16 April 2015 (d)




Jews own and control the media outlets, but they would not have so much power if they did not use this control effectively. Let’s look at an example…

“Tonyfromindiana” wrote a post titled Jewish Control of the Mass Media of ‘News’ and ‘Entertainment’ Gets Results!

It includes a link to a Pew Research Center article, which says that 56% of Americans believe that CIA torture provided information that helped prevent terrorist attacks. Only 28% of Americans do not believe that torture provided any useful information.

The US Senate investigation clearly said that CIA torture did not provide useful information. So why do Americans believe it did?

Quite simply, because people want to believe it. (In this post I am speaking about average people.)

This reveals the key to effective propaganda. The masses believe what they want to believe, regardless of the facts.

Therefore, Jews control the peasant mind by controlling what the peasants want to think. Jews do this by appealing to people’s emotions, whether they be hatred, envy, fear, compassion, or whatever. Once people start thinking emotionally, they don’t care about facts and evidence.

For example, the “holocaust”™ is an effective lie because most people emotionally want to believe it is true.

That is why the Jews push things like the (fabricated) Diary of Anne Frank.  Or Angel at the Fence, a “holocaust™ memoir” that Oprah Winfrey called the single greatest love story she had heard in 22 years of doing her show. Harris Salomon of Atlantic Overseas Pictures paid $25 million for the film rights.

The book was exposed as a fraud, and yet the film will be made anyway, and the masses will take it as “factual” because they emotionally want to.

Likewise, most people think that the 1993 movie Schindler’s List was factual, even though it was adapted from a fiction novel. They want to believe.

Eli Wiesel’s “holocaust”™ book Night has been exposed many times as a fraud. Yet people continue to believe it is “factual” because they want to. It fulfills emotional needs.

The New York Times called Binjamin Wilkomirski’s “holocaust™ memoir” Fragments (1996) “stunning.” The Los Angeles Times described it as a “classic first-hand account of the holocaust.” Fragments received the 1996 National Jewish Book Award for Autobiography and Memoir. In Britain it received the Jewish Quarterly Literary Prize. In France it was awarded the Prix Memoire de la Shoah.

But it turned out to be another fraud.

No matter how many “holocaust”™ frauds are exposed, the masses always believe the next fraud, because they want to.

This stupidity tends to increase with a person’s age. The PEW poll shows that — statistically speaking — the older people become, the more stupid and gullible they become, and the more they believe in fairy tales. For example, the PEW poll shows that the older are the respondents, the more they believed that CIA torture produced useful information. Likewise, the older people become, the more they believe in the “holocaust.”™ (I have verified this myself, from personal experience.)

(Naturally there are exceptions. I speak statistically.)

Also, the poll shows that the more people follow the corporate media, the more they believe media lies. They consider themselves to be more intelligent and better informed than average people, but the truth is the reverse.

For this reason, the more than any claim appeals to our emotions, the more we should independent verify it before we accept the claim as true.


True belief is born not from “faith,” but from doubt. If we hear a claim and we investigate it, and the claim turns out to be true, then our belief will be much stronger than the “faith” of people who believe whatever they hear without checking.

Indeed, one reason why people angrily defend the “holocaust”™ is that they subconsciously know that their belief is based on emotion, and is therefore fragile. They don’t want their fairy tales removed. And so they submit to Jewish supremacy, and they demand that you do too.

Religious people say that in order to see God’s work, you must first believe that God’s work exists. Such statements are worthless. If you believe that unicorns exist, then you will see traces of unicorns everywhere you look. You may call this “proof” if you like. I will call you a moron.


Finally, here are the basic tenets of effective lies…

•Avoid intellectual ideas. Always appeal to the emotions.

•Constantly repeat just a few ideas, using buzzwords and stereotypes, but not so much that you diminish the effect. Knowing how much is enough is an art.

•Give only one side of the argument.

•Continuously criticize your opponents.

•Pick out one special “enemy” for focused vilification (e.g. “Nazis” or “ISIS”).

• Timing is essential. Your lies must reach your audience ahead of all competitors’ messages

•Your lies must be delivered by someone in “authority,” such as a priest, professor, politician, or pundit in the media.

•You must label or brand people and events with distinctive phrases or slogans that the masses can easily learn, and which are boomerang-proof.

•You must arouse the peasants’ anxiety and hostility, and direct it at some target.

•Before taking any action, you must make sure it will not weaken your lies, or strengthen your opponents.

Jews and politicians do this constantly. That’s why people believe their lies, no matter how many times the lies are exposed.






When it comes to spreading imperialistic lies, RT sinks to a new low each day. The latest nonsense is titled, “ISIS releases horrifying sex slave pamphlet, justifies child rape.”

A “slave pamphlet.”

Cute. One wonders why marauding hoards of child rapists would need a “guide book” for raping and enslaving.

Note RT’s melodramatic wording…

“ISIS has released a guide to the capture, punishment and rape of female non-believers. It outlines how to use them as their sex slaves, and also justifies child rape. The guide appears in the form of questions and answers about how to capture and subjugate woman of other beliefs.
The sickening list appears to have been printed on December 3 by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in-house publishers for their “Research and Fatwa Department.”

RT’s sole source for this garbage is MEMRI, the Israeli propaganda mill headed by Yigal Carmon (a former Israeli military intelligence officer) and Meyrav Wurmser, the Israeli-born wife of Jewish neocon David Wurmser.


RT continues…

“It’s known the Islamic State has kidnapped more than 2,500 women, and another 4,600 are missing. In their twisted, medieval interpretation of Islam, the document makes crystal clear how these woman are treated, and that such treatment is permissible because the captives are non-Muslims.”

RT is a corporate media outlet. As such, it depicts Muslims as mindless fanatics, driven to convert, slaughter, or enslave everyone in their path. Moreover, RT says that Muslims are all pedophiles and child rapists.

“The rules then state that it’s alright to rape a slave ‘immediately after taking possession of her’ and that it is ‘permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse’.”

For RT, the purpose of Islam is to justify the rape of little girls.  RT’s “proof” for this is MEMRI, the Israeli lie factory.

You may say that, “RT doesn’t say all Muslims are like this; only ISIS.”

Oh? How does RT distinguish ISIS from other Muslims? RT doesn’t.

Continuing with the RT article…

“The pamphlet emerged at the same time as information about young British female Muslims came to light. These women have used social media to brag about joining Islamic State’s terrifying all-female police force, which dole out beatings, and manage brothels where thousands of Yazidi women are kept after being sold for just $42.”


