments, plus the DHS.

CFIUS was established by President Gerald Ford’s Executive Order 11858 in 1975, when the USA’s net trade surplus became a permanent net trade deficit. If China or any other foreign agent wants to buy any U.S. asset, the CFIUS can (and often does) checkmate the sale if the CFIUS thinks the sale would imperil the USA in any way.  In 2005 China wanted to buy Unocal Oil for $18.5 billion, but the CFIUS said no.

No folks, China does not “own” us. China could never hold us hostage. China and the rest of the world are users of the dollar. Meanwhile the US government is the creator.  The users can never overpower the creator.

However the liars don’t want you to realize this. They want you to think that China is the creator of dollars.

Note their choice of words. Financial blogs claim that “China is buying US debt,” or “China owns US debt.” This falsely implies that the US government can no longer create its own currency out of thin air. The blogs constantly talk about the US government’s “debt load” and its “reckless borrowing.”

It’s all lies and nonsense. The “debt” they speak of is simply the Fed savings accounts. It is simply T-securities. The Treasury sells them (via the Fed) by choice, not by necessity, and the sale has no effect on the economy, or the US government’s ability to create money.

If you could create limitless money out of thin air, like the US government does, then you might have “debts,” but you could never have a “debt crisis.” Your “debts” would simply be promises to create more dollars (out of thin air) at an agreed-to time.

Another lie is that we are “indebting out children” The purpose of this lie, always, is to cut social programs in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. No individual will ever have to pay back a single penny on the so-called “national debt.” No American will ever have to come up with the money that is already in Fed savings accounts, or come up with the money to pay the interest.

The USA does indeed have a debt crisis, but it is not the so-called “national debt,” which is trivial, and is a “public debt.” The real debt crisis is in private debt, such as school loans.

But the liars don’t want you to realize that. The liars focus on the trivial public debt, while they ignore the horrendous private debt. They want you to feel guilty for having a “national debt” which is trivial, and which you will never have to pay on. If you falsely think that you owe $100,000 on the “national debt,” then you will be more willing to pay $30,000 in a school loan.

It’s all designed to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. That’s what it’s all about. That’s the only thing it is about.


This is a crucial number for euro-zone nations, since they can no longer create their own money out of thin air. They surrendered that power to the Troika. If they have trade deficits (like Greece, France, or Portugal) then they must borrow all their money. That means they must go forever deeper into debt, and have forever worse and worse austerity. Thus their debt-to-GDP ratio is very important.

However the debt-to-GDP ratio is utterly meaningless for the USA. The amount of money in Federal Reserve savings accounts has no relation to the USA’s GDP. How could it? The US government creates its money out of thin air.

And yet, you hear this meaningless “U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio” mentioned every day.



When an entity has more money flowing out than coming in, the entity has a budget deficit, which will lead to bankruptcy. However this cannot happen with the US government, since the government creates its money out of thin air.

The liars don’t want you to realize this. They want you to think that a money creator (the US government) is the same as a money user (e.g. you, me, corporations, states, and so on).

Therefore the liars constantly call for deficit reduction (i.e. austerity in the USA). They say we must have a “balanced budget.” They say this because, statistically speaking, federally created dollars benefit the middle and lower classes more than they benefit the rich. With deficit reduction, the US government creates less money for social programs. This makes you poorer, and forces you to seek loans, making you a debt slave of the bankers.

Most Americans  call for deficit reduction, which can only make the current depression permanent. FOR THE US GOVERNMENT THERE IS ONLY ONE PURPOSE FOR DEFICIT REDUCTION, AND THAT IS TO WIDEN THE GAP BETWEEN THE RICH AND THE REST. 



Politicians use this gimmick to impoverish you. Every spring the US President proposes a federal government budget. That is, the President proposes how much money the US government will create out of thin air, and who should get all that loot, and how much money the government should claw back and destroy as taxes.

Then the Congress haggles over the President’s proposed budget (“I’ll let your state have fifty billion dollars to build a new aircraft carrier, if you let my state have 50 billion dollars to build more fighter aircraft.”) When everyone agrees to the budget, and how much money will be created, debt-free, the congress then votes on whether to raise the “debt ceiling.”

This means the Congress votes yes or no on whether to let the Fed keep creating money out of thin air to pay the interest on the savings accounts at the Fed. These savings accounts are misleadingly called the “national debt.”

What do Fed savings accounts have to do with the federal budget?

Because of obscure and obsolete federal laws dating from when the USA was still on a “gold standard” (i.e. before 15 Aug 1971), each year the US Treasury must create enough savings deposits at the Fed (i.e. sell enough T-securities) to equal the deficit dollars in the federal budget. If the Fed cannot find enough people to open new saving accounts, then the Fed itself “buys” the necessary T-securities. This is a bunch of chicanery and accounting sleight of hand that means nothing.

But if Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on a budget, then one side or the other (almost always Republicans) refuses to vote on whether to “raise the debt ceiling” (i.e. whether to allow the Fed to buy more T-securities, and keep paying interest on the T-securities the Fed has already sold).

The purpose of this refusal to vote is to hold the federal budget hostage until the Republicans get what they want, which is more goodies for the rich, and less for you.

The blogs and the corporate media buzz about this, warning of a “government shutdown, and the end of the world. It’s all bullshit. While the Congress argues, the Treasury Secretary keeps things going by what he calls “extraordinary means.” That is, the secretary continues to create money out of thin air like always. Nothing skips a beat, unless the Treasury secretary wants it to, in order to make the Congress stop bickering.

Why not do away with this stupid “debt ceiling” charade? Why not simply agree to a budget, and let the so-called “debt ceiling” rise automatically, as occurs in every other country? Why have a stupid vote on it? Actually in 1979 when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, they passed the “Gephardt rule,” which deemed the so called “debt ceiling” to be automatically raised when the budget was passed. With this, the Congress no longer voted on “raising the debt ceiling,” and for sixteen years we were free of this ridiculous “debt ceiling” bullshit.

But in 1995 the Republicans regained control of both houses of Congress, and they repealed the Gephardt Rule. They brought back the “debt ceiling” charade, because this is the only sure way that Republicans can get all the cash they want for their rich friends.

I shall cut it off here, folks. If you have questions, or need clarification, please let me know below. Thanks.


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    Oh, so then, there’s nothing to worry about? This will go on for ever? What a relief! No dollar crash. No depression. The SS checks will keep arriving. Gold will never increase in value. I guess China, India, Russia, and all the other countries who are trading dollars for Gold are crazy. They’re amassing huge caches of Gold for no reason. The almighty Dollar will survive into perpetuity.
    Not worth the paper it’s printed on, but of everlasting value. And the rest of the world is happy living under this system and will tolerate it forever. BRICS is just a pipe dream.

    Whew, I used to be worried.
    Thank you for your puerile comment. There will be no dollar crash unless the US government crashes. Yes there will be a depression, and we are already in one. It is by design. The value of gold is determined by gold traders. China, India, Russia, and so on are NOT trading dollars for gold. Some of them are collecting gold for complex reasons, but as I explained earlier in this series, it is monetary systems that give monetary value to gold, and not the reverse. As far as the dollar not worth the paper it’s printed on, please give all your worthless dollars to me. And I don’t know WTF you mean by referring to the BRICS nations. They too are plutocracies. (Have you ever lived in one of them? I lived in India for 2.5 years.) They too are imposing neo-liberalism and gratuitous austerity on their citizenry, in order to maintain an ever-widening gap between the rich and the rest.

  1. #7 by lasse2karagiannis2halmstad on February 20, 2015 – 6:08 pm

    Konrad can you explain why the Federal Reserve is private, why they pretend to be a federal agency, and how the bankers owning the FED profit from it.

    I will do that in the next instalment of this series (“The Truth about Money,” Part 5)

    It seems from your analysis if we need not care less if the Fed is private or not since the government still can create all the dollars that it wants.

    We need to care about the Federal Reserve, because it is indeed very evil, although not exactly in the way that most people think it is.

    First of all, the US government can indeed create all the money it wants, but politicians want the US government to create less and less money. Politicians want deficit reduction because, statistically speaking, government spending helps the lower classes more than it helps the rich, who make their money by gambling in the financial casinos. Politicians want the US government to create fewer dollars, so that fewer dollars circulate in the regular US economy. In this way, politicians intentionally maintain a permanent depression, because a depression causes the gap between the rich and the rest to keep widening every day. A depression does not mean that everyone becomes poorer. A depression means that the middle class vanishes, while the rich become richer than ever. This is true of all depressions.

    With fewer dollars in circulation from the US government, people are forced to get dollars from banks. That is, people must take out loans. (That’s why Americans have over a trillion dollars in student loan debt, for example, instead of having a free education paid for by the government.) This is another reason why politicians want the US government to create fewer dollars. Fewer government dollars means more debt dollars from banks.

    This brings us to the evil Federal Reserve. Some people think that all dollars are lent into existence by the Federal Reserve. In reality, 24 percent of the dollars in circulation are created by the US government (and not as loans). Another 20 percent of the dollars are still circulating from previous years. The remaining 56% of dollars consist of credit. That is, they come from various forms of bank loans. With 8.4 trillion dollars in the US economy existing as loans (i.e. DEBT) we have hundreds of millions of debt slaves, owned by rich bankers.

