16 April 2015 (h)



Since you are an anti-Semite, you probably didn’t know that today is holo-hoax remembrance day. In fact, you may be saying, “I thought the Jews just had a hoax day.”

Actually they did. They have them all year.

In order to make the entire planet worship the hoax continually (and with it, Jewish supremacy), Jews have arranged for each country to use a different day to honor the hoax.

Here are some examples…


I could list many more, but you would think, “We already know the hoax is garbage. Why are you rubbing our noses in this filth?”

You can see more here…


Anyway, to help us keep track of this garbage, I propose that we adopt a universal calendar that will always let us know when it’s time to once again pay homage (and pay money) to Jews for a tragic event that never happened.








What actually happened was that today (14 April 2015) the UN Security Council imposed sanctions on the Houthis in Yemen, including an arms embargo.

Russia and China could have vetoed it, but they chose to support it. The vote was 14-to-0. That is the same thing as blessing the Saudi bombing. Russia abstained, but to me that makes no difference.  In fact, abstaining is cowardly.

(So much for Russia and China opposing Judeo-Imperialism.)

The sanctions resolution was written by Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the GCC oil sheikhdoms – i.e. the ones doing the bombing and the starving.

Meanwhile the United States is speeding up arms shipments to the Saudi coalition, and continues to re-arm and refuel their bombers.

The coalition is bombing everything in Yemen, not just the Houthis. This is what China and Russia support.


Vitali Churkin (Russia’s ambassador to the UN) asked the coalition to not use the UN sanctions as an excuse to increase their bombing. He was ignored.  He had tried to pass a competing resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, but this was rejected. He asked for humanitarian pauses in the bombing, so food could be brought in, and foreigners could be evacuated. This too was rejected. Therefore Mr. Churkin surrendered, and blessed the bombing.

It was the same with Libya. (Will Mr. Churkin now bless a mass-bombing campaign of Syria? While we’re at it, how about bombing Lebanon again? The Jews are still whining from their double defeats by Hezbollah.)

The United States has used the veto on 82 occasions between 1946 and 2007. Since 1972 the USA has used its veto power more than any other permanent member – usually to protect the Jews.


The Judeo-Saudis claim that Iran is backing the Houthis, but they have offered no evidence for this. All of Yemen’s ports are blockaded, and the US and Saudi navies inspect every ship that comes near Yemen. No one has found any arms, let alone from Iran. And the desert to the northeast is too vast and empty for anything to come overland.  There are no towns or even villages for hundreds of miles.

In addition to the sanctions and the arms embargo, the Security Council resolution (which Russia did not oppose) demands the Houthis surrender to the Saudis and their puppets, and withdraw from areas they have seized, including Sanaa.

That is, the minority Houthis must return to living in poverty and persecution under the majority Sunnis and their Judeo-Imperialist allies. The Houthis must also submit to Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Saudi puppet who fled Yemen, and is now relaxing in Egypt.

The UN sanctions put Houthi leader Abdel-Malek al-Houthi on the UN blacklist. He is the son of Yemen’s former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, a former US-Saudi puppet who was ousted in the “Arab Spring.” Since Mr. Saleh lost his Saudi backing, he now sides with the Houthis.

This is a grim situation. Therefore I shall end on a satirical note…





The above image is an actual photo of Jews near the Avital Mountain reserve in the Golan Heights. The Jews are watching Syrian government forces battle U.S. and Israeli-backed mercenary terrorists (sometimes called “ISIS”).  Damascus is in the distance, 25 miles away.

I added the explosions, plus the flag, jet, etc.

The point is that Jewish lives must be very empty if Jews have nothing better to do than watch Gaza being bombed, or – in this case – watch Syria bomb the US-backed mercenaries in the distance.