Terrifying all-female police force? Cool! Is that like the deadly female “ninjas” of Iran? Or the terrifying all-female commando battalions that Moammar Gaddafi supposedly had? This is a standard part of imperialist propaganda. Its purpose is to excite the male brain, and make men want to hear more. Dominatrix women giving beatings and managing brothels? What do they charge for each “trick”?

women of isis

And how about those “thousands of women sold for $42”? Sounds like a bargain. How much for kids?


Here’s an answer from RT…

“The ISIS price list for slaves ranks the cost of a woman by age, so while a woman aged 40-50 would sell for just $43, a girl aged 10-20 would be worth $125 and a child under nine would sell for $166.”

I knew there had to be a catch. The $43 slaves are wrinkled old hags (i.e. 40 years old).

There is more silliness in the article, but I will not dignify it with further comments.


BY THE WAY: Notice how RT uses this garbage to not only vilify Muslims, but to divide Muslims from within, turning them into “takfiris,” i.e. people who accuse each other of being “kafirs” (infidels).


Also, notice how the lies make Muslims condemn themselves.  When Muslims hear the nonsense about ISIS, they protest: “We are not like that. This is not Islam. The ISIS people are kafirs.”  Thus, Muslims “confess” that ISIS is real, and that it is a group of Muslim monsters. In so doing they reinforce the widespread lie that Muslims in general are monsters. The rest of the world thinks, “Where do the “bad” Muslims end, and the “good” Muslims begin?

The MEMRI website itself claims that the ISIS guide to raping young girls is titled, Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves. As though bloodthirsty hoards need instruction manuals on raping and pillaging.

MEMRI also claims it was written by the ISIS “Department for Prisoners and Women’s Affairs” — as though “ISIS” is a country or a government. (“Sex slavery for dummies.”)

Supposedly the guide says things like this…

Question: “It is permissible to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking her captive?”

Answer: “Yes if she is fit for intercourse. If she is not, then her captor must make do with forcing other sex acts on the girl.”


The Guide for Dummies says that married men may rape virgins immediately after they are captured or purchased. The Guide also explains in detail that slave women, known as al-Sabi, can be taken from Christians and Jews, but not ex-Muslims.

Got that? ISIS terrorists are worse than child rapists. They are anti-Semites!

If you believe all this nonsense, it is because you WANT to.

Some of us are so accustomed to condemning Jews that we impulsively attack anyone who the Jews throw into our dungeon.  This makes us vulnerable to believing their lies.

As for RT, you must always take it with a “grain of salt.”


Poland’s top court rules that Jews may torture animals

For Jews, meat is only tasty if the animal suffers in agony as it dies. Thus, the kosher method of slaughter (called “shechita”) is to cut an animal’s throat and let it flail about in pain as it bleeds to death.

There are horrific videos of this on YouTube — but I will not give links here. Nor will I make any satirical images.

Unfortunately the Muslim method of slaughter, called “dhabīḥah,” involves the same thing. However Muslims do not go crazy if animal rights people seek to ban this method of slaughter.

Jews, by contrast, regard any mention of animal cruelty as a form of “holocaust.”™

In Poland, a 2012 court verdict upheld the views of animal rights groups who said it was cruel for Jews to torture animals for fun.

The Jews screamed in protest, saying that the ban threatened their “right” to freely practice their “faith,” and that it “threatened” Jews throughout Europe, and perhaps the  world.

Last Wednesday (10 Dec 2014) Poland’s highest court ruled 9-to-5 that Jews may torture animals as they wish, and that any ban of Jewish atrocities was unconstitutional.

“This ruling is satisfactory,” said Piotr Kadlcik, a board member of the Jewish Community of Warsaw. “The tribunal gave a very good signal that Poland is not resistant to Jewish supremacism an anti-Semitic country.”

In Sep 2014 the Lithuanian parliament passed a law that let animals be killed by having their throats cut. This was done to stimulate exports of meat to Israel and the Middle East after Russia banned imports of Lithuanian meat. Russia banned the imports because Lithuania participates in the Western sanctions against Russia.

The German National Socialists outlawed this barbarity, and passed numerous laws against cruelty to animals. Nazi Germany became the first nation to ban vivisection. Hitler himself was a vegetarian, and had very strong views about this. Anyone caught indulging in severe cruelty to animals was sent to jail or the camps. The Nazis also banned commercial animal trapping, banned the boiling of live lobsters and crabs, and banned the force-feeding of livestock.   They imposed severe restrictions on hunting, and regulated the shoeing of horses. They banned the use of animals in circuses or films if it caused pain to the animals. They enacted laws to protect endangered species (e.g. wolves).

Jews and their allies say it was all part of the “holocaust,”™ and was done to persecute Jews.

Some animal rights groups have compared the commercial production and slaughtering of animals to the Jewish “holocaust,”™ thereby strengthening Jewish lies.

Fortunately the Jews attack all such comparisons. There can be no “moral equivalency” between the “holocaust”™ (which never happened), and any other suffering in the universe.

For example, Ingrid Newkirk, the president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), said, “Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.”

Jews screamed, saying that Jews cannot be compared to chickens. (I agree with the Jews. They can be compared to disgusting bacteria, but not to chickens.)





Esteemed T.U.T. reader Tom Mysiewicz notes that holocaustianity (i.e. worship of the “holocaust”™) resists logical analysis because it is a faith-based religion.

I agree. Holocaustianity is a cult. It has with temples (“holocaust” museums), high priests (e.g. Eli Wiesel), infidels (“anti-Semites”), sacred texts (e.g. “The Diary of Anne Frank”) and a proselytizing (i.e. imperialistic) mission.

Its message is “Convert or die!” It is saturated with lies, hate, and exploitation. It poisons and corrupts everyone it touches. And it has replaced traditional Christianity, such that today’s Christians worship Jews more than they worship their own Jesus. (Indeed, the more Jews despise them, the more they worship Jews.)

However, I do not agree with this statement of Tom’s…

“Perhaps the best approach at this juncture is to treat the ‘holocaust’™ believer with the same courtesy that one would treat the adherent of any other religion, recognizing that the subject matter of the religion is faith.”

Whoa. As I have often commented here at T.U.T., holocaustianity is an integral part of the Unholy Trinity that is strangling mankind. This diabolical triad consists of Jew-worship, neo-liberalism, and the police / surveillance state with its endless war. Each leg of the triad depends on and strengthens the other two legs.