    In a just world, this situation would be reversed. At least three quarters of the dollars in circulation would be created by the US government, and a quarter (or less) of the dollars would be created as bank loans, i.e. credit, i.e. DEBT.

    In a just world, every state would have a public central bank like the Bank of North Dakota, and few banks (if any) would be allowed to seek a profit.

    The Federal Reserve is evil because the Fed helps to maintain the current system in which too many dollars exist as debt (i.e. bank loans), and not enough dollars exist from direct government spending. The Federal Reserve is dedicated to widening the gap between the rich and the rest. Fed programs like “quantitative easing” are called “stimulative,” but they only stimulate Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. “Quantitative easing” puts no new dollars into the real economy. It only helps the rich get richer. The Federal Reserve is also evil because the Fed does not perform its regulatory functions. The Fed lets banksters get away with all kinds of scams.

    I thought Jewish bankers ran US policy through their control of the Federal Reserve and that the US government was in debt to them, that the NWO is a Jewish affair to prepare the world for their Messiah.

    The US government is not in debt to the Fed, or to China, or to anyone else, since the US government creates dollars out of thin air, and those dollars are accepted worldwide.

    Nonetheless, Jews control everything, because Jews have enough money to buy politicians. Jews control the banks, and since most of the dollars in circulation (not all dollars) come from banks, Jews control much of the US economy.

    As for the NWO, it consists of a global shift from industrial capitalism to financial capitalism. With industrial capitalism, we made money by manufacturing and selling goods and services. With financial capitalism, rich people make money from money. They gamble in the various markets. The NWO is casino capitalism, and its masters are the masters of the world. It is they who push for gratuitous austerity and deficit reduction. It is they who order politicians to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

    They are all Jews in spirit, whether or not they call themselves “Jews.”

    Is Alex Jones right then when he talks about that “globalists”, “illuminati” etc. instead of Jewish extremists running the US policy?

    Again, they are all Jews in spirit, whether or not they call themselves “Jews.” People can use terms like “globalists” and “Illuminati” if they want, but people like Alex Jones and Henry Makow use these terms to deflect attention away from Jews.

    We confuse ourselves when we become too caught up in labels. Obama, for example, is dedicated to promoting the NWO as I described it above. Therefore Obama is a Jew, and a globalist, and an Illuminati. Obama doesn’t call himself a “Jew,” but he is one. So is anyone who worships the holo-hoax and Jewish supremacy, and the supremacy of Wall Street over Main Street.

  1. #8 by Imhotep on February 20, 2015 – 6:27 pm

    The price of gold is set by 4 international banks. There were 5 involved up to about one year ago but now there are four. I can’t recall the names at the moment but a google search with “banks that set the price of gold” or “setting the gold fix”. It’s actually set twice each day Monday thru Friday.


    The point is that gold has no intrinsic monetary value whatsoever. It is monetary systems that give monetary value to gold. If every monetary system collapsed, then a mountain of gold would not be worth even one penny.

    The only possible justification I can see for owning gold is if you believe the entire US government is about to collapse, and you hope you can trade your gold for some other nation’s money.

    Gold itself is not money. You can’t buy anything with gold. If you doubt this, then try paying for your groceries with gold. The store manager might accept gold as a trade, but that would be barter. You would not be buying anything. Again, gold is not money. No nation in the world uses gold as money.

    Furthermore no monetary system is “backed by gold.” On the contrary, the monetary value of gold is backed by monetary systems. At present, the strongest monetary system in the world is the US system, since the US government has full monetary sovereignty, and the US dollar is accepted worldwide. –K

  1. #9 by Imhotep on February 20, 2015 – 6:41 pm

    The great Adolf Hitler did not attach Germany’s sovereign currency to the international banks nor their gold. He knew quite well that both are manipulated.

    If one reads The Protocols of the Learned Elders or other literature that Jews themselves have written , it is easily illustrated that gold is their trump card of trump cards.

    I’m fairly certain India, China , and Russia are purchasing gold for the reason it will come into play by world Jewry in a big way in the near future. They’ll be ready to play ball the same way the national socialists knew that as they developed economically after WW1, they also at the same time had to build up their defensive military. Why? Because they knew others did not like it so they readied themselves for that (military action against them) scenario as well.

  1. #10 by MJ on February 21, 2015 – 12:22 am

    Change minds, and you change the world.–K
    an unimplemented idea? Interesting… 🙂

    All slavery starts with mental slavery, and is then manifested physically.

    You may be bound, beaten, and forced to work at the point of a gun, but you will not become an actual slave until you start to believe your master’s lies. Then you will toil for your master without having to be whipped and chained. You will eagerly give your life for your master so that he may live in luxury while you live in a sewer.

    That’s how the masses are today. They choose to be slaves.

    Therefore, here at TUT our struggle is mental or, if you prefer, spiritual.

    Put another way, all wars are ultimately wars for the control of people’s minds. –K

  1. #11 by Dante Ardenz on February 21, 2015 – 1:05 am

    If I may add, thank you Konrad for this. I thought that I had made an error, when using the term; Finance Capital v Industrial Capital. Germany, Japan, and the old US Republic (Pre US FED, with residue surviving till circa early 90’s), were the premier Industrial nations. WW 1 and 2 meant to keep that in check, along with the British backing the South in the US Civil war, to stop US Industry. But in the US this was always under constant threat from Finance Capital-Jews.

    Politically, this is why the Jews pushed the Left – Right matrix, to squeeze the wealth of the Gentile, with the one, two punch from both sides. Henry Ford wrote of this in THE INTERNATIONAL JEW. Germany and Japan NEVER LIKED FINANCE CAPITAL. It was contrary to its culture of building and creating. The long lost School of Classical Economics of List was their guide. Abe Lincoln understood this, Bismarck and the genius of Adolf Hitler expounded upon it, with a success so huge, the Jews and their stooges began a world war against him that continues today! Finance Capital really took hold beginning in the 70’s. Rothschild wanted this.

    As a very young man, I remember Jew Milton Friedman promoted heavily, and the reclusive Jewess Ayn Rand, Pierre Rothschild’s mistress, on talk shows like ‘the Liberal ‘Donahue, to push total Finance Capitalism. Her book ATLAS SHRUGGED is the blueprint for Jewish Capital control of the world. “The good man”, Jimmy Carter was set up of the Rockefellers Trilateral Commission. Remember him speaking of ‘an era of limits? The Jews wanted the squeeze, and began lowering our expectations. This did not work, so they switched the script to Reagan, who brought in DYNASTY, and LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS. We could all be rich if we ‘worked hard’. That meant mortgages debt, junk bonds, and hostile take overs. Not INDUSTRY. Thatcher did this in Britain, and as international Jewish Capital grows, every nation When we all balk at this, what do hear. ? Cries of “Marxist!” Socialist!”, and their FAVORITE -“NAZI!” from the very boobs the Jews are targeting for destruction! The old creaking John Birch Society script, updated to the vile Alex Jones (Jewish Wife, kids, and sponsors worth 8 million) to the still a Jew Henry Makow.-a real false flagger) Its always “Reptiles, NAZIS, Illuminati”, Muslims, Socialists”…but NEVER JEWS.

  1. #12 by MJ on February 21, 2015 – 7:53 am

    “Therefore, here at TUT our struggle is mental or, if you prefer, spiritual.
    Put another way, all wars are ultimately wars for the control of people’s minds. –K”

    Agreed, I hope eventually when enough people get this message that they can put a halt to a government austerity measures programs or at least the ones that hurt the the most.

  1. #13 by Fred on February 21, 2015 – 4:35 pm

    You’re saying the US will go on forever with a Fiat currency. Numbers mean nothing. Just a figure on a computer screen. No dollar crash or losing its “Reserve” status? I understand what you’re saying, but I can’t see it continuing much longer….besides, it looks like big war before big dollar crash. But what you’re saying is good news for anyone collecting SS. And we can keep on pumping out new nuclear carriers (newer, bigger) planes, etc, while supporting the whole circus that is American spending/overhead/debt? Why doesn’t the whole world get together and default on the Rothschild banking cartel? Everyone. Nationalize banks. Like Iceland. Start over.

    So, my understanding of your article is that nothing matters; the dollars will keep coming & keep spending. Phew. I was really worried.


    With an intellect like yours, you should be. –K

  1. #14 by aj on February 21, 2015 – 5:51 pm

    Konrad, would you put the links to the previous sections at the bottom. Thanks, AJ


    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

  1. #15 by lasse2karagiannis2halmstad on February 21, 2015 – 11:07 pm

    Konrad, I am struggeling here.
    An economist that I’ve talked to here in Sweden, says that the US goverment must abide to rules and therefore, he says, that the only way to create money into existence is through loans.
    He says that the US goverment is forbidden to create money, that only the privately owned FED can do so with respect to the goverment, and therefore the US goverment is in debt to the privately owned fed.

    I said to him that it doesn’t make sense, because the goverment can just put a pistol to the chairmans head and demand that the FED credits the spending account of the goverment or else….
    I mean it is not the case that the fed needs to abide to the rules of accounting and book-keeping because they need to show the world that they only create money out of thin air when giving out loans, They should be able to credit the spendings account of the goverment for free.( Which is equal to that the goverment created the money, since it got the money without the demand of paying it back)

    Cannot do he responds, and I guess he ment because of alleged accounting/banking laws.