This spot is one mile from the Syria border. The Jews can hear distant booms, and see distant clouds of smoke, but that’s all. Let’s see the original picture…


To the right of this lookout point, 1.25 miles away, is a border checkpoint called the Quneitra Crossing. This is the main entry point for the US and Israeli-backed terrorists (aka “ISIS”) when they need Israeli medical care.



By the way, on the map above, I circled the city of Deraa, Syria, which is only three miles from the Jordan border. It lies on a highway that runs straight to Jordan’s capital of Amman. Perhaps you recall that Deraa was the starting point of the proxy war on Syria in early 2011. Local citizens joined the regional “Arab spring” by peacefully marching in the streets, and they were suddenly shot at by US and Israel-backed snipers on the rooftops. The snipers had been sent in from Jordan, which is five minutes away by car. Naturally the western governments and the corporate media outlets claimed that the snipers were with the Syrian government. This is how the West hijacked the “Arab Spring” in Syria, and turned it into a civil war.

The Judeo-Imperialists use this same trick all over the world…

[1] Use social media to get people to march in the streets
[2] Pay snipers to shoot at the demonstrators from rooftops.
[3] Claim that the snipers work for the government
[4] Proceed to destroy the nation via a civil war.  Or simply begin a “humanitarian” bombing campaign to destroy the entire nation (e.g. Libya).

It works every time, because the masses believe the lies every time. The masses believe whatever the corporate media outlets tell them — although they claim not to believe it.

Anyway, back to those loser Jews with empty lives, the war on Syria is now so old that no one noticed when “ISIS” supposedly “executed” the Jewish agent Steven Sotloff  two weeks ago. “ISIS” supposedly released a (faked) video of this, but the public now regards such videos as more boring than are re-runs of a lousy TV show.

The UK Daily Mail continues to spout comical lies, for example claiming that “ISIS” fighters are swarming over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and are a treat to Israel (which arms them, funds them, and gives medical car to them).

Here’s another picture of the Jews looking out at Syria, hoping to see Goyim kill each other. The metal soldier cut-out is appropriate, since Jews are at war with the universe.


Below is what the Jews come for. Personally I think it would be dull to sit on a mountain all day and watch puffs of smoke in the far distance. But then, I don’t enjoy the thought of Goyim killing each other like the Jews do.


Below, UN “peacekeeping soldiers” relax while they too watch for distant puffs of smoke. They are on Mount Bental, an extinct volcano.


Below is a Syrian tank that has been commandeered by the US and Israeli-backed terrorist mercenaries. This is near the Israeli border. The mercenaries  may only enter Israel to seek food and medical care, and they must leave behind their arms and equipment. If they try to drive this tank into Israel, they will be fired on. Their job is to kill their fellow Goyim in Syria, not to sit to around in the Golan Heights.


Below is the Quneitra Crossing, the only formal crossing between Syria and the Golan Heights. UN soldiers from India check the vehicles of US-backed terrorists to make sure the terrorists are not carrying arms into the Golan Heights. Then the UN soldiers direct the terrorists to the next gate, which is staffed by Jews.




Below, the terrorists themselves are impoverished losers recruited from numerous shit-holes. They are told to enter Syria and cause as much suffering and chaos as they can, however they can. They dare not confront the Syrian army, nor Hezbollah. In September 2014 they attacked UN “peacekeeping troops” and tried to hold them for ransom on and near the Quneitra Crossing. Therefore a number of countries withdrew their UN troops.

In January 2015, Hezbollah sent five men on a reconnaissance mission to see how many of the US and Israel-backed terrorists were moving back and forth between Syrian and the Golan Heights. Hezbollah was near this crossing (Quneitra Crossing) and they weren’t worried, since they knew that the terrorists were cowards and weaklings. However the Hezbollah reconnaissance team became careless. They forgot about Jewish airstrikes. The “ISIS” cowards told the Jews, and on 18 Jan 2015 a Jewish airstrike killed the Hezbollah reconnaissance team. Hezbollah retaliated on 28 March 2015 by killing some Jewish soldiers in the area.




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