The Unholy Trinity’s sole function is to widen the wealth+power gap between the rich and the rest. Holocaustianity is part of this. It is spiritual sewage. Its cult members are demons. It is a religion of pure hate.

Jews themselves proclaim that, “There can be no co-existence with rats” (meaning Goyim). The Jews are correct, except that the rats are Jews.  Jews are disease. Bacteria. Microbes. Shall we “co-exist” with the Ebola virus? No, we must eradicate it.

Imagine if people regarded the Ebola virus as “just like us.” Imagine if they thought that we could be friends with the virus if we would learn to “understand” it and put ourselves in the virus’ place. This would be absurd, but that’s what people do when they speak of “co-existence” with Jews.

Maybe you have seen this bumper sticker in your town. My next-door neighbor has one on his car. They’re everywhere in the USA. I will add the word “Ebola”…

Like I said, they are everywhere. In every state. Some people find these stickers condescending. (“I’m more tolerant that you. Get with the program!”) I find them dangerous, since they treat Jews as though they were human. Below is a similar item from a UK group that calls itself the Coexist Foundation, which again treats Jews as though they were human. Note the centrality of the Jewish star….


Tolerance is good when we are talking about people, but not when we are talking about disease. Shall we “tolerate” Ebola? She we let cockroaches eat us alive? If we “tolerate” a deadly bacteria, then we merely indulge our own self-righteous vanity at the expense of other people.

But wait…maybe Jews really are “just like us.”

Well, if you are here at T.U.T., then you already know the truth about that. Jews are not human. Period.




I had a friend who lives in Wilmette Illinois, an affluent suburb of Chicago. Wilmette is next to Skokie, which crawls with Jews. This ex-friend is 80 years old. He and I communicated every day about economics and finance. Like me, he tends to be a “leftist.” He was anti-racism, anti-bigotry, and so on. He did not agree with immigrant bashers. He felt that  some industries should never be privatized (e.g. utilities, police, prisons, banks, etc.). He was sensitive, caring, and intelligent.

He was also quite insane.

He was a wannabe Jew – that is, he was not born a Jew, but he was more of a Jewish supremacist than the most militant Jewish supremacist who ever lived. I always avoided any discussion of these issues, but finally he smothered me with his filth.

Let me illustrate his madness.

Just today in his blog he condemned people who support CIA torture. He compared them to racists and to immigrant-bashers. He wondered why people write checks to charities, and rescue drowning strangers, and catch babies thrown from burning windows — while people also support torture. He wrote, “Unlike other nationalities, we Americans want wife beaters and child beaters sent to jail.” (Note the racism against foreigners. That’s his inner Jew speaking.)

His question today was: how can we be horrified by one thing, and justify another? How can we be cruel and charitable at the same time?

His madness is that he does not realize that the question applies to HIM most of all. He is the most schizophrenic and self-contradictory moron in the world.  He is utterly incapable of applying his own observations to himself. And he has been this way all his life.

He is fanatically pro-Jew and anti-Muslim. He cheers every bombardment of Gaza. He condemns Christian evangelicals for their hate, but he praises evangelicals for their Jew-worship, which consists of pure hate.

Today he said that “illegal immigrants” are people with the same needs and desires we have.” He said, “Most are poor people trying to improve their lives — just like us.” And yet he calls Arabs and Muslims “fanatics” and “suicide bombers.” All of them. Why? Because Jews say so.

This geriatric clown was also an arch racist. He disparaged police brutality against blacks, yet he made racist remarks against the government of Zimbabwe. No matter how often I explained the truth about Zimbabwe, he lapsed back into his racism. Again, that was his inner Jew talking.  (Jews are very liberal regarding Blacks or Hispanics in the USA, but flaming racists toward Blacks and Hispanics outside the USA.)

I knew this old creep for five years, and whenever he indulged in Jew worship, I made no comment or reply. Finally, during the most recent bombardment of the Gaza Death Camp, he became so wild that I vanished forever, as did many other people who were in his life.

The moral of the story?

1. The most militant Jews of all are wannabe Jews. People who were not born Jewish. They envy and adore Jews, but they will not convert to Judaism, since they fear they could never be welcomed. They could never be “one of them,” i.e. equal to them. They are disgusting.

2. The most racist people of all are people who scream loudest about racists. This old bastard, for example, always prattled on about racism against Blacks and Hispanics, etc, but he freely indulged his own racism against Arabs, Muslims, or against Africans that the US government hates. He called himself a “leftist,” yet he hated leftist governments in South America.

In short, he was an honorary Jew. More Jewish than the worst of Jews. A wannabe Jew.





The simple answer: to destroy socialist Cuba, break up the ALBA nations, and hurt Russia, Iran, and Venezuela.

Let’s explain how this works…

Oil prices have fallen by half since late June 2014.

Reason: neo-liberalism is sustaining a permanent global depression. As a result, demand for oil is down, especially in China, Japan, and Europe.

Meanwhile the supply of oil is up, because domestic supplies are increasing—almost entirely caused by the frantic pace of drilling in “tight” oil fields in North Dakota and Texas, using hydro-fracturing (“fracking”) and horizontal drilling technologies.

Usually when there is a mismatch between supply and demand in the global crude oil market, it is up to Saudi Arabia—the world’s top exporter—to reduce or increase production in order to stabilize prices. However in Sep 2014, John Kerry asked King Abdullah to maintain production, and to cut prices to customers in Asia. Kerry did this to hurt Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. (More about that below.)

A cut in prices would normally stimulate an economy, but not in the age of neo-liberalism, where Wall Street (i.e. the financial economy) takes precedence over Main Street (i.e. the real economy).

Main Street needs oil. Wall Street does not. Wall Street’s casino capitalism is an abstract game of making money from money. Wall Street thrives while Main Street dies. Hence there is no demand for oil.

This is why low oil prices have not boosted the USA’s real economy. Unemployment remains high, and the people that still have jobs are paid dirt wages. Activity on Main Street is down (because of neo-liberalism). Therefore the demand for energy is down.

The fall in oil process has made it unprofitable to extract oil from Texas and North Dakota. As these operations wind down, scarcity will return, and oil prices will climb once again. Then oil companies will resume extracting oil from Texas and North Dakota.

Therefore the time for the USA to act is NOW, while oil prices are temporarily down, and Russia, Iran, and Venezuela are hurting. These nations depend on oil revenue, because they need foreign currency, because importers want to be paid in foreign currency (e.g. dollars or euros).
Importers do not want to be paid in the local currency of Iran, Russia, or Venezuela.