    Can you debunk his position with an official document? For instance from where did you get the figure of 24% created into existence by the goverment?
    Haven’t read Eustace Mullins book on the FED, but it seems to me, from reading excerpts of the book, that also Mullins believed that the goverment had to loan every dollar into existence.

    Thank you for your effort,

    Greatful for help.
    Lasse Karagiannis

    KONRAD”S KOMMENT: Thank you for your question. I used to believe that the Fed created all the dollars. I argued with people at a US Treasury office where I worked, until they showed me how the system really works.

    Your economist friend is in error. As I explained in previous installments in this series (links at bottom), there are three ways that money enters into any economy.

    1. A NET FOREIGN TRADE SURPLUS. This applies to Sweden, which has a trade surplus of 4.8 billion Swedish krona per month on average. That’s 500 million euros (USD $573 million) coming in to Sweden from abroad each month. However this does not apply to the USA, which has the largest a net trade deficit in the world. Each month, about 32 billion more US dollars flow out of the USA than come into the USA from abroad. (And all of those dollars from abroad were first created inside the USA before they went abroad.) For most nations this would be disastrous, but it is not a problem for the USA, since the USA creates its dollars out of thin air, and dollars are accepted worldwide.

    The point is that Sweden obtains some of it money from foreign trade, but the USA receives no money from foreign trade.

    2. BANK LENDING. Banks create money when they make loans. This loan money is called credit. Loan money (i.e. credit) is destroyed when you pay back the loan. For example, a bank creates 10,000 dollars out of thin air by crediting those dollars to your account. The bank simply changes the numbers. Nothing physical happens. Those 10,000 dollars exist as credit (i.e. debt). As you pay back the loan, you gradually destroy those 10,000 in credited dollars, since you are returning your account debt to zero. The bank makes its profit off the interest you paid in addition to the loan principle. That interest money is not destroyed. That interest money now belongs to the bank.

    3. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SPENDING: Your economist friend (and many other people) wrongly ignore this part. The US Congress determines how much money the federal government will create in a given year. This is called the “federal budget.” The US Treasury then creates that money in accordance with the budget. For FY 2015 the Treasury will create 3.6 trillion US dollars out of thin air. That money does not come from the Fed, from China, or anywhere else, and it is not loans. It is created by simply crediting the bank account of whoever gets the money. No one needs to pay it back, although the federal government does impose taxes.

    Banks and the federal government both create money by crediting accounts. The difference is that bank-created money is a loan. Government-created money is not. It is not borrowed from anyone, and is not lent to anyone. It is simply distributed, and is not paid back.

    Therefore bank money (i.e. loans) is destroyed by the act if paying back the loan. Government-created money (which is not loans) is destroyed by taxes.

    For a clearer picture of all this, see my previous installments.

    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

    You asked why I said that 24% of the dollars in circulation are created into existence by the government, and not as loans. The US GDP is about $15 trillion. For FY 2015 the US government will create $3.6 trillion, which is 24% of the US GDP. The rest of the money in the US economy consists of credit (i.e. bank loans) plus a relatively small amount of dollars that are still circulating from previous fiscal years.

    Regarding Eustace Mullins’ book Secrets of the Federal Reserve (1983) it has some valuable information about how the Fed was formed, but Mr. Mullins was in error when he said that all dollars consist of bank loans, and are lent into existence. His error sounded good, and so it became very popular, as though it was an exciting rumor about a crashed UFO from outer space. I myself was taken in by it for a while.

    That said, the Fed is quite evil, because it is dedicated to widening the gap between the rich and the rest. How? Please see my responses to readers above. And please see my earlier instalments in this series.

    Thank you for commenting. –K

  1. #16 by Human Melody 1 on February 22, 2015 – 12:34 am

    Another excellent and crucial essay by Konrad. [By the way, Konrad… in case you were of the impression that people aren’t taking this as seriously as they should… I beg to differ, because I’m of those who has been reviewing your series intently, though not commenting.]

    I agree with MJ in that you’d eventually have to produce a documentary/ presentation that would have a tremendous [and, as they call it in the internet world today, viral] impact. There was this video called ‘Oh Canada’ that became a classic because it was compiled in a single documentary. After reading your series, I’m sure your information would supersede [and perhaps even correct some aspect of] that work. Please give me time till I get that [next] comment together …

    Also, your work did raise some subsequent questions on the consequence of the information … and given your knowledge on the subject, I felt that my questions had to be well organized first. …

    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: Thank you for commenting. Some T.U.T. readers have asked good questions in the reader comments section of this installment, and the previous installments. Please take a look at these, because they clarify some things that the original posts did not.

    You were lied to about the holo-hoax. And you were lied to about national finances too. Of the two lies, the second is much worse. —K

  1. #17 by Human Melody 1 on February 22, 2015 – 1:10 am

    Here it is…

    The first question that the average citizen would have in their minds, after learning from your works, is that the scores of debt slaves out there could have their debt written off as easily as the numbers are created. So, what if there was a mass uprising of people demanding that waiver/ write-off?

    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: In that case the banks would have to write off the debt.

    But the masses do not rise up, because they prefer to be debt slaves. The masses voluntarily choose to be slaves by choosing to believe the lies told to them by pundits, professors, and politicians — just like the masses voluntarily choose to believe lies about the holo-hoax.

    If this concern/ query is valid, then there must be more/ similar public demands in that line that would shake up/ off these banksters (wherein the only requisite would be sufficient numbers of people with consensus).


    Next, here’s an example of an inspiring case :

    “I Fought Foreclosure and Won!”

    “When the Bank of America foreclosed on Denny, he demanded the bank prove it didn’t just create the mortgage money out of thin air. They couldn’t and eventually agreed to take a loss. Here he describes his scorched earth campaign against the Bank of America.”

    So, what if the masses wanted to say “we’ve had enough” and followed the example of the abovementioned?


    Here’s the ‘Oh Canada’ Movie. How much of this information would you say is accurate or still valid (incl. for the US and other nations of the world)? It would be great to hear your critique on this.

    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: I’ll have to watch that later today and get back to you. But I glanced at a bit of it, and I saw that it is LOADED with errors. For example, the video wrongly says that bank debt is the reason why we have federal taxes. That’s nonsense.


    By the way, Konrad, I came across this recent article that echoes what you say:

    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: Banks do indeed create money out of nothing, simply by typing numbers into a computer. I’ve been saying this all along.

    The US federal government also creates money out of nothing, simply by typing numbers into a computer.

    The difference is that bank-created money is credit. It is a loan. It is DEBT.

    Government-created money is not credit. It is not a loan. It is not debt. It is never paid back (although the government does tax money back from people).

    Therefore the “national debt” is a red herring that is designed to let politicians widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

    Our problem is that too many dollars in circulation exist as bank loans (i.e. credit, i.e. DEBT) and too few dollars exist as government-created dollars. Therefore we have a trillion dollars in student loan debt, when education should be free, and paid for by the government. The USA is a Jewish paradise of debt slaves.

    This is why politicians falsely claim that the US government is “broke” and “in debt,” and why politicians constantly demand more deficit reduction. They want the US government to create less money, so that you are forced to seek loans from banks. This reduces you to a debt slave. For the USA, the purpose of deficit reduction is to create more peasants and debt slaves.

    In that article Yes, Virginia, the Banks Really Do Create Money Out of Nothing the author says that “private banks are responsible for creating the bulk of the money supply out of nothing.”

    True, but banks do not create ALL the money. For monetarily sovereign nations like the USA, the government also creates money. A quarter of the US GDP consists of government-created money.

    Then the article contradicts itself…

    We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent monetary system. When one gets a complete grasp upon this picture, the tragic absurdity of our helpless situation is almost incredible – but there it is.

    WRONG! Just a few paragraphs before, the author said that the BULK of money in circulation consists of credit (i.e. bank loans, i.e. debt). The author also said the government could create all the money. But the author doesn’t like that, because he prefers to be a debt slave under bankers.

    I say that too much money exists as credit, and too little as government-created money.

    TO SOLVE OUR MONEY PROBLEMS, WHY NOT GIVE “MINCOME” TO EVERYONE, LIKE WE DISCUSSED IN PART THREE OF THIS SERIES? It was tried, and it worked. “Mincome” was simply an expansion of Social Security to everyone. The money came straight from the government, and did not have to be paid back.

  1. #18 by Human Melody 1 on February 22, 2015 – 1:16 am

    @ #16 : I stated on various occasions that I know that the holohoax case is a hoax. In fact, my last comment on Sabba’s latest

    post clarifies not only why I consider it a hoax, but also how the hoax was used as a false blackmail/ deal bait to convert Christians into Zionists/ Antichristians.

  1. #19 by Human Melody 1 on February 22, 2015 – 1:21 am

    By the way, your video on Unity was really nice.


    Thanks. –K 🙂

  1. #20 by Human Melody 1 on February 22, 2015 – 6:39 pm

    @Konrad : Thank your for the explanation. Based on what you had established, one is next compelled to ask this question: If, today, the banks could be abolished and eliminated, would the Govt. be able to sustain the entire economy (with all its variables and today’s whole population, etc.) with only Govt.-created money? … And if the answer is yes, why doesn’t the Govt. do that (meaning, what is the real reason : is it that they choose to worship the Bankster Jews, or are they at stake somehow that we don’t know, or are they simply afraid of ousting the criminals)?