The USA does not need foreign currency, since the dollar is accepted worldwide. If the dollar were not accepted outside the USA, then America’s hundred-billion-dollar trade deficit would instantly (as in overnight) destroy America as we know it. The USA would suddenly have to become self-sufficient, or else break up into pieces.

Corporate media outlets claim that oil prices are down because there is an “oil glut.”  This is false. World oil production peaked in 2005, and has been declining ever since. Oil prices are temporarily down because demand is falling much faster than supply.

Some people say the Saudis are causing the fall in oil process. Again, this is false. The Saudis are only one factor. The real cause is a fall in demand (caused by global neo-liberalism) combined with a temporary increase in supply. If the Saudis were to cut production in order to increase scarcity, and thereby boost prices, it would make little difference, since Main Street is dead. Thus, Main Street would not demand oil. Thus, oil process would not rise.

Only Wall Street is hopping, and Wall Street does not need oil. (“Wall Street” means casino capitalism wherever it occurs in the world.)

Here is another falsehood: “More than 50% of Russian state revenue comes from its export sales of oil and gas.” Wrong. In terms of domestic revenue (rubles) the Russian government doesn’t need any. It can create as many rubles as it likes out of thin air. What Russia needs is foreign currency, in order to pay for imports of food, and so forth.

The fall in oil prices has reduced the profits of oil companies, but they don’t care. They are sitting on mountains of cash. To hurt Russia, Iran, and Venezuela, they can afford to temporarily make only $500 billion in profits, rather than $600 billion.


Venezuela has sent cheap oil to Cuba since Chavez became president, and the fall in oil prices will not affect this.

In return, Venezuela benefits from thousands of Cuban doctors and engineers that come to Venezuela.

Venezuela has a lot of oil (the largest reserves in the world). Therefore Venezuela has enjoyed a plentiful influx of foreign currency. However this has caused native non-petroleum-related industries to atrophy in Venezuela. Venezuela must import most of its food, cars, etc. This is no problem as long as oil prices remain high, since Venezuela can pay for all imports. But when oil prices fall, Venezuela runs short of foreign currency, and cannot buy imports. Venezuela starves.

Meanwhile the corrupt bond rating agencies (Fitch, Moody’s and S&P) have suddenly and arbitrarily downgraded Venezuela’s sovereign bonds. As a result, Venezuela cannot get foreign currency by borrowing it (through the selling of bonds). This is intentional.

To repeat, Venezuela cannot get foreign currency (to buy imports) by borrowing it, or by selling oil. Venezuela is under an economic blockade.

Simultaneously Venezuela suffers from high inflation. This is the result of an economic war being waged by Venezuela’s rich oligarchs against Venezuela’s government and people. The oligarchs drive up local prices by reducing local production, and by hoarding foodstuffs and consumer goods. This is illegal, and the government tries to stop it, but it’s a cat-and-mouse game. The oligarchs are constantly moving things around and falsifying their records in order to stay one step ahead of the government while maintaining high prices. The purpose is to make Venezuela’s masses scream in pain, and call for a new government (ruled by the oligarchs).

When the oligarchs make war on you, and they have outside help, they can only be defeated by putting them in prison and taking over the means of production.  Thus, to defeat the oligarchs, Venezuela’s government would have to go communist or National Socialist — either of which would bring an instant military attack from the entire Western world. It would be Libya II.

Despite the war by the oligarchs, with their engineered scarcity, Venezuela was able to keep buying imports as long as oil prices were high, since Venezuela’s government could get foreign currency. But now that oil prices are down, and Venezuela’s supply of foreign currency is drying up, the oligarchs’ war is devastating.

Cuba will continue to get Venezuelan oil, but that is not enough. Cuba also needs to import food. For that, Cuba needs foreign currency. Venezuela has no foreign currency to give it, since oil prices are down.

Neither Venezuela nor Cuba can print their own currencies out of thin air are use it to pay for imports, since importers will not accept those currencies as payment. Foreign importers want to be paid in dollars, or euros, or British pounds. When you send 10,000 cars to Venezuela, you want to be paid in dollars that you can spend anywhere in the world. You do not want to be paid in bolivar fuertes that you can only spend in Venezuela.

Cuba’s economy is in trouble, since Cuba can no longer get help from Venezuela’s government, other than oil imports. Thus, Cuba is forced to start talking to Washington, whose sudden recognition of Cuba is a wedge between Cuba and Venezuela. It is designed to break up the ALBA nations. The USA must do this NOW, before oil prices go back up.

Washington’s recognition of Cuba will not stop at building an embassy in Havana. Washington will shower Cuba’s top politicians with money, thereby creating an instant and permanent addiction to money and power. Cuba’s politicians will want more. Always more.

In other words, once Cuba is corrupted, there will be no going back. Cuba will turn away from Venezuela, and will enter the globalist club. Everything gained from the revolution will be lost. Cuba will become Mexico, or even Honduras. A playground for the rich, and a nightmare for the natives.

All the corporate bigwigs understand what I have just described above. That’s why they are circling Cuba like vultures. Within a year, Cuba will be overrun with Israeli tourists. Synagogues and “holocaust”™ museums will spring up like weeds. (At present, Cuba only has about 2,000 native Jews.) Cuba’s finance minister and central bank head will be Jews.

It’s over folks. I’m sorry to be so negative, but I’ve seen this movie many times, and the ending is always the same.




But 11,000 American troops will remain to guard the production of illegal heroin. Plus 6,500 foreign troops. (That’s just the official number.) And the drones will continue to exterminate whole villages.

It’s just that “Operation Enduring Freedom” will now be called “Operation Resolute Support.” Today there was an hour-long ceremony in Kabul gymnasium to mark the epic name change.

In late September 2014, the U.S. and Afghanistan signed a “Bilateral Security Agreement” that lets the US military stay in Afghanistan indefinitely, with total immunity for U.S. personnel who slaughter Afghans.

Over 13 years, 3,500 foreign troops have died (at least 2,224 of them Americans) plus about 21,000 Afghan civilians.

This year alone, the struggle between various drug lords has claimed the lives of 5,000 Afghan security personnel.

The biggest and most ruthless drug lord of all is the US government.





Just a quick note…

Recall that on 21 Nov 2014 Chris Hedges was invited to give a speech at the University of Pennsylvania scheduled for 3 April 2015.

But on 15 Dec 2014, Hedges published an article at his Truthdig web site saying,

“The ISIS quest for an ethnically pure Sunni state mirrors the quest for a Jewish state carved out of Palestine in 1948. ISIS tactics are much like those of the Jewish guerrillas who used violence, terrorism, foreign fighters, clandestine arms shipments and foreign money, along with horrific ethnic cleansing and the massacre of hundreds of Arab civilians, to create Israel.”

That comment got Hedges banned from speaking at the University “peace conference” in April.

(Whenever any Jew or Jews are involved in a “peace conference,” the event always centers on promoting Jewish supremacy.)


Hedges used his next column at Truthdig to attack his attackers: “Being banned from speaking about the conflict between Israel and Palestine, especially at universities, is familiar to anyone who tries to challenge the narrative of the Israel lobby. This is not the first time one of my speaking offers has been revoked and it will not be the last.”

Evidently that got Hedges banned for life from speaking anywhere in the USA.

Hedges is now in full apology mode, groveling to his Jewish betters. Yesterday he published a new post at the TruthDig blog in which he spends an incredible 4,000 words defending the holo-hoax lie.

The post has been re-posted in numerous “liberal” and “anti-war” blogs, most of which are fanatically pro-Jewish — and therefore fanatically pro-war.

With International holocaust Jewish lie Day coming up on 27 January, I expect to see many more posts from Hedges in which he endlessly drones on about the sacred holo-hoax. Will it be enough to earn forgiveness from the Jews? We’ll see.





The West talks about Muslim fundamentalism as though it is an evil force that must be destroyed.

And yet, the West intentionally created Muslim fundamentalism, and continues to support and promote it as a weapon against socialism, nationalism, and authentic Islam.

The West needs and depends on Muslim fundamentalism.

Ultimately the West is a mirror image of Muslim fundamentalism.

I shall start by discussing what the West vilifies as “Islamism” (i.e. Muslim fundamentalism) and then I shall critique all forms of religious fundamentalism.  I shall not discuss religion; only fundamentalism.


Before the 1980s, Muslim fundamentalism existed in only two places in the Middle East.

The first place was the U.S.-supported dictatorship of Saudi Arabia, whose ruling monarchy has only survived because of U.S. and Israeli support. The official religion of Saudi Arabia is a fundamentalist version of Islam that, along with the royal family, are the two anchors of Saudi government power.

The other place was wherever the USA, Israel, or Saudi Arabia needed fundamentalism as a weapon to divide and enslave the Arab masses.

Between the end of World War II and 1980 the dominant ideology in the Middle East was pan-Arab socialism, an ideology that viewed Islamic fundamentalism as socially and economically backward.

Syria, for example, long had a “Social Nationalist” party modeled on the German Nazis. Ba’athism itself (Arabic for “renaissance”/”resurrection”) was essentially Nationalist and Socialist, just like the German Nazis. Moreover Ba’athism was secular, but was never atheist nor anti-Islam.  Nor were the Nazis. (The Waffen SS had several Muslim divisions.)

Pan-Arab National Socialism first became powerful with Gamal Abdel Nasser, who was Egypt’s president from 1956  to 1970. One of the first things that Nasser did when he became president was to form a political union with Syria that became known as the United Arab Republic. Unfortunately Syrian leaders felt that that Nasser did not treat them as full equals. The union broke apart in 1961 after three years (although Egypt continued to be known officially as the “United Arab Republic” until 1971).

In Egypt, Nasser nationalized banks, insurance companies, all heavy industry, and the cotton industry, which was crucial to the Egyptian economy. Nasser limited how much land a rich person could own. He lowered or eliminated interest rates for farmers. He imposed a ninety-percent tax on all income above 10,000 Egyptian pounds. He ordered management boards to include representatives of workers and employees. He cut the average workday from eight hours to seven hours, with no reduction in pay.

Needless to say, all this alarmed the Judeo-USA, which favors slavery, plutocracy, and the reduction of all things to monetary value.

Although the United Arab Republic broke apart in 1963, Syria developed its own form of National Socialism called Ba’athism in 1963. What distinguished Ba’athism from communism was the same thing that distinguished Nazism from Communism, namely the element of nationalism, which itself is based on a sense of community. Hitler said that German National Socialism could never be exported, and was never meant to be. Likewise, Ba’athism and pan-Arab socialism was specifically for Arabs.  If other peoples chose to be National Socialist, that was fine, but they could not be Arab National Socialists, since they were not Arabs. They could be Brazilian National Socialists, or Chinese National Socialists, or whatever.

For the Nazis and the Ba’athists, socialism without a sense of community was unworkable. It was impersonal communism, whose power-politics are a mirror image of capitalism. Communism is a Kafka-esque nightmare of witch hunts and Big Brother, just like arch-capitalism.

Ba’athism and National Socialism, whether German, Arab, or whatever, vitally depends upon and promotes this sense of community, which the Nazis called volksgemeinshaft.  For Arabs and Nazis alike, socialism (the community spirit) was a way of life, not just an economic order. It was a spiritual path that encompassed economics, politics, training, education, social life, health, morals, literature, science, history, and all other topics great and small. All of it was predicated on the idea of ordinary people helping each other, rather than being slaves of the rich.

This idea is also the basis of authentic Islam and authentic Christianity. (Jesus’ final order for his disciples was, “Love one another as I have loved you.” ~ John 13:34)

Of course, all this is anathema to the Judaic West, which favors tyranny over harmony; slavery over liberty; and plutocracy over cooperation.  The Judaic West favors a sense of community that is based on hatred and pettiness. A herd mentality in which people constantly fight with each other, but are united in support for their slave masters. (An example of such hate-filled morons are Evangelical Christians.) The Judeo-western world despises any sense of community in which average people help each other, since sharing and solidarity are a very powerful defense against the rich and the Jews.

(For example, the holo-hoax™ relies on alienation and mutual hatred. Jewish lies would lose power if average people were united in a genuine sense of sharing and community. The more violent, perverted, and Satanic this world becomes, the more powerful the holo-hoax lies become.)

From this we see that the basic battle in this world is essentially between…

[1] The impetus to become slaves of Jews, rich people, and their puppets. This is the realm of religious fundamentalism.

[2] The impetus to help each other, and thus become lovers of God. This is the realm of true Islam and true Christianity.

The Judaic West champions #1, and opposes #2. Its politicians are obsessed with keeping the masses divided and bickering, and thus crippled and enslaved. Judeo-Western politicians oppose all forms of nationalism that consist of ordinary people helping one another, free of their masters.