    Also, what were your thoughts on Iceland and about how it’s really doing before and after their removal of private banks? [I’m asking because you frequently give us, here at TUT, details / insight on a lot of issues that were not apparent before.]

    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: Excellent question. Yes the government could sustain the entire economy with only government-created money. But how could any president or politician ever bring out such a change? All his opponents are bribed by bankers and by rich people to keep things exactly as they are, so that the gap between the rich and the rest continues to grow forever.

    If the economy used only government-created money, then politicians would no longer be puppets of the money masters. Politicians would be in charge. This would not be acceptable to the money masters, who will do anything to prevent it, even if they must start a world war.

    The Soviet Union had banks, because all money systems require banks, but most of the money in the economy was government-created money. The Soviet system had its own problems. Everyone had a job and had food, but housing and consumer goods were scarce.

    Is everything hopeless then? Are we doomed no matter what? No. I would be happy if we could just have “Mincome” (i.e. Social Security for all) as I described in “The Truth About Money (Part 3).”

    For that to happen, we must first overthrow the Big Lie that a money creator (the US government) is the same as a money user (you and me). We must kill the Big Lie that the US government is “broke” and “in debt,” and needs “deficit reduction” and a “balanced budget.”

    REGARDING ICELAND, they still have private banks. What allowed Iceland to escape the trap that snared the poorer euro-zone nations is that Iceland never adopted the euro currency. Therefore Iceland is not locked into a death spiral of debt and austerity. For clarification, please see my latest post…

    When the financial crash happened in 2008, Iceland’s politicians wanted to keep the bankers in charge, since the politicians were bribed by the bankers. (This is, bribed by the heads of Iceland’s three largest banks, Glitnir, Landsbanki and Kaupthing.) This caused extreme suffering among the masses. Many people moved out of Iceland. The people that remained revolted, and finally installed a decent government, which was able to create the Icelandic krónas out of thin air to pay off the banker criminals and get rid of them.

    None of this could have happened if Iceland had adopted the euro. Change would not have been possible, no matter how well-intentioned the government. Iceland would have been like Greece.

    Today Iceland has a trade surplus, unemployment is low, the economy is okay, and people are fairly happy.

  1. #21 by Human Melody 1 on February 22, 2015 – 6:42 pm

    Regarding # 19: You are most welcome. 🙂 It was indeed a moving video.

  1. #22 by Human Melody 1 on February 23, 2015 – 5:15 am

    Thank you again, Konrad. By the way, I am completely with you regarding Mincome. I only knew it described under terms such as ‘minimum income guarantee’, etc., until I read about the Winnipeg experiment from Truth About Money part 3.


    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: Yes, some people occasionally talk about a Basic Income Guarantee (BIG), but they do so timidly, knowing they will be attacked from all sides for speaking the truth. I wanted to show that a BIG had actually been tried, and it worked.

    Today we can’t have Mincome because the rich won’t let us, and because the slaves have been conditioned to defend their own poverty and slavery.

  1. #23 by Human Melody 1 on February 23, 2015 – 5:18 am

    I also forgot to share with you that I took a print out of your entire series on the Truth About Money, and gave it to my Bank’s teller… and asked him to review it to learn what he couldn’t have learnt in a BBA, and then pass the information up the chain. 🙂


    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: I am excited and encouraged that you have taken an interest in this topic. If enough people understand the truth, then eventually we will see some changes. All physical changes start with mental changes.

    Regarding your friend the bank teller, very few bankers understand these facts. Only the top level bankers get it. Subordinate bankers are drones who focus on their little area.

    In fact there have even been a couple of Treasury secretaries who didn’t understand it (although I’ve never heard of a Fed chairman who didn’t get it.).

    For example, president W. Bush’s first Treasury Secretary was Paul Henry O’Neill, who knew nothing about banking and finance. Having no background in economics, when O’Neill told the Big Lie that the US government was “broke” and needed “deficit reduction,” O’Neill actually believed it! O’Neill actually believed that the U.S. government did not create its spending money out of thin air, and therefore needed a “balanced budget.”

    Meanwhile W. Bush started making plans to launch endless new wars and military invasions, even before Bush entered the White House. This would require the U.S. government to create trillions of new dollars. Bush knew this would be no problem, since the US government created its own money.

    However his Treasury Secretary O’Neill, resisted this, telling Bush that “the U.S. government can’t spend money it doesn’t have.” O’Neill said the U.S. government was “insolvent,” and needed “deficit reduction.” O’Neill gave more and more press conferences, accusing his own president of fiscal irresponsibility.

    By late 2002, Bush was fully gearing up to invade Iraq, and he could no longer tolerate his Treasury Secretary’s antics. Bush needed trillions. So he fired O’Neill, and invaded Iraq three months later.

    Afterward, Ron Suskind (a Jew) interviewed O’Neill extensively about his tenure in the Bush Administration, and all the arguments he had with Bush. In 2004 Suskind published a book about this, titled The Price of Loyalty. In that book, Dick Cheney (correctly) told Paul O’Neill, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t natter.” This shocked Paul O’Neill. Even though he was Treasury secretary, O’Neill actually believed the lie that the U.S. government needed deficit reduction.

    So Bush fired O’Neill and replaced him with John Snow, who created all the money out of thin air that Bush needed for his endless wars.

    By 2006, bank fraud and the housing bubble and had reached epidemic proportions. A crash was coming. So Bush replaced Snow with Henry Paulson (Jew) who engineered the Wall Street bailout when the crash happened in 2008.

    The point is, that whether a person understands these truths is not always a function of their status in society. Sometimes people have great power, and yet they remain morons.

  1. #24 by Human Melody 1 on February 23, 2015 – 7:08 pm

    Konrad : Thank you for the information on the Treasury, esp. the truth on John Snow.

    I’m totally with you, esp. on the conclusion. Very much in line with earlier truths established at TUT, ‘social status’ has long been decided by the scum mafia who took over the world, having destroyed meritocracy and the honor/ dignity of man. For quite a while now, it hasn’t been about “know-how” but “know-who”, as they say. … It’s a travesty of ‘humanity’ that social status (around the globe, today) is really only defined by money — the real god of most people. And the philosopher in me shakes its head when it learns from you that ‘that god of people’ is really a digitized illusion in essence.

    My grandfathers did instill some values in me that stayed with me since a very young age … and one of them was the distinction between ‘honorable’ men and ‘valuable’ men (as they called it). The Judaized world has destroyed all honor in exchange of expediency. And that’s been one of my own life-struggles (particularly in light of Faith) — that till date, I refuse to use even a shred of Judaized standards in judging anyone. I only go by the soul of the person, and all that it puts forth, that’s it. And I’m not just saying it.. I have fearlessly lived it and gladly paid every price for it. And I hold fast to my respect for the honorable men I discover in the process.

  1. #25 by mlo on February 23, 2015 – 8:05 pm

    Your Unity of Man video made my eyes fill with tears. I’m a 41 year-old man and I don’t cry easily. I cried last year when my first child was born, that was in April and that was the last time.
    It reminded me of the simplicity of my youth, and of something that I lost somewhere, somehow along the way.
    Something maybe we all lost and need to rediscover ASAP


    Thanks for your kind words. Some people use the label of “racist neo-Nazi” as quickly as Jews use the label of “anti-Semite.” These same people sometimes accuse me of being a “racist neo-Nazi.” If they knew me personally, they would know that their charge is silly. –K




INTRODUCTION: Pretending to “care”

The “Anti-Austerity-Austerian” functions likes the “Anti-Zionist-Zionist.”

The Anti-Zionist-Zionist advances the cause of Jewish supremacy by pretending to care about Palestinians, while attacking anyone who questions the holo-hoax, or who uses the word “Jew” instead of “Zionist” or “Israeli.” In this way the Anti-Zionist-Zionist upholds the core of Jewish power while pretending not to.

If you don’t care for right-wing Jewish supremacism, then the “Anti-Zionist-Zionist” (A-Z-Z) seduces you with left-wing Jewish supremacism. By “caring” about Palestinians, the A-Z-Z snares “progressives,” thereby perverting their “compassion” so that it serves Jews. He does this by convincing Goyim that it is “anti-semitic” to question Jewish atrocities, and that it is “racism” to question Jewish racism (which the A-Z-Z claims does not exist). In his psychosis, the “Anti-Zionist-Zionist” favors equality for everyone except the “Chosen.” If you question that Jews are “Chosen,” then you are guilty of “religious intolerance,” which is anathema to “sensitive progressives.”

[UPDATE: The “Common Dreams” blog calls itself “Progressive.” Just this moment at that blog I saw a comment by a reader: “The Jews account for around 2 percent of the US population, and a vast majority of them are in finance, the courts, and the government. We have been conquered from within.”

This comment brought angry responses from the oh-so-righteous “progressives,” who always rush to defend their beloved Jews. One of them wrote, “Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable over on Stormfront? Anti-Semitism is not a progressive value.”

As you can see, for leftists, in order to be “sensitive” and “compassionate” and “progressive,” you must worship Jewish atrocities.  Likewise for right-wingers, in order to be “patriotic” you must worship Jewish atrocities.

The reality is that if you call yourself “progressive” and  you worship Jews, then you are a self-righteous liar. ]

Conservatives worship Jews out of hate. Left-wing “progressives” worship Jews out of self-righteousness. Of the two forms of Jew-worship, the latter is the stronger and more depraved, for it is based on “compassion” and “sensitivity.”