To fight Arab National Socialism (i.e. fight #2) the West armed and funded various fundamentalist groups, and had them conduct terrorist attacks against the socialist governments of Egypt, Syria, Libya, Iraq and other governments that aligned themselves with this socialist ideology at various times.

For example, from 1963 until 2000, Syria’s government was basically “Nazi” (National Socialist, or Ba’athist). One of the first things the Syrian government did after the Ba’athist coup in 1963 was to ban fundamentalist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, since fundamentalists opposed true Islam and National Socialism. Fundamentalists (Muslim, Christian, or otherwise) favor despotism and exploitation.

Israel and the West supported Islamist (i.e. fundamentalist) uprising in Syria from 1976 to 82. On 16 June 1979, the Muslim Brotherhood murdered 83 cadets at the Aleppo Artillery School.

Eventually the Syrian people and government crushed the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

The Judeo-Western media outlets responded by running countless stories about the “brutality” of Syria’s government in putting down the (Western-backed) “freedom fighters” (i.e. terrorists).

The Judified West also sought to break up Arab unity by falsely claiming that Ba’athist Iraq had supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Ba’athist Syria.

That was just one example among many of the Judeo-West using religious fundamentalism as a weapon against all forms of National Socialism. The socialist Arab governments managed to crush most of the US-supported fundamentalist (i.e. terrorist) movements, only to face new ones again and again, armed and funded by the USA.

During the Cold War (1945-1991) the U.S. aligned itself with Islamic fundamentalism (i.e. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states) while the Soviet Union aligned itself with the secular Arab nations that identified as socialist.

In 1978 the Saur revolution in Afghanistan resulted in yet another socialist-inspired government, this one beyond the Arab sphere. The USA panicked, and  responded by working with Saudi Arabia to give tons of weapons, training, and cash to fundamentalist jihadists from Arabic nations, helping to transform them into a regional force that soon became the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

The U.S.-backed Afghan jihad began in 1980 with the Presidency of Reagan, who called the Muslim fundamentalists “freedom fighters.” This was the birth of the modern Islamic fundamentalist movement. The jihad attracted and helped organize fundamentalists across the region, as the Gulf state dictatorships used their state religion to promote fundamentalism, in coordination with the USA and Israel.

Fundamentalists traveled to fight in Afghanistan, and returned to their home countries (i.e. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States) with weapons training and hero status that inspired others to join the fundamentalist movement.

Next, the USA helped the fundamentalists by invading Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), destroying Libya (2011), and launching a ruthless proxy war against Syria (2011), which is the Afghan jihad on steroids.

In all cases the Judeo-Western goal is to smash all forms of socialism and nationalism. That is, smash all examples of people living for each other, rather than living for Jews and the rich. The Judeo-Western spirit is Satanic. So is religious fundamentalism. Both are based on greed, arrogance, murder, hate, selfishness, self-righteousness, and endless violence. This is why Christian evangelists worship Jewish atrocities above all else.

All this is the opposite of Arab National Socialism, which is genuinely Islamic, in that it promotes brotherhood and a sense of community (umma).

Put another way, the Judified West supports fundamentalist Islam as a weapon against genuine Islam, and evangelical Christianity against genuine Christianity. The masses must not serve each other. The masses must only serve Jews and the rich.


At the end of World War II, the USA subjected Germany to a brutal brainwashing program called de-Nazification. Likewise, with the US invasion of Iraq, the Americans subjected Iraqis to a brutal brainwashing program called de-Ba’athification. In both cases the goal was to break up all sense of socialism and community. Iraqis, like the Germans before them, were taught to hate each other. They were taught to become selfish, greedy, corrupt, violent, hypocritical, and hyper-materialistic – in a word, Jews and servants of Jews.

This process is self-sustaining. Hate begets hate. As people become impoverished under evil and corrupt leaders, the gap between the rich and the rest grows exponentially. The rich grind the masses into the dirt. The masses respond by attacking each other.  Frustration breeds hostility. Hostility saturates fundamentalism, whether it be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or whatever.


Impoverished Arabs and Americans, seething with hatred, claim to have the only Truth. In their despair, they accuse everyone else of being infidels. (In Arabic these enraged accusers are called “takfiris.”) They become extremely violent, myopic, hypocritical, materialistic, and self-righteous. Indeed, they become more Jewish than the Jews themselves.

Evangelical Christians are now so impoverished, and so filled with blind hatred, that they worship Jewish atrocities above all else. Likewise, Muslim fundamentalists depend on Israeli support and guidance. Both groups are satanic. Both favor endless war. Both oppose socialism as “godless.” Christian fundamentalists are the mirror images of Muslim fundamentalists they hate.

All of this serves Jews and the rich. It keeps the masses divided, distracted, and controlled.


Among the fundamentalists themselves (Muslim, Christian, or whatever), religious leaders are corrupt psychopaths who are only interested in power and wealth. They are allied with the Judeo-plutocracy, and they praise its theft and atrocities as “God’s will.” They promise dignity and power to those who have been robbed of both, but the only power that fundamentalists can offer is the same type of power as that shared by members of violent and mindless street gangs.

All fundamentalist gangs oppose all other fundamentalist gangs. All are mirror images of each other. All are mindless and evil. All serve the Judeo-plutocracy.

Ours is the era of the Jew. Of Satan. Of religious fundamentalism. Therefore it is difficult for average Americans to grasp the greatness of past Muslim society, with its stupendous achievements in science, medicine, economics, and the arts. At their zenith, Muslim societies were more technologically and scientifically advanced than any societies in the world, including China.


Because they were National Socialist in character. That is, they were predicated on the idea of mutual support and exchanges, rather than slavery to the rich, or to some warlord. They were incredibly cosmopolitan. Rather than being rigid and closed-minded like today’s fundamentalists, they eagerly sought new ways of looking at the world.


This was the Islamic Golden Age, which roughly began around 800 AD.  Scholars from all over the world converged at the House of Wisdom in Baghdad, where they translated each other’s texts, and local scholars translated foreign texts into Arabic. Religion, science, technology, engineering, politics, and the arts were all exchanged. Everyone hungered for new ideas.

The Islamic Golden Age ended in 1258 AD with the invasion of the Mongol hoards, who were essentially Judaic in character. Like today’s Judeo-imperialists, the Mongols came only for material plunder, and to take slaves. They destroyed the House of Wisdom, and massacred most of the people in Baghdad, just as the Jews (according to their Torah) massacred every man, women, child, and animal in places like Jericho. Likewise the USA massacred almost everyone in the Iraqi town of Falujah.


The proto-Jewish Mongols gradually rebuilt Baghdad into an important economic center akin to Wall Street or the City of London, but the Islamic Golden age faded into history.

Always the battle is between “God” and “Satan” — that is, between the spirit of helping each other, and the drive to enslave each other. Religious fundamentalism is part of the latter.

And of course the hypocrisy involved here is boundless. For instance, the French government considers it a serious crime if a French Muslim goes to fight with “ISIS,” but has no problem with French Jews serving in the Israeli military (and many do). French Jews can’t murder Muslims in France, so they murder Muslims in Israel. For this they are called heroes by Jews and Goyim alike.



[1] No socialism can work unless it is National Socialism. Modern-day “social democrats:” in Europe are radically anti-socialist, and are utterly Judified.

[2] National Socialism is predicted on a genuine sense of community, in which people help each other, rather than live and die as slaves to oligarchs, or warlords, or party bosses. This sense of community is what distinguishes National Socialism from communism, which claims to have this sense of community in the “worker class.” However this is a sham; a fantasy. True socialism cannot be globalist. It unites your own friends, family, neighbors, and community. Thus, Arab National Socialism would be identical to American National Socialism in some ways, but different in other ways. Either one would be a paradise compared to the Judaic nightmare we live in today.

[3] Ba’athism and Pan-Arab Socialism were Nazi in character i.e. (National Socialist).

[4] Nazism, plus genuine Islam and genuine Christianity, are intolerable to the Judified West, and to religious fundamentalists. Therefore, Judeo-Western leaders impoverish the masses until, in desperation, the masses become religious fundamentalists. That is, poverty and hopelessness cause the masses to segregate themselves into violent, hate-filled gangs which are Satanic, yet they claim to have the “blessings of God.” Each gang hates all the other gangs.

Above them, sitting in luxury, the Judeo-Western elitists laugh as they pit all the gangs against each other.

[5] True Islam and Christianity are Nazi in character. Fundamentalist Islam and Christianity are Judaic in character.


Jew stealth attack forces Greek parliament to outlaw hoax denial



On Tuesday (20 Jan 2015), Greek lawmakers passed a law that bans any questioning of the holo-hoax, and imposes stricter penalties for “hate speech” (i.e. any questioning of Jewish supremacy).

It was a stealth attack, as there are 300 members of parliament, but only 99 members were present. The rest had gone home, since the vote was quietly held late at night. Of the 99 MPs present, 55 voted in favor.

Therefore the law has passed with only one sixth of MPs present.

Put another way, 18 percent of MPs imposed their will on the other 82 percent, and on the Greek public.

Jews had been trying to pass the bill for more than a year as part of their campaign to destroy the populist Golden Dawn party, which awakens people to the Jewish plague.

The law increases jail time for instigating racist violence questioning the holo-hoax from two years to three years, and imposes fines on individuals and groups.

Groups found inciting racism questioning the hoax can be barred from receiving state funds.

NOTE: This story has only appeared in Jewish blogs and Jewish media outlets. The Jews don’t want the international Goyim to collectively wake up and realize what is being done to them.


Greek neurologist arrested for posting sign on his business

An unidentified man (age 57) in the Greek city of Thessaloniki was arrested last week for posting a “Jews not welcome” sign on his business. The sign was written in German.

The man is a member of the populist and anti-banker Golden Dawn party, which Jews and rich people want to destroy.

~ Haaretz



Swiss Jews unable to stop Dieudonné


Switzerland has 471,000 Italian speakers, 1.8 million French speakers, and 4.5 million German speakers.

Each group has its own official capital, plus an unofficial capital. (Geneva for the French, Zurich for the Germans, and Lugano for the Italians).

Since the Jews have banned comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala from performing in France, and from setting foot in the UK, Dieudonne’s agent has obtained bookings in French Switzerland.

On 12 Jan 2015 Dieudonne was arrested in France for “terrorism,” but he is out again, although he still faces trumped-up criminal and financial charges ranging from tax evasion to building violations.

There are about 25,000 Jews in Switzerland, and they have ADL-type goon squads, just like Jews everywhere else. One of the  terrorist gangs is called the Inter-community co-ordination against anti-Semitism and defamation (CICAD). It is headquartered in Geneva, the capital of French Switzerland.

The CICAD terrorists may eventually get Dieudonne banned from Switzerland, but it will not be as quick and easy as it was in France, since there are political complexities involved.

For example, when Jews demand that the various Swiss groups pass special laws for the Jews, the various groups want something in return for themselves. (French, Germans, or Italians.) This makes things sticky.

There are also cultural impediments. Since Switzerland was officially neutral during World War II, the Jews cannot accuse Switzerland of directly participating in the (fictitious) gassings; only in stealing all of the Jews; money, artworks, and so on. This makes it more difficult for the Jews to bully the Swiss.

As a result, the Swiss Goyim are slippery. Jews call them “schizophrenic,” meaning the Swiss play the Jewish game of duplicity as well as the Jews do.

For instance, it is not illegal to question the holo-hoax lie in Switzerland, but it is illegal to “deny genocide and other crimes against humanity.”

For  Jews, this means it is illegal to deny the holo-hoax lie, since –- as we all know – the holo-hoax is the only “crime against humanity” that has ever existed (and the only one that never happened).

However, when the Jews send the police to arrest you, you can claim that you merely question certain aspects of the holo-hoax. You do not “deny” anything. This ruse would not work for you elsewhere in Europe.

Here’s how the game is played…

JEW: Holocaust denial is a crime.

SWISS PERSON: It most certainly is!

JEW: So will you pass special laws against Jewish holocaust denial?

SWISS PERSON: The Jewish holocaust was so horrible that we will pass laws against denying any and all genocides.

JEW: But the Jewish holocaust was unique.

SWISS PERSON: Indeed it was! That is why we must never let anything like it happen again. Therefore we must pass laws against denying all genocides.

JEW: But that means you see moral equivalency between the Jewish holocaust and other events.

SWISS PERSON: They are all horrible. We must never let them happen again. Therefore we shall pass laws against denying all genocides.

JEW: What about the Jewish holocaust?

SWISS PERSON: That too. All genocides. We must never let any of them happen again.

And so it goes, round and round. For Jews in Switzerland, it’s a game of wack-a-mole.