We see the A-Z-Z game played every day on “progressive” and “pro-workers” web sites. Most blogs will allow you to mildly question Israeli atrocities, but almost all blogs will ban you if you question the holo-hoax, or if you mention the word “Jews.”

Some people refer to A-Z-Zs as “PEPs” (Progressives-Except for Palestine). Many Jews are PEPs. For example, Jewish rags like The Daily Beast spotlight the USA’s institutionalized racism against blacks and immigrants. The Beast discusses how the system preys on the disadvantaged, and on people of color. Such comments are legitimate – and therein is their trap.  By being Progressive-Except-for-Palestine, The Daily Beast makes readers think that Jews “care” – which in turn makes readers receptive to The Daily Beast’s defense of the hoax and Jewish atrocities.

Since the A-Z-Z’s job is so crucial, the Israeli government pays A-Z-Z groups to pretend to oppose the Israeli government. That is, the Israeli government pays “leftist” groups like J Street to snare people who don’t care for “rightist” groups like AIPAC. All such groups blaze with hatred for the Goyim.

Neturei Karta Jews are Anti-Zionist-Zionists. They pretend to oppose Israel and Zionism, yet they remain “Chosen” supremacists. This contradiction makes them liars, like all Jews. By carrying Palestinian flags, and spouting gibberish about God forbidding Jews to have their own state until a Jewish messiah appears, they snare Goyim that might otherwise be repulsed by Jews. And, once the Neturei Karta Jews have the Goyim’s ear, they preach the holo-hoax, plus the myth of Jewish “suffering,” just like all other Jews.

It’s all about pretending to “care” in order to promote Jewish supremacy.



In the world of finance and economics, the equivalent of the “Anti-Zionist-Zionist” is the “Anti-Austerity-Austerian” (AAA).

Just as the “Anti-Zionist-Zionist” pretends to “care” in order to seduce the masses into submitting to Jewish supremacy, so does the “Anti-Austerity-Austerian” pretend to “care” in order to seduce the masses into submitting to poverty and inequality.


The A-Z-Z’s masters are Jews. The AAA’s masters are bankers and rich people, who all think like Jews. An example of an AAA is New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, who agrees that the slaves need more slavery (i.e. more austerity) but they need it tomorrow, not today.  In this way Krugman upholds his masters’ lies while pretending to question the lies. Krugman’s duplicity is why the money powers gave him his own column at the NYT, along with a Nobel Prize in economics in 2008. (The Nobel Economics Prize is as ridiculous as the Nobel “Peace” Prize, which is often given to warmongers.)


The “Anti-Austerity-Austerian” (AAA) claims that Social Security will be okay until (fill in the year). In this way he pretends to “care” about Social Security beneficiaries, even as he betrays them by promoting the lie that Social Security can become “insolvent,” plus the lie that FICA taxes pay for Social Security.

It’s all part of the lie that the US government is “broke” and has a “debt crisis.” The “Anti-Austerity-Austerian” may question superficial claims about Medicare or Social Security, but he always upholds the core lie that the US government is “broke” and has a “debt crisis.”  Likewise the “Anti-Zionist-Zionist” may question certain Israeli atrocities, but he always upholds the core lie about the holo-hoax and Jewish “victimhood.”


All Austerians (pro and “anti”) claim that in order to “save” the masses, we must kill the masses via more austerity. In order to “save” Social Security, we must kill it or privatize it. The difference is that the “Anti-Austerity-Austerian” says we must do it tomorrow, not today — as though this would make any difference.

“I care about the masses. Therefore, let’s be compassionate. Instead of slaughtering them this morning, let’s do it this afternoon.”

The AAA also shows that he “cares” by calling for the FICA tax cap to be raised above the current wage level of $118,500 per year. The AAA does this to conceal the fact that FICA taxes do not pay for Social Security, and that rich people do not make their money from wages in the first place. Therefore, raising the FICA cap will make no difference whatsoever to Social Security’s “sustainability.” Rhetoric about the cap is just a trick to show that the AAA “cares” while he upholds the core lies in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

In Europe, the Anti-Austerity-Austerian (AAA) promotes austerity by championing the euro-scam that makes austerity unavoidable for nations that have net trade deficits (like Greece), since those nations must borrow all their money.

The Anti-Austerity-Austerian serves the bankers while pretending to “care” about the victims.  An example is SYRIZA, a group of liars that the bankers installed to defend austerity while pretending to oppose austerity. SYRIZA does this by defending the euro scam. (We’ll go over this again below.)


Another example of an Anti-Austerity-Austerian (AAA) os Mark Weisbrot: a “progressive” economics “pundit” who co-directs the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Weisbrot published a book titled Social Security: The Phony Crisis, in which he claims that Social Security will remain viable until 2030 if the U.S. economy continues to grow at its current pace. In this way he pretends to “care” about Social Security beneficiaries, while he defends the lie that Social Security could indeed become “insolvent” in 2030.

(The reality is that the US government creates SS benefits out of thin air, as I previously explained in the “Truth About Money” series. Therefore Social Security is not a “Ponzi scheme,” nor could it ever become “insolvent” or “unsustainable.” But the Anti-Austerity-Austerian doesn’t want you to know that. Neither does the regular austerian.)

By claiming that Social Security could become “insolvent” in the future, Weisbrot sustains the lie that the US government relies on tax revenue. In reality, there could be no tax revenue in the first place if the US government did create dollars out of thin air, and issue them. Federal taxes simply claw back (and destroy) dollars that the government has ALREADY CREATED. (And yet, US politicians have brainwashed most people to think that the US government must first tax dollars before it can create dollars. Greece, by contrast, can create no euros at all.)

Weisbrot spreads his Anti-Austerity-Austerian lies through publications such as New York Times, the UK Guardian, and Brazil’s largest newspaper, Folha de S. Paulo.
Let’s examine one of his recent articles titled, “The Buck Stops Here – Greece is Fighting to Save Europe.”

Here Weisbrot is in true Anti-Austerity-Austerian form, since he will say anything to divert attention from the euro scam that forces Greece to borrow all its money from bankers.

“Greece has been dragged through a lot of mud in the media over the past few years because previous governments over-borrowed, and that contributed to the initial crisis that — we should remember — Spain, Portugal, Italy and almost everyone else in the eurozone had to go through.”

Nonsense. Greece has been “over-borrowing” since 1 Jan 2001, when Greece stopped using the drachma as its currency and started using the euro. From that moment, Greece could no longer create its own currency, and had to borrow all its money.

Germany uses the euro like Greece, but Germany has a huge trade surplus. This means that euros flow into Germany from other euro-zone nations. That’s why Germany is the loudest defender of the euro-scam.

Meanwhile Greece has a trade deficit, which means that euros flow out to other nations, and to the creditors.

“But the initial crisis could have been resolved relatively quickly.”

Resolved? How? Even if Greek oligarchs started paying their fair share of taxes, Greece would remain in a death spiral, since Greece must borrow all its euros.  Thus, Greece can never get out of debt, nor break the austerity cycle. But the Anti-Austerity-Austerian doesn’t want you to know this. He agrees with bankers and rich people that austerity will (one day) magically change into prosperity. Indeed it already is prosperity – for the rich.


“In the United States, which was hit by the explosion of an $8-trillion housing bubble, our recession lasted just 18 months. In Greece it has been six years, with a loss of a quarter of its national income, and more than 25-percent unemployment (and twice that for youth).”

More nonsense. First of all, the U.S. recession has not ended. The real economy in the USA remains locked in a depression (but the financial economy is booming). That’s why half the stores in shopping malls across the USA are closed. In some cases, whole malls are closed. They had catered to a now-extinct middle class, which politicians deliberately killed on orders from the rich. Why? Because the rich will do anything to widen the gap between themselves and the masses.

Second, the USA cannot be compared to Greece. The US government creates its spending money out of thin air, whereas Greece must borrow all its money.

The USA has gratuitous austerity, because of the lie that the US government is “broke.” Greece has mandatory austerity, because of the lie that Greece must use the euro, or else Greece will be destroyed.

Both lies, and both forms of austerity, widen the gap between the rich and the rest. That is their sole function.


Greece has no choice but to spend less euros on social programs that help average people, since Greece keeps going further into debt. The Greek government can no longer create its own money. Rich Europeans want it this way. They use debt to crush the masses, so that the rich can take ownership of all assets, and rule as gods. Therefore rich people bribe politicians to maintain the euro-scam. That’s why the euro-scam continues.


“By now it is clear not only to the majority of economists but to most people who are paying attention that this long depression was not only unnecessary but caused directly by bad policies.”

The Greek depression is not “unnecessary.” It is inevitable because of the euro, and it will continue to get worse unto Greece finally dumps the euro.

“The Greek government implemented budget tightening that shrank the economy and worsened the debt burden — which has gone from 115 percent of GDP before the Greeks signed their first agreement with the IMF in 2010 to more than 170 percent today.”

The Greek government has no choice but to keep imposing more and more austerity. When the Greek government started using the euro, the Greek government started living on a credit card, with no way to pay off the debt, since Greece has a net trade deficit. Each “bailout” means more cash to the creditors who issued the credit card, and more debt dumped on the Greek masses. It’s a total scam (and SYRIZA politicians support it, because they are paid to).  More debt means more social programs cut, plus more layoffs of government employees, plus more privatization of public utilities and other assets.

The more austerity that the Greek government imposes, the more depressed and indebted the Greek economy becomes. This necessitates more austerity, which brings more debt and more austerity, which causes more debt and more austerity….forever. That’s the death spiral. The anti-Austerity-Austerian’s job is to conceal this death spiral.


“At the same time, the European Central Bank (ECB), which could have helped Greece by keeping its borrowing costs down, allowed Greece’s interest rates to soar, provoking a prolonged crisis not only for Greece but for the eurozone. As a result, the unemployment rate in the 19-country eurozone is still twice that of the United States today.”

The European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt was designed to destroy Greece, not help it. As a bank, the ECB can only create money as loans. The ECB can lower interest rates on the euros that it lends, but as long as Greece uses euros, the debt load for Greece will continue to mount no matter what.

Meanwhile the so-called “crisis in the Eurozone” only affects the lower classes. The rich are doing better than ever. That’s the whole point of the euro-scam: to destroy socialism, and to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

U.S. politicians achieve the same goal by falsely claiming that the US government is “broke” and has a “debt crisis.” These are LIES. (British, Canadian, and Australian politicians repeat the same lies. So do Israeli politicians.)

Conservatives love to repeat these lies, because conservatives don’t want anyone but themselves to get money from the US government. Whatever money I get from the federal government is “earned” and “deserved.” Whatever money you get is “wasteful” and “big government.”

Whatever money I get from the federal government is “good for America.” Whatever money you get is “destroying America.”

Therefore we must reduce federal spending on whatever helps you, and increase spending on whatever helps me. This is called “fiscal responsibility.” Its motto is “Screw you; I’ve got mine.”

“All of this was due more to political motives than to economic ones.”

It is all political. There was no financial or economic justification for nations to adopt the euro currency.  It was strictly a political decision. Bankers and rich people bribed politicians to make the change, in order to widen the gap between the rich and the rest. It’s all about wealth and power for the few, and slavery for the masses. That’s political.


“It was not financial markets or even the big banks that drove this disaster, but European officials who prolonged the financial crisis in 2011 and 2012 and used it to try to remake the economies of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy more to their liking.”

The problems for Greece began on 1 Jan 2001, and reached crisis levels by 2008. Since then, the crisis has become exponentially worse, and continues to get worse each day. And yet, every other week the corporate media outlets announce the “end of austerity” for Europe. This is designed to keep the slaves submissive. (“Freedom is at hand!”)

“After more than 20 governments in the eurozone had fallen, the Greek people elected a government — led by the Syriza party — that was committed to saying no to further austerity, economic damage, and mass unemployment.”

Nonsense! SYRIZA is paid to sustain the euro scam! This automatically, inevitably, inescapably, undeniably means more austerity, more economic damage, and more unemployment.

SYRIZA politicians don’t care. They live comfortably on the payroll of bankers and rich people, just like all other politicians in the euro-zone.

“European officials, led by extremists in the German government, offered “my way or the highway” to the new government of Greece after it was elected on Jan. 25.”

SYRIZA politicians surrendered to them in return for bribes. SYRIZA’s predecessors blatantly favored the bankers.  SYRIZA favors the bankers too, although SYRIZA pretends to “care” about the masses. This makes SYRIZA especially evil.

“On Feb. 4 the ECB cut off the most important line of financing to the Greek banking system, provoking a stock market crash and more people taking their bank deposits out of Greece.”

And still SYRIZA clings to the euro scam!


“On Feb. 12 European officials were indicating that Greece could lose access to emergency liquidity assistance from the ECB, which would provoke a severe financial crisis and possibly collapse the Greek banking system. But Syriza did not cave. “

SYRIZA DID NOT CAVE? What universe does this clown live in?

And incidentally, this “emergency liquidity assistance” meant that the issuers of Greece’s credit card got some money, while the added debt was dumped on the Greek masses, like always.

“A week later, fearing an impasse that could force Greece out of the eurozone, European officials blinked and agreed to renegotiate the terms of the so-called “bailout” that previous Greek governments had agreed to, over the next four months.”

The creditors said that SYRIZA could delay making payments on its ever-expending debt for four months (during which time Greece’s debt will become bigger than ever). In return, SYRIZA agreed to renew the push for mass privatization of public assets such as airports, highways, utility companies, minerals, and so on. This theft is called “reform.”

Indeed, SYRIZA’s recent agreement with Greece’s creditors reads that SYRIZA “will not reverse privatizations that have been completed,” and that SYRIA will commit itself to considering “new cases” of privatization. This is an about-face from what SYRIZA promised.

SYRIZA has also reversed its promise to restore the minimum wage, and collective labor bargaining.

SYRIZA has also reversed its promise to repeal the unfair ENFIA property tax and heating oil tax, and to restore the exemption of the first 12,000 euros a year from income taxes.

“There will be tense negotiations ahead, but one thing is clear: Greece is fighting for the future of Europe.”

Agreed. SYRIZA is in a desperate fight to keep the euro-scam going, while making it seem like the scam is not a scam.

And now comes the real kicker…

“Citizens of the eurozone countries didn’t know when they formed the monetary union that they were not only losing their sovereign and democratic rights to control their most important macroeconomic policies — monetary, exchange rate, and fiscal policy (i.e. spending and taxing) — for the most vulnerable countries in recession, when they needed it most. They had also ceded this power to people with an anti-social-Europe agenda, people who wanted to shrink the government and cut health care, pensions and wages.”

Yes! Correct! So if SYRIZA keeps championing this “anti-social-Europe agenda” behind the euro-scam, what does that tell you about SYRIZA?

“Now Greece is trying to get some of that democracy back. It is badly needed if Europe is to escape from this long nightmare.”

Damn. Just when a light bulb switched on in his head, it switched back off.  Europe will never escape from its nightmare as long as Anti-Austerity-Austerians keep spewing their lies.


  1. #1 by Darwin26 on March 3, 2015 – 8:12 am
  2. … lots to take in… thanks for the insight on the Neturei Karta Jews… i had my suspicions. Once one starts getting in tune with the ‘chosen ones’ ways and means the PEP’s begin to jump out at you, the HasabaRATS, the AZZ’s but sometimes it’s imp’t to have someone point out the AZZ’s and their methods…now back to the Truth about Money pt 5

  1. #2 by Dante Ardenz on March 3, 2015 – 11:07 am

    What Konrad is describing within this most brilliant of articles,is the LEFT/RIGHT Matrix. The Talmudic system that allows contradiction to rule. It is a cycle,which the Jews set up,that one cannot escape,without total deprogramming. It is officially known as the Heglian Dialectic: Thesis,Anti Thesis ,Synthasis. A circling firing squad,for the Goyim,which uses hate, greed, prejudice,want,pride, intolerance to keep dividing,and subdividing the world,into two camps..or a prison with two wings. It is this method ,which allowed Capitalist Jewish bankers,to fund the Communist Revolution in Russia. It saw no contradiction,in “Liberal” Franklin Roosevelt, running a “Democracy:,being allied with “Conservative”,Winston Churchill,running an Imperialist World Empire ,with a front Monarchy, t o back a brutal totaliterian Communist Dictator,Stalin ,to destroy National Socialist Germany,and the Axis ,who threatened none,of them ,only by example ,of breaking the Jewish Talmudic Sysytem,imposed on the world- See: WAR OUT,TRUTH,IN-HITLER AGAINST THE BANKS,GOES VIRAL. Today,US Politics is divided more so ,on the surface,since the US Civil War. I do not believe,even the Vietnam Era,can compare. It is a divide,by this Dialectic. All ideologies going back to how they can best serve the International Jews. The insanity ,so evident, comes from the total Judiazation of the “Right”,which coincides with the Jews original haven,in “The Left”. The superficial public. Its culture driven down to a slovenly disharmonic mass,of fast food ,box stores,and aTalmudvision,reality refuses to see . The poor population is on the rise,but the “middle class”,,blames the poor for the problems-while they get poorer ! “Austerity”,is the key,and more war to ‘protect us”. The”Middle Class”, isolated in increasingly shabby suburbia, blames “Governmant spending:,for their travails,while they live off off it,themselves. The obtuse poor,think they are “Middle Class”,and are told,that those’other poor people,’ are keeping them back ! I have not heard a politician use the term ‘poor’ since Republicans Nixon/Ford ! Obama the”Socialist ” runs from it,like the plague. While under this President,the rich,have never been this rich,since the gilded age. GM has moved its Cadillac Division HQ to Manhatten ,in order to catch the cities 1 % vibe ,for an expanding product line ! This is because luxury car sales are very lucrative ,for ;’the future market”. I see nothing wrong with this,at all. I love autos myself,and good luck to them. But one can see we have a myth of “Austerity”,for the rich. I see no leader wanting a “Peoples Car !” Let them take the bus,and ‘work hard’,to “achieve the “Murikan Dream”,on a minimum wage. “Rush Limbaugh told me,I can get rich on three jobs !” ONLY IN MURICA ! You want to get an applause line at a political meeting in the USA today ? Praise war,attack health care, threaten Social Security,and pick on Food Stamps. All of thesse things are to ‘protect us from another “HITLER”. I had a retired politician tell me,that all of them squeeze the ‘welfare football ‘,like a lemon,because that s all the public has fixation on,and he admitted :”Its all myth”. Without goverment spending we would go into a huge depression,and the 1% Jews, knows it ! But what they want is a it all at the top.and make you love it ! I had an old “Movement Person “,tell me that a a vicious Red Jew,Activist in New York City ,was asked years, ago what the first thing he would do if the Communist Revolution would be achived? “BECOME A CAPITALIST !” That is the Jew matrix, Either we get off of this,or we die !