Thus, for the time being, CICAD (the Swiss Jew-terrorist gang) must content themselves with picketing the places where Dieudonne performs. When Dieudonne makes his audiences laugh, the Jews outside will unwittingly become part of the joke.

In response, the Jews will resort to violence, or to a false flag.

Then the Jews will try to have the Swiss government ban Dieudonne in the interest of “public safety.”


Jews to boycott their own hoax celebrations


Back on 1 Nov 2005 the Jewnited Nations General Assembly designated 27 January as the international holo-hoax™ remembrance day.

January 27, 1945 was the date when the murderous marauding Red Army “liberated” the Auschwitz industrial park, where the Germans had protected Jews and other groups from bombing and starvation.

January 27th is now a date to celebrate human rights (meaning Jewish rights, since only Jews are human; the rest of us being animals). Curiously, the US government has not yet made it a national legal holiday.

(Perhaps the Jews want attention to the hoax, but not so much attention that the stupid Goyim start asking questions about it.)

Anyway, this coming Tuesday (27 Jan) Argentina’s foreign minister Héctor Timerman (a Jew) will have hoax celebrations to honor his fellow Jews — but Jews will not come. Jewish community leaders in Argentina have announced that they will boycott their own hoax day on 27 January, to protest Alberto Nisman being suicided (by Mossad).

Meanwhile Waldo Wolff is the supposed son of a hoax survivor, and is vice president of the Delegation of Argentine Israelites (DAIA). Wolff says that celebrating the hoax would insult the hoax.


Before Nisman was suicided by Mossad, he had applied for Interpol arrest warrants for five Iranian officials to stand trial in Argentina.

Interpol declined Mr. Nisman’s demand.

Mr. Nisman claimed that President Cristina Fernández and Timerman-the-Jew had plotted to lift those arrest warrants in exchange for Iranian oil.

As proof of his claims, Nisman offered nothing but verbal threats and vague innuendo. (If he ever had anything real, then the Jews would have used it long ago against Argentina’s government.)


The Jewish boycott of their own hoax celebrations reveals two things about Argentina. First, Jews have a lot of leverage since there are so many of them, and since Argentina is hoax-guilty because all the Nazi “war criminals” fled there after World War II. This means that Jews actually think their boycott will somehow hurt Argentina’s government.

Second, despite this leverage, Jews have less power in Argentina than Jews do in the UK or USA, where Jews are gods. If this were not so, then Jews would never boycott their own hoax day festivities.

You don’t boycott yourself when you are truly supreme.


The UK Guardian



Judges say Jews can’t use U.S. courts to extort money from Hungary


Since the USA is a Jewish nation, American Jews often use local courts to extort cash from foreign governments and corporations.

For example, U.S. Jews have been demanding cash from Hungary’s national bank and railway since 2010, claiming that these parties stole from the Jews during the holo-hoax.

However a US federal district court has ruled that the Jews must first exercise their legal options in Hungary.

Jews appealed that ruling.

Last Friday (23 Jan 2015), a three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago unanimously upheld the lower court’s ruling.

The Jews claimed that the Hungarian government would not submit to their demands for holo-loot, but Judge David Hamilton, who wrote Friday’s opinion, said the Jews had provided no proof of this. “Concerns about whether plaintiffs can receive a fair hearing in Hungary remain too speculative to justify taking this case from Hungarian courts,” Hamilton wrote.



Hamilton noted that African-American civil rights activists in the 1950s were similarly skeptical about U.S. courts, “Yet,” he writes, “our courts by and large rose to the challenge.” (Hamilton, 58, was appointed by Obama in 2009).

(It must infuriate the Jews to have their attempted theft of holo-cash compared with the struggle for equal rights by black “monkeys.”)

To placate the Jews, Judge David Hamilton also told them they could try U.S. courts again if they weren’t able to get cash out of the Hungarian government. “While the doors of United States courts are closed to these claims for now, they are not locked forever.”


Chicago Tribune



US military joint chiefs hold an essay contest


Adapted from the Common Dreams blog…

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey (picture below) is sponsoring an essay contest at the National Defense University to honor Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah, who died at age 90 at 23 Jan 2015.

Abdullah had ruled Saudi Arabia for ten years.


Dempsey praises Abdullah as “a man of remarkable character and courage,” presumably on the basis of Abdullah’s remarkable achievements .

“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s arresting, jailing, torturing, mutilating and killing of hundreds of his own citizens found to be “criminals” for offenses like questioning Saudi policies.

“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s denying of basic human rights to migrant workers, domestic workers, and peaceful protesters.

“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s forbidding women from getting passports, driving, studying, traveling or leaving the house without permission from a male guardian, including his own daughters whom Abdullah reportedly held under house arrest for years.

“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s sanctioning of domestic violence and child abuse.


“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s financing of terrorism around the world. including most of the 9/11 attackers.

“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s dismal record of human rights abuses and brutal punishments said to rival those of ISIS.

“Achievements” such as Abdullah’s beheading of 87 people in 2014 (mostly poor guest workers) and ten more people in 2015 — including a woman whose daylight beheading was recently captured on video. The person who filmed that woman’s beheading has now been arrested.

The New York Times obituary praised Abdullah as “a force of moderation.” (!!!)

Obama, who hurried off to make nice at Abdullah’s funeral, likewise celebrated Abdullah as “a leader (who) had the courage of his convictions.”

And now here’s General Dempsey eager to honor the depraved king, said to be responsible for removing many of the fingernails of those held prisoner by him.

It’s been suggested that the Saudi blogger sentenced to 10 years in jail and 1000 lashes for postings critical of the House of Saud, should at least be eligible to enter, if he’s still alive.



Why is the USA so staunchly allied with the Saudis? Oil is only one reason, and a small one.

Essentially the USA, Jews, and Saudis all have the same world view…

1. Anyone who questions our terrorism is a terrorist. We cooperate by perpetrating false flags on each other. This is by agreement, in order to increase our power over the common masses.

2. Socialism for the rich is divine. Socialism that helps average people is evil. National socialism is especially evil, since it promotes a sense of community among average people.

3. It is good when average people are slaves to the rich (or to clergymen, warlords, or demigods). It is evil when average people are helpful to each other. (In past comments I have referred to people helping and loving each other as “true Islam” and, “authentic Christianity.”)

4. Fundamentalist religion is good, since it keeps the peasants mindless and obedient. It also keeps them divided, since all fundamentalist groups hate all other fundamentalist groups.

5. We, the rulers, are gods. Average people are animals fit only for slavery.



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