    Thanks Dante. Just this moment, at the beginning of he post above, I added some words in connection with what you are saying about how Jews promote and exploit the left / right matrix. See the added comments in brown letters (above, near the top).

    Meanwhile here’s a video I made three years ago. I’ll post it here in your honor. –K

  1. #3 by lolathecur on March 3, 2015 – 12:01 pm

    Reblogged this on Lolathecur’s Blog.

  1. #4 by Vickie Jacobs on March 3, 2015 – 3:02 pm

    America has a voluntary mentality: We give you our children to have shots, voluntarily. We give you our children to have them and ourselves brainwashed, voluntarily. There’s so much brainwashing going on that we have failed to even think for ourselves anymore. So thank-you Konrad for making us see how this has played out.

    Genesis 47:15,16; “And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you for your cattle, ‘IF’ money fail.”
    ‘IF’ is that great brainwashing mentality. They feared a crises of economic collapse, depression, and Monsanto famine. The Egyptians went first to volunteer into the banking system of Joseph and Pharoah. Trading meat for wheat! Everyone else got on the band wagon.


    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: Our individual and collective beliefs determine what we think is possible, and what think is real. Our beliefs determine our value judgments (what is good and what is bad). Our beliefs determine what we think is a “fact,” and what we think is “evidence,” and what is “logical.”

    Americans idolize rich people. They believe that the rich are superior, and should live in splendor, while everyone else is inferior, and should live in pain. Americans call this belief the “natural order of things.” They say that their belief is “God’s will” and “common sense” and “objective fact.” They say that their belief is “logically irrefutable.” If your belief is different from the average American’s, then you are branded a “conspiracy theorist” or a “terrorist.”

    Because the average American believes that the rich are superior, the average American also believes the lie that the U.S. government is “broke,” and that the masses must have austerity. This belief too is “God’s will.” Although it is arbitrary and irrational, it is called “logically irrefutable.”

    If I get government benefits (e.g. Social Security), then I believe I “deserve” it. If anyone else gets government benefits, then I believe they do not deserve it, unless they are rich. Indeed I believe that the “undeserving freeloaders” threaten my own benefits. Therefore I believe it is right that other people have austerity (i.e. no benefits). Again, this is only “right and good.” It is “God’s will.”

    Americans believe that unless you are rich, you are lazy and inferior. Therefore it is good that you suffer. However Americans also want government benefits (for themselves alone). Hence they believe that FICA taxes pay for Social Security, so that Americans can say, “I deserve it.” But this belief also lets rich people get away with claiming that, “You can’t have Social Security, since the system is bankrupt.”

    And so, because of his beliefs, the average American eagerly enters the slaughterhouse. –K

  1. #5 by Ostmann on March 3, 2015 – 7:50 pm

    Marxist always were the bankers guardian angels. Syriza is theatre. Besides Germany, which is arguably the most staunch EU supporter and which is occupied by US forces (Who are in turn occupied by jewish high-finance) wont allow the dangerous example of a Greek exit. A disintegrating EU would throw their JWO project back a hundred years.

  1. #6 by Ostmann on March 3, 2015 – 8:47 pm

    Great images Konrad. I also have some I would like to show but not computer savvy enough to add to comment here.

    KONRAD’S KOMMENT: If the images are online, then list the links here in the comments section. They will show as soon as I click the “approve” button.

    If they are in your computer, then you might email them to me at and I can embed them.

    Either that, or I can show you how to embed your own images. It involves a number of steps, but once you set up the links, you will always be able to quickly and easily embed images.–K

  1. #7 by Dante Ardenz on March 3, 2015 – 10:02 pm

    Thanks Dante. Some responses if I may…

    To elaborate on the USA’s money-mentality: it must be remembered that the USA is really a colony. It has no spiritual core. The people here are rootless and unattached, just as Britain became an island disconnected from their own European heritage. This made both the UK and USA susceptible to Jewish manipulation. A void must be filled, and the myth-makers from the Old Testament did that. England became a Judaized society, beginning with Puritan Zio-Christain Oliver Cromwell, who installed Jewish Finance Capital, and told the British nation that the Jewish money masters were “The New Israel.” “Wealth is proof that you have God’s favor.” “You must work hard.” And so on.

    KONRAD”S KOMMENT: Excellent points. The difference between Stalinist Bolshevism and German National Socialism is that the former was bloodless and globalist, while National Socialism was a manifestation of Blut und Boden (“blood and soil,” a key motto of the Nazis). The Nazis often said that National Socialism was not for export,” meaning that each nation must be National Socialist in its own way. For example, Mexico or Japan (or whatever) could not be German National Socialist. They had their own “blood and soil,” their own volk, and their own histories.

    For the Bolsheviks, we are “brothers” because we are workers. For the German National Socialist, we are brothers by blood. This is anathema to the Jewish mind. As you noted above, the Jew must get rid of this sense of “blood solidarity” before the Jew can invade and infect. Once the Jew has conquered, his victims in the host nation become rootless, isolated, and alienated. They shun their next door neighbors. They envy and resent their own countrymen. They call nationalism (in the “blood and soil” sense) “evil.” Above all, they worship the hoax and Jewish atrocities. Quite simply, Satan has invaded, and now the people worship Satan.

    Regarding the psycho-spiritual role of myths, the Nazis were acutely aware of this, and they sought to cleanse German society of all Judified myths. This is why Hitler favored composers like Wagner, whose operas were based on German myth and legends, not Jewish ones. For example, the Goyim today worship the David-and-Goliath myth, in which a Jew (David) kills Goliath (a Palestinian), and then saws off Goliath’s head and carries it around for a month or two.

    Hitler’s ultimate “sin” was that he wanted Europeans to stop being Jews.

    All the while, the rich, and greedy Middle Class, told the poor they were ‘predestined’ to be poor!

    And the poor believed it. They still believe it, as evidenced by their rejection of the “Truth About Money.” —K

    Within Cromwell’s “new Model Army” one can see all of the elements of the LEFT/RIGHT matrix that manifests the Jewish ethos. They were the dialectic of the time! All paid for by the Jews! When the Monarchy was returned, this Jewish system was merely overturned cosmetically. King James later codified this Jew shyte, in the vaunted King James Bible. Finance capital grew in power. The first seats on the stock exchange were reserved for whom? The Jews!

    Christianity on the British Isles served but one purpose: protect the Jews and their system by sanctimony. Smart elements in British society new this danger, but were too “loyal” or politically connected to change it. The Jewish system became enshrined in calls of “God save the King! God save the Queen!”

    H.L. Menken said, “The US is one big factory, and we came here to work.” We have a huge peasant class in our society. Their genetic code is not that of leaders, but of obedient workers. They are obsessed with “freeeeedom,” but they never had it, and never will. They are permanently enslaved. I call them, “The believers’.

    More excellent points. Belief can be a prison or a liberator. All slavery is a mental condition that is based on belief. You may be bound, beaten, and forced to work at gunpoint, but you do not actually become a slave until you believe your master’s lies. The Jew works by changing people’s beliefs. Please see my comments in response to reader Vickie Jacobs (#4 above).–K

    In the Red Revolution, the people were promised a “workers’ paradise” (run by Jews). In the USA a big mortgage, debt, and getting ‘rich’ is the same kind of promised “paradise.” Both where bunk from the start. Yes, many escaped poverty, but even the legendary Horatio Alger stories’ promise of a break only came by a poor boy being lucky enough to find a rich sponsor! The Victorians where more realistic.

    Communism and Finance Capital are two sides of the same coin, both designed to give the Jews power over a huge formless mass. The former (Communism) has been discarded because the Jews now own the West. Anyone not Jewish who thinks this system will benefit him is a fool. All the Jew has for you are crumbs from his table. A mortgaged home, leased car (if you are lucky), and debt, debt, and more DEBT. But they do give you Talmud-vision, sports spectacles, and Judified Religion as an “opiate of the people.” All of this will validate you. Don’t criticize it! “My grand-pappy was at D- Day and saw Buckenwald!” Any solution will be “just like Hitler!” Read Marx and blend it together. Read the OT, not as “God’s word,” but as the blueprint for your fall. That is the Dialectic.

    This is the fate of all who worship Jews…eternal debt slavery. The U.S. masses can no longer imagine a life without debt slavery. Therefore they reject the “Truth About Money.” They would rather slave for their beloved Jews than be happy and free. –K




If you start from a faulty premise, you will arrive at a faulty conclusion. And each step will be faulty on the way. This is inescapable logic.

Politicians exploit this fact. They know that if they can make the masses believe a false premise, then they can make the masses believe false conclusions.

Jews exploit this fact too. They know that if they can make the masses believe in the holo-hoax, then Jews can make the masses believe that all Jewish atrocities are justified.

Let’s consider the hoax for a moment…

The hoax lie is the core of Jewish identity. It is the foundation of all Jewish lies.

Anyone who believes in the hoax automatically concedes victory to the Jew, and automatically supports Jewish supremacy, no matter how much he complains about “Israeli crimes.”

The hoax is the Jews’ rhetorical “Samson option.” If Jews ever get backed into a rhetorical corner, they push the nuclear button by suddenly asking, “Do you deny the holocaust?”™ No matter what you say, you lose. If you question the hoax, then you are an “anti-Semite.” If you believe in the hoax, then the Jew is a “victim.”

(I am using the hoax as an illustration. The point of this post is how everything hinges on fundamental premises.)

The Jew does not care if you love or hate him. He only cares that you believe in the hoax, for then you will automatically give him your energy. (BDS terrifies Jews, since it deprives the Jewish parasite of your energy.)

If you believe the hoax, then you collaborate in Israeli atrocities. And if you claim to support “human rights,” you are a liar. You automatically give Jews their get-out-of-jail-free card. If you claim that you do not do this, then you are a double liar. You cannot simultaneously believe in the hoax and in “human rights,” just as you cannot simultaneously worship evil and goodness.


Do you remember when you stopped worshipping Jews? It was the day you realized that the hoax was a lie. Before that, you may have had question about Jews, but you did not see Jews as evil.


I have now mentioned the hoax thirteen times — but this post is not about the hoax. It is about how a faulty premise always leads to faulty conclusions.

The faulty premise I want to focus on is this…

A money creator (e.g. the US government) is the same as a money user (e.g. you and me).

Let’s use a diagram to compare this lie with the hoax…


This is the Big Lie about economics and government finances. It is even more pervasive and pernicious than the holo-hoax lie. If you believe the holo-hoax lie, then you support Jewish evil. Everything you say, no matter how well intentioned, advances Jewish supremacy.

Likewise, if you believe the Big Lie about US government finances, then you support inequality. Everything you say, no matter how well intentioned, widens the gap between the 1% and the 99%.

The Big Lie about US government finances is the holo-hoax of economics. It is the false premise upon which all lies in economics are based. It is repeated every day in every textbook and corporate media outlet, just like the holo-hoax.

Every historical age has its big lie. Past examples include “manifest destiny,” racial “superiority,” the “divine right of kings” and so forth. Today’s fundamental lies include things like the holo-hoax, and the Big Lie about money.

All Big Lies have the one purpose, one function, and one goal: to maintain social strata, and to perpetually widen the gap between the rulers and the ruled.

The power of all these lies depends on the public’s voluntarily belief in them. Voluntary belief means slavery.

All slavery is 100% voluntarily. If you are chained, beaten, and forced to work at gunpoint, then you are tortured, but you are not a slave. You only become a slave when you voluntarily choose to believe your torturer’s lies, such as “you deserve to suffer,” since you are “guilty” and “inferior.”  You are a “taker.” Once you choose to believe these lies (and it is always a choice) you cease to be fully human. You become property. You become fully controlled.

The free man’s greatest fear is slavery. The slave’s greatest fear is freedom. The transition from one to the other is always a voluntary choice.

I said above that Jews do not care if you love them or hate them. Jews only want you to believe in their holo-hoax, so that you will give them your energy. It is a form of voluntary slavery.

Likewise, rich people and their lackeys do not care if you love them or hate them. They just want you to believe their Big Lie about money, so that you become their slave.

Liberal or conservative, communist or capitalist, fascist or anti-fascist, male or female, black or white – it does not matter. If you believe the Big Lie, then you are a slave. You are owned and controlled. (If you do not believe it, then you may suffer in poverty, but you are not a slave.)

In a previous post I discussed how Senator Bernie Sanders works to keep the masses enslaved while he pretends to “care” about the slaves. Just as there are Anti-Zionist-Zionists, Sanders is an Anti-Plutocracy-Plutocrat, since he supports the Big Lie about US government finances.

Now let’s look at another example. We’ll use “progressive” blogger David Lindorff from Philadelphia. A couple of days ago Lindorff published a blog post titled, “Time to Demand Medicare for All and Social Security Benefits We Can Live On!”

Lindorff supports the Big Lie that a money creator (the US government) is the same as a money user (you, me, Wal Mart, the state of California, and so on).

In this way, Lindorff works to destroy Medicare and Social security. He can’t avoid it. If you start with a faulty premise, you end with a faulty conclusion. Period. If you believe your master’s lies, then you serve your master’s will. It is unavoidable.

Let’s see some excerpts…

“It’s time for an aggressive mass movement built around defending and expanding Medicare and Social Security.”

Sounds good, but right away Lindorff defends the Big Lie, and thereby nullifies his entire thesis…

“The first step is getting out the truth that Social Security is not broke or doomed, but simply needs to be better funded by ending the free pass given to the wealthy. Simply eliminating the cap on income subject to the FICA tax, currently set at the first $118,500 of earned income, would make the system fully able to pay all promised benefits for the next century or more. Extending the tax to cover unearned income — basically capital gains (a tax that only impacts the wealthy) would allow for an expansion of benefits.”

Lindorff falsely claims that FICA taxes pay for Social security and Medicare. (It is false because money for Social Security benefits is created out of thin air when the government credits your bank account.) Right there he concedes everything to the rich, who falsely claim that a money creator (the US government) is the same as a money user. This is why the rich and their servants will always be able to argue rings around Lindorff, just as Jews will always be able to shut you down if you believe the holo-hoax.

If you believe the holo-hoax lie, then Jews win automatically. Game over.

Likewise, if you believe the lie that taxes pay for Social security, then rich people and their puppets win automatically. Game over. Politicians can simply claim that money is a zero-sum game, and there is not enough tax revenue to fund Social Security. Who are you to argue with their (bullshit) figures?

Just as Jews constantly harp on the all-important holo-hoax lie (the foundation of all their lies) so do rich people and their servants constantly harp on the Big Lie about money (again, the foundation of all their lies).


“There is today $2.8 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund, a fund that was created by a compromise reform reached by President Ronald Reagan and a Democratic Congress led by House Speaker Tip O’Neill back in 1983.”

Whoa. Way wrong. Private trust funds are pools of money, but public federal trust funds do not exist. There is no such thing as a “Social Security Trust Fund,” or a “Highway Trust Fund.” (Just as there was no such thing as the “holocaust.”™) All federal “trust funds” are figures of speech. They are accounting fictions. None have any physical existence. None refer to any pool of money, since the US government creates it spending money ad hoc, out of thin air. The so-called “Social Security Trust Fund” is nothing more than an accounting file, created by the federal government. The file can contain any numbers the government wishes it to have. It cannot “run out,” nor is it ever ‘”added to.” The federal government debits or credits it at will.

If order to believe the lie that public (i.e. federal) trust funds are real, and are the same as private trust funds, you must first believe the Big Lie that a money creator is the same as a money user.

(See how we always come back to fundamental premises?)

By talking about “trust funds,” you perpetuate the Big Lie, and thereby help to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.

Note how Davd Lindorff claims that there are “$2.8 trillion in the Social Security Trust Fund.” Another person will say, “No, there are $4 trillion.” Another will say, “No, there is zero.” All are wrong. All make inequality worse, since all of them champion the Big Lie. It’s like accepting that the holo-hoax is real, and then bickering over how “guilty” the various Goyim are.

If you tell them, “There is no trust fund in the first place,” then they all attack you. Liberal or conservative, black or white, Muslim or Jew, male or female, they will all attack you. Likewise, if you say “There was no holocaust™ in the first place,” they will all attack you.

Do you know why your eyes glaze over when you read articles about economics? It’s because they are bullshit, since almost all are based on the Big Lie.  I was going to analyze more of Lindorff’s article, but you will quickly (and justifiably) stop reading and click to a different blog post. You won’t learn anything from it anyway.

Lindorff makes numerous assertions that sound good, but have no proof, and no basis in reality. For example, he claims that “Wall Street raided the Social Security Trust Fund!” In reality there is no such thing as a SS “trust fund.”  It’s part of the Big Lie.

By claiming that, “Wall Street raided the Social Security Trust Fund!” Lindorff makes you feel good about your slavery. He gives you a reason to complain about Wall Street, while you justify your belief that there’s nothing you can do about it.

In reality there is something you can do about your rich masters. You can stop believing their lies. If enough of us do this, then the rich will be automatically overthrown. Likewise, if enough people stop believing the holo-hoax lie, then Jews will automatically be overthrown.

It’s just a shift in awareness, caused by the willingness to think clearly, ask questions, and examine the fundamental lies at the core of most other lies.

Until we do that, we collaborate in our own poverty and slavery.



#4 by Vickie Jacobs on March 23, 2015 – 3:44 pm

Thank-you!! How true that we are made to believe such lies. We are even told in the book of Matthew (24:38/Exodus 32:6)that nothing changed.


Thanks for reading and commenting. Actually we are not “made to believe the lies.” We choose to believe the lies.

For example, the truth about the holo-hoax or 9-11 is all over the Internet, but many people choose to ignore the truth.

When it comes to money and to national finances, the collective choice to believe the lies causes poverty and debt-slavery. If enough people choose to stop believing the lies, then there will be less inequality. –K


  2. Almost every society is built on lies. In most cases, part of what we call a people’s “culture” consists of a network of lies. We don’t necessarily need to overthrow all the lies, but we should overthrow all lies that cause suffering.
  3. For example, the Big Lie about money keeps hundreds of millions of people in poverty and debt-slavery. –K
  5. There is a german proverb:” Shit must be tasty, because..